How To Get Set-Up Ladders In ACNH 2.0 - Best Ways To Unlock Permanent Ladders In All Colors & Types

2/25/2022 10:30:46 AM

New to Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 are the addition of set-up ladders which are also known as permanent ladders. If you want to get the set-up ladder in ACNH, this guide will go over everything you need to do to get all 4 types of permanent ladders in all colors plus a bonus variation. How to get a wooden ladder set-up kit, how to get a golden ladder set-up kit, how to get a vine ladder set-up kit, as well as how to get an iron ladder set-up kit.


How To Get The Set-Up Ladder In ACNH 2.0 - Unlock 4 Types Of Permanent Ladders In All Colors

Set-up ladders are a great alternative to inclines as they take up much less space, don't require a day to construct them are much cheaper and aren't limited to an arbitrary limit and are super easy to set up. All you have to do is stand at a base of a cliff and select the setup kit from your pockets. Also something interesting is that you can play setup ladders against the third tier of cliffs, but you aren't able to actually climb up them to get to the third tier. The game says it's too dangerous to climb any higher, so if you put ladders here they'll be merely for decoration. Permanent ladders mean you don't have to carry around a ladder anymore to climb up a frequently traversed cliff. However, ladders aren't completely useless yet as you need one in order to craft the permanent ladders. There are four types of permanent ladders in Animal Crossing New Horizons and they are all DIYs and we will show you how to get all of them. So let's jump into this ACNH set-up ladder guide!

All Types of Permanent Ladders & How To Get In ACNH 2.0

Since they are all DIYs, they are all found in a similar way to regular DIYs.

Wooden Ladder Set-Up Kit & How to Get: 

  • You can buy this DIY from Nooks Cranny for 2000 ACNH bells. You can even buy multiples if you want to give one to your friend.

  • You can also find the DIY from Kapp’n island bottles washed up on the beach. However, it does cost 1000 miles to go there for a chance to find one of these DIYs.

  • You can also find it at the Happy Home Paradise island in bottles washed up on the beach, the DLC does cost 25 dollars but it gives you more chances to find it. 

You can only get the ladder DIY naturally from new areas that were added in the 2.0 update like the Kapp’n Island and the Happy Home Island. But you can easily get the wooden ladder setup kit from Nooks. So this one is super easy to collect. The ladder comes in 6 colors that you can access using a DIY table and a customization kit including natural blue, red, yellow, green and white.

Iron Ladder Set-Up Kit & How to Get: 

You can only get this DIY from villagers crafting in their houses. To this one will be kind of random to get and will require consistent visits to your villagers houses. However, it appears the crafting villagers do prioritize handing out DIYs that you don't have, versus ones you already know. So if you've already collected and learned many DIYs before the update, this iron ladder DIY shouldn't be too hard to get. This ladder comes in three variations that you can customize into silver, red and brown.

Golden Ladder Set-Up Kit & How to Get:

Same as the iron ladder, this setup kit DIY can only be obtained from villagers crafting. So you'll be doing multiple visits to villager houses if you want to get this. It comes in no other color variations much like every other gold item in the game.

Vine Ladder Set-Up Kit & How to Get:

The vine ladder setup kit is actually a DIY that's part of the vine set as it does require five vines to craft. You can get this DIY from Kapp’n island bottles. However, you will only ever come across it on the vine and glowing moss Kapp’n island just like the rest of the vine and moss DIY set. You only have an 18 chance of getting an island variation, so this one will be the hardest to obtain. If you do have the Happy Home DLC, you will have more luck to find this DIY because vine and moss DIY bottles can wash up there on the beach. So for 25 dollars, you do have a greater chance to find the vine ladder. It also comes in three color variations, light brown, white and dark brown. 

Bonus Ladder & How to Get:

That isn't even a ladder at all, the natural vine ladder. You can only find vines growing on the glowing moss vine Kapp’n island, but if you do pay Nintendo 25 for the happy home DLC, you can easily steal vines from the happy home island to take back with you. If you stand at the base of a cliff and select the vine from your pockets, you can hang it off the cliff and then climb up and down like a regular ladder.

That's all four ACNH set-up ladder types plus a bonus ladder. So are you going to use permanent ladders on your Animal Crossing island to replace inclines? 

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