ACNH Tricks To Stop Villagers Visiting Your House & Get Villagers Leave Your House in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

3/7/2022 11:49:15 AM

Don't want your villagers to visit your house and interrupt your decorating work? Here are quick tips and tricks on how to deal with the villager's visits that were added in the most recent content update.

Ways To Get Villager Out Your House & Stop Villagers Visiting Your House in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Have you ever been hard at work designing building out a new room and you're rudely interrupted by a random villager visiting your house? It was charming at first don't get me wrong, but it's become pretty annoying for many players who want to spend their time decorating or just sitting uninterrupted. Many members of the community have even reported villagers hanging around for more than 10 minutes which is pretty awkward, but the real reason this is super-inconvenient is that it stops you from being able to decorate whilst you host your nosy neighbor. Fortunately, there are a few tricks to get them to leave and even one so far solid theory to stop them visiting altogether. 

Animal Crossing New Horizons - ACNH Tricks To Stop Villagers Visiting Your House

How To Get villagers To Leave Who Are Already Visiting in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Method 1 - Put Cockroaches in Your House

If you've ever found yourself time traveling or stepping away from the game for a long period of time, you may have returned to find your house infested with cockroaches. Some people choose to keep them as pets, whilst others squish them. Fortunately, if you're inside your house decorating and hanging out with your cockroaches, if a villager chooses to visit they pretty much leave immediately, therefore not really causing any issues at all. 

Method 2 - Work in Other Rooms

Villagers visiting and getting in the way of your speed building is really only an issue if you're in the main room of your house because it turns out if you're in any other room and a villager decides to invite themselves over, seriously Octavian what's up with that. You can simply ignore them, and within a few seconds, they'll assume you're not home and leave. Again, not really an issue for the most part but whatever you don't leave the room until they're gone.

Method 3 - Leave Your House Yourself

If you happen to be decorating your main room and a villager stops by unannounced, then you can no longer get on with your work or craft or design. The easiest way to get them to leave a game is simply to head out the door yourself. Upon trying to leave the villager will get the hint and leave automatically by themselves, leaving you to get back to work. let's just hope they're not watching from outside that would be an awkward conversation next time they visit.

How To Stop Villagers From Visiting Your House in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Method 4 - Open Your Airport Gates 

If you're looking to focus your time on decorating without any interruptions and you really don't want to waste your time kicking out villagers who stop by, there is a feature that appears to stop them from inviting themselves overall together, leaving you as much time as you want to decorate. If you head to the airport and speak with Orville and ask to invite other players into your island and of course open your airport gates you should be able to head home without the worry of being interrupted by villagers.