Diablo 2 Resurrected Patch 2.4 Guide- Abaddon Runs Strengthen

1/26/2022 3:51:30 PM

It's February and the Diablo 2 resurrected ladder is out, maybe you just reached act 5 hell and you want to farm the new level 85 area. Abaddon was buffed in patch 2.4, and in combination with Eldritch and Shenk, it's going to be a very welcome hot spot for magic finds. Do you want to know the situation of Diablo 2 Abaddon?


Diablo 2 Resurrected Patch 2.4 Guide- Abaddon Runs Strengthen

What is the Abaddon?

Abaddon's is running on 20 years of the pit and ancient tunnel runs. Abaddon is located in the frigid highlands which in itself is a beautiful area for Eldritch and Shenk are right at the waypoint, but there are two more unique enemies that have a guaranteed spawn point.

One is IBAC right before you enter the Ariat plateau, and the other is shark tooth sits by one of the barbarian prison camps and on top of that you can find the occasional sparkly chest 

Where is the portal in Diablo 2 resurrected Abaddon?

What about the portal itself, Abaddon is going to be in one of two places either, it's going to be right above the waypoint or you're going to go to the middle of the map and teleport up the middle and by doing this, you're either going to find the portal or you're going to find a clearing which will lead to the portal.

When getting into pre-patch Abaddon and right off the bat on run five a shaman drops, a pretty good melee small charm 31, attack rating 18 to life on run 12 a super chest drops, a shaft stop which is going straight to Charcy, because it's not ethereal on run 20 a unique bar log spear drops, and it is also not ethereal, but even if it still went straight to Charcy on run 37 eldritch drops something other than two blues, a unique elder staff which is better known as Ondle's wisdom if you enjoy sitting in bail runs for eight hours a day.

How to get the best drops and farm Abaddon?

The best jewel drops 15 attack speed 9 all res that's a keeper right there on the very next run 58 a pair of mesh boots drops. Those boots kind of suck, but what doesn't suck is what comes on run 63 a gilded shield, that is the herald of Zacaroom.

As of right now farming Abaddon, it was a co-rune, first, make the zone is getting an upgrade to 85 and once it does, this is gonna be a very viable farm spot, you're gonna go down to Shenk, you're gonna kill him and all that density, you're gonna kill eldritch and then you're gonna farm all the champion packs throughout the frigid highlands.

Go into the portal and get your Tearials bite, you're just going to find a Tyrial's might in there, you're going to get your Zod Diablo 2 runeword, you're going to get your obsession, and farm the Abaddon, so try out this route in 2.4.

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