ACNH February Update Guide (2022) - Events And Items In Animal Crossing New Horizons

2/10/2022 5:05:26 PM

The brand new month of February means brand new items will soon be available in Animal Crossing New Horizons alongside their corresponding real-world events. In this ACNH February update guide, we will look at the new events and seasonal items of this month.


ACNH February Update Guide (2022) - Events And Items In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Now currently there are 4 seasonal Animal Crossing items available right now to celebrate events such as the big game celebration which has the football rug and a variety of megaphones, setsubun which adds the iconic bean tossing kit, and of course groundhog day which has the adorable resetti model which lights up by the way. In case you're relatively new, all of these become available during the month of January and continue into February and can be purchased from the seasonal tab in the nook stop.


1. Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year

In addition to these, the Lunar New Year sees a significant change compared to its debut last year. Because the items are distributed at different times depending on the year. So for 2022 the Lunar New Year items which include the Lunar New Year decoration, the lucky red envelope, and the boxumi only lucky patch for the Korean celebration are being distributed much earlier from today January 30th and will continue to be available until February 6th. This is almost two weeks earlier than last year.

Anyway, now that we have the current items out of the way along with a change to the Lunar New Year. Let's take a look at the remaining seasonal items and their real-world events that take place throughout February including a brand new event for 2022.


2. Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is more of an event than the traditional season celebrations because there's much more to experience at least compared to the others. Valentine's day celebrations begin February 1st and run through to February 14th which is of course valentine's day in real life. During this time the chocolate heart and the heart-shaped bouquet can be purchased from the nook stop in honor of the event. 

However, unlike many other seasonal celebrations, villagers also get involved. If they have a high enough friendship level, we'll send you a letter with either a chocolate heart or a heart-shaped bouquet attached. Furthermore, Brewster will serve hot chocolate on valentine's day instead of the usual coffee, which is a very special treat indeed.


2. Carnival Of Venice

Carnival of Venice is the second season of celebration to begin in February. Thanks to the most recent content update, the Venetian carnival mask will become available in honor of the carnival of Venice event. Unlike most seasonal items, the Venetian carnival mask can be purchased in a variety of designs including gold, pink, blue, silver, and white variations. These will all be available from February 7th and run through to March 1st which has been adjusted since the update first drop. But still, plenty of time to collect them all.


3. Hinamatsuri

Hinamatsuri (Girl’s Day) is the next seasonal celebration available during February. This celebration is traditionally one of five seasonal festivals to wish good health and good fortune for young children. Hinamatsuri begins towards the end of the month running from February 22nd and through to March 3rd. During this time, you can purchase the hina ningyo and the blossom lantern on alternate days in the nook stop.


That's a total of seven seasonal celebrations taking place throughout February. Four of which started in January and continue into February with the remaining three exclusive to February including the new Carnival of Venice ACNH 2.0 items that will be distributed for the first time in a week or so.

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