What is Oskill & All Oskill Items for Each Class in Diablo 2 Resurrected | D2R Oskills Guide

7/29/2022 2:47:06 PM

In this Diablo 2 Resurrected guide, we explain what is Oskill in Diablo games and present the full list of D2R Oskill items!

Diablo 2 Resurrected OSKILLS

What is Oskill in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

In Diablo 2 Resurrected, Oskill is defined as the ability to grant the skill to a person that is not the original owner of the skill. In other words - bone spirit is a necromancer skill, we can take this bone shade leach wand and put it over on another character, but it's not going to give us the skills that are on the want because they are not O-skills. So no matter how many weird items we throw on these characters that have random plus the skills, they do not affect all characters but only affect that particular character. So when you think about an Oskill what you need to think about it is a skill that is given to a character to that it does not normally belong. 

What's Special about Oskill in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

There are caveats and features to O-skills :

1. Oskills can be affected by plus to skill equipment, but not by specific skill equipment

Trang-Qul's Set is one of the biggest o-skill armors or sets in the game, not only does it give you plus 18 to fireball, plus 13 to firewall, plus 10 to meteor, but it also gives you plus three fire mastery. If you take a look at your bar while wearing this set, you notice that it's actually on your bar and it's higher level than what it stated, so like for instance with fireball, fireball is level 22. Why is fireball level 22? If we look at the armor, it's only giving us plus 18, so where are the additional levels coming from? We also have firewall at level 17, but we're only getting a plus of 13. This is another one of the benefits of oskills is that oskills can be affected by plus to skill equipment, but it has to be all skill equipment, not necromancer only. So for instance, if we have an item that has plus all skills like the Mara's Kaleidoscope Amulet or The Stone of Jordan, these are oskill items and will in fact affect the firewall. If you are building a character around an oskill, you're going to want to avoid specific skill pluses like a plus paladin, plus necromancer, plus sorceress, and you're going to want to gravitate more towards the plus to all skills.

2. Oskill restricted versus characters that own the skill

Another very interesting thing about o skills is that they are restricted versus characters that own the skills. So you might think that plus 18 fireball seems like a lot of freaking fireball what if we take this plus 18 fireball and put it on a sorceress the character who actually owns the skill and see what happens? The answer to that question is it gets capped at plus three. 

The fireball is a native sorceress skill and all o-skills are capped at plus three on the native character that uses it, in fact, it's actually worse than that it's capped at plus three no matter how many sets of the items you use. One very good example of this is the CTA which gives plus six to a specific cry, a barbarian can put it on and get plus three, however, if he puts on a second one, he still only gets plus three not plus six - for having two o-skill items on, he only gets three for both oskill items. 

D2R Oskill Items for Each Class

This is a list of all the o-skill items that are currently in Diablo 2 Resurrected or rather Diablo 2 in general:

Amazon OSkills
SkillLevelSourceMin Rlvl
Critical Strike+(1-6)Insight Polearm/Staff27
+2Peace Body Armor29
Guided Arrow+(3-5)Widowmaker Ward Bow65
Valkyrie+(2-6)Harmony Missile Weapon39
Barbarian OSkills
SkillLevelSourceMin Rlvl
Battle Cry
+(1-4)Call To Arms Weapon57
Battle Orders+(1-6)Call To Arms Weapon57
Whirlwind+1Chaos Claw57
+1Passion Weapon
Battle Command+(2-6)Call To Arms Weapon57
Druid OSkills
SkillLevelSourceMin Rlvl
+(3-6)Wolfhowl Fury Visor79
Lycanthropy+3Beast Axe/Hammeer/Scepter
+(3-6)Wolfhowl Fury Visor79
+3Beast Axe/Hammeer/Scepter63
Arctic Blast
+(7-14)Frostwind Cryptic Sword
Feral Rage
+(3-6)Call To Arms Weapon79
Paladin OSkills
SkillLevelSourceMin Rlvl
+1Passion Weapon43
Vengeance+1Kingslayer Axe/Sword53
Sorceress OSkills
SkillLevelSourceMin Rlvl
Warmth+1Enlightenment Body Armor45
+(12-18)Flamebellow Balrog Blade71
Fire Ball+18Trang-Qul's Avatar (2)
Fire Wall
+13Trang-Qul's Avatar (3)54 or 62
Teleport+1Enigma Body Armor65
Meteor+10Trang-Qul's Avatar (4)62 or 65
Fire Mastery+3Trang-Qul's Avatar (F)65
Hydra+10Dragonescale Zakarum Shield80

As you can see there are quite a large number of  oskills in the game and they can definitely be very interesting and very useful, as oskills are definitely different than other forms of skills and they allow for cross-compatibility between classes. So if you want to have these kinds of Diablo 2 Items, welcome to check out our offer!

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