Diablo 2 Resurrected Reset Skill Points Guide - There Are Regrets For Adding The Wrong Points

2/28/2022 5:20:28 PM

The old version of Diablo 2 resurrected came with the reset skill points feature with the Big Box patch, which allows you to reset character attributes and skill points at any time without cost. The official unmodified version before 1.13 (such as the 1.09 and 1.11 versions known to many players) could not reset skill points, so many players added the wrong points or pursued the most reasonable point mix later in the game and even had to train a new Character.

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Diablo 2 Resurrected Reset Skill Points Guide - There Are Regrets For Adding The Wrong Points

Reset skill points

Diablo 2 added its own reset skill points method after version 1.13, including the old version 1.14 and the newly released Diablo 2 reset version. points badges to reset skill points.

- Mission reset skill points

The character needs to complete the first quest in the first act of the game "Evil Caves", this quest is not new to most players, out of the "Rogues Camp" the first map "Blood Moor" there is a Caves, kill all the monsters in this Caves to complete the quest, "corpse fire" is in this.

After completing the quest, return to the city and talk to "Akela", the "reset skill points" option will appear, but this reset skill points option can only be used once per difficulty, which means that each character has a total of 3 (Normal, Nightmare, Hell) free quests to reset skill points.

- Reset skill points for props

In addition to the three free retrieve skill points, there is also an unlimited number of retrieve skill points, which is called the "Pardon Badge". The four types of essence are dropped by the Hell difficulty bosses, with Andariel and Durrell dropping the same type of essence (blue), Raumur (yellow), Diablo (red), and Bal (green) dropping different types of the essence.

These four essences are not a mandatory drop after killing a boss, so it is a test of luck to synthesize reset skill points Diablo 2 items in the actual game. In addition, if Character is under some pressure to challenge these bosses on Hell difficulty, it will be more difficult to combine the "badges of absolution".

Diablo 2 reset version of Character in the early stage must be a reasonable use of the 3 free reset skill points opportunity, a lot of play in the early stage to add a few wrong attributes or skill points will not have much impact on the overall, except for changing the playstyle or have big equipment with the change and other non-essential circumstances as far as possible not to use up the 3 free reset skill points times.

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