ACNH February 2022 Update - Animal Crossing New Horizons New Items, Events & DIYs February 2022

1/7/2022 3:39:57 PM

It’s time to welcome the new Spring at some time after the new year, which arrives in February. In ACNH February Update 2022, we’ll have a bunch of new items to obtain during special seasonal events and festivals, as well as DIY recipes and crafting materials to collect for themed furniture. 

ACNH February 2022 update

ACNH February 2022 Update - Animal Crossing New Horizons February 2022 Events and Items 

What new items and events we’ll get in ACNH February update 2022? Existing and newly added Animal Crossing items will be obtainable for seasonal events and standard holidays in New Horizons, below are all the details about that, including ACNH February 2022 events, seasonal items, prices (AC bells) and duration. Cheap Animal Crossing 2.0 Items and ACNH NMT can be delivered quickly at MTMMO.COM.

1. Big Game Celebration (Super Bowl)

Football games always make people exciting, and they love to wear or use football-themed items and decor to get into the spirit of the competition. So, there are five items that will be available for the Big Game Celebration, which is based on the American football event - Super Bowl.

Seasonal items:

Football Rug - 2,000 Bells

Football Cheer Megaphone - 1,500 Bells

Fiery Cheer Megaphone - 1,500 Bells

Starry Cheer Megaphone - 1,500 Bells

Glittery Cheer Megaphone - 1,500 Bells

When to get: January 15 to February 15

2. Setsubun 

Setsubun is a Japanese holiday to hope for a year of good health and peace. It is usually celebrated by throwing beans outside, so the Setsubun seasonal item is the Bean-Tossing Kit, which costs you 800 bells. It is also celebrated as an Able Sisters event, where from February 1 to February 3, the player can purchase a Horned-Ogre Mask, Ogre Costume, and an Okame Mask.

Seasonal items:

Bean-Tossing Kit - 800 Bells

When to get: January 25 to February 3

3. Groundhog Day 

Groundhog Day means the season is going to change, and we’ll have a Resetti Model for sale in Nook Shopping for around a week, it can be placed on either the ground or on the surfaces of tables or other similar furniture items. 

Seasonal items:

Resetti Model - 2,200 Bells

When to get: January 25 to February 2

4. Chinese Lunar New Year 

The ACNH Lunar New Year seasonal event is based on the Chinese New Year, and it will arrive on February 1 in 2022, so we can start purchasing the lucky Animal Crossing items for sale in Nook Stop from late January to early February. 

Seasonal items:

Lucky Red Envelope - 500 Bells

Lunar New Year Decoration - 2,000 Bells

When to get: January 30 to February 6

5. Seollal

Seollal is another New Horizons event for celebrating the lunisolar new year, and the seasonal item that will be available is Bokjumeoni Lucky Pouch.

Seasonal items:

Bokjumeoni Lucky Pouch - 500 Bells

When to get: January 30 to February 6

6. Valentine's Day 

Valentine's Day is a popular festival across the world and takes place on February 14 annually. Order these two items to celebrate the holiday! You can get their variations in different colors by Cyrus at Harv's Island. 

Seasonal items:

Chocolate Heart - 1,200 Bells

Heart-Shaped Bouquet - 1,200 Bells

When to get: February 1 to February 14

7. Carnival of Venice

A new seasonal item, Venetian Carnival Mask introduced in the 2.0 Update for the Carnival of Venice.

Seasonal items:

Venetian Carnival Mask (New) - 2,400 Bells

When to get: February 7 to March 1

8. Hinamatsuri Festival 

Hinaningyo and Blossom Lantern can be unlocked as a celebration of Hinamatsuri, one of them appears each day.

Seasonal items:

Hinaningyo - 2,560 Bells

Blossom Lantern - 2,400 Bells

When to get: February 22 to March 3

9. Festivale Event

Festivale is a standard event hosted by Pavé in Animal Crossing New Horizons, usually taking place two days before Ash Wednesday. During a limited time in February, Nook’s Cranny sells Festivale-themed furniture and Able Sisters sells themed clothes. Players can also obtain these items from Pavé by helping him collect different feathers. 

Festivale Items & Pavé Prizes:

Festivale Balloon Lamp

Festivale Confetti Machine

Festivale Drum

Festivale Flag

Festivale Float

Festivale Garland

Festivale Lamp

Festivale Parasol

Festivale Stage

Festivale Stall

Festivale Accessory

Festivale Costume

Festivale Tank Dress

When to get: February 1 or 14 to February 28

ACNH February 2022 Update - Animal Crossing New Horizons February 2022 DIY Recipes

There are two sets of DIYs available in February 2022 and you can collect materials and craft these items in different time periods. 

1.  ACNH Snowflake DIY Recipes

Available Date: December 11, 2021, to February 24, 2022 (Northern Hemisphere)

Crafting Materials: Snowflake, Large Snowflakes

Frozen/Ice Set Items & DIYs:

Snowflake Pochette (6 Snowflake)

Snowflake Wall (12 Snowflake)

Snowflake Wreath (4 Snowflake)

Frozen Mini Snowperson (1 Large Snowflake, 2 Snowflake)

Frozen Fencing (5 Snowflake)

Frozen Arch (1 Large Snowflake, 10 Snowflake)

Frozen Bed (1 Large Snowflake, 10 Snowflake)

Frozen Chair (1 Large Snowflake, 3 Snowflake)

Frozen Counter (1 Large Snowflake, 5 Snowflake)

Frozen Partition (1 Large Snowflake, 6 Snowflake)

Frozen Pillar (1 Large Snowflake, 3 Snowflake)

Frozen Sculpture (1 Large Snowflake, 4 Snowflake) 

Frozen Table (1 Large Snowflake, 8 Snowflake) 

Frozen-Treat Set (1 Large Snowflake, 1 Snowflake) 

Iceberg Flooring (10 Snowflake)

Iceberg Wall (10 Snowflake)

Ice Flooring (1 Large Snowflake, 8 Snowflake)

Ice Wall (1 Large Snowflake, 8 Snowflake)

Ice Wand (1 Large Snowflake, 3 Star Fragment)

Falling-Snow Wall (3 Snowflake, 10 Stone)

Ski-Slope Flooring (8 Snowflake)

Ski-Slope Wall (8 Snowflake)

Snowperson Head (1 Large Snowflake, 5 Snowflake)

Three-Tiered Snowperson (1 Large Snowflake, 6 Snowflake, 3 Tree Tranch)

2.  ACNH Bamboo DIY Recipes 

Available Date: February 25 to May 31, 2022 (Northern Hemisphere)

Crafting Materials: Bamboo Piece, Young Spring Bamboo, Bamboo Shoot

Bamboo Set Items & DIYs

Bamboo Drum (2 Softwood, 3 Bamboo Piece)

Bamboo Floor Lamp (8 Bamboo Piece)

Bamboo Flooring (15 Bamboo Piece)

Bamboo Lattice Fence (6 Bamboo Piece)

Bamboo Lunch Box (4 Bamboo Piece)

Bamboo Partition (6 Stone, 7 Bamboo Piece)

Bamboo Shelf (15 Bamboo Piece)

Bamboo Speaker (1 Iron Nugget, 3 Bamboo Piece)

Bamboo Sphere (3 Bamboo Piece)

Bamboo Stool (5 Bamboo Piece)

Bamboo Stopblock (3 Bamboo Piece)

Bamboo Wall (15 Bamboo Piece)

Bamboo Wall Decoration (1 Bamboo Piece)

Bamboo Basket (7 Bamboo Piece)

Bamboo Bench (8 Bamboo Piece)

Bamboo Candleholder (2 Clay, 3 Bamboo Piece)

Dark Bamboo Rug (5 Bamboo Piece)

Hearth (5 Hardwood, 5 Iron Nugget, 4 Clay, 2 Bamboo Piece)

Bamboo Doll (6 Young Spring Bamboo)

Bamboo Noodle Slide (3 Wood, 7 Young Spring Bamboo)

Bamboo Wand (3 Star Fragment, 6 Young Spring Bamboo)

Bamboo-Grove Wall (7 Young Spring Bamboo, 3 Bamboo Shoot)

Bamboo-Shoot Lamp (4 Clay, 4 Young Spring Bamboo, 5 Bamboo Shoot)

Basket Pack (6 Young Spring Bamboo)

Green-Leaf Pile (10 Clump of Weeds, 1 Young Spring Bamboo)

Light Bamboo Rug (6 Young Spring Bamboo)

Pan Flute (7 Young Spring Bamboo)

Steamer-Basket Set (6 Young Spring Bamboo)

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