Lost Ark Best Ship to Use - How to Get the Best Ship Fast in Lost Ark

3/21/2022 2:57:02 PM

There is a total of 8 ships in Lost Ark, which one is the best to use? The selection may differ at the beginning and end-game. In this article, we’ll go over the best ship in Lost Ark and how to get them. 

lost ark best ship

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Lost Ark Best Ship to Use - How to Get the Best Ship Fast in Lost Ark

All of these ships can be upgraded to increase their base stats, including resistances, speed, etc., it also opens up more crew slots for your ship, which will give you additional passive bonuses, so they share a lot of the same upgrade materials or the upgrade items you need come from chests where you can select them for all the different ships. Below are two great ships to use in Lost Ark and how to unlock them. 


The Estoque is the best starting ship recommended by The D Cast, it is a very well-balanced ship whereas the rest of them are kind of specialized ships that are very strong against certain things and then weak against other things. If you are looking for the best ship to start upgrading in Lost Ark, it’s going to be Estoque, it's possible to do all of the missions with the Estoque. So you don't have to worry about not being able to complete any content and all around, it's going to be better than the other ships in some areas, but only slightly weaker in others, the other ships are probably going to be better to upgrade later on in the game. When you have a lot of materials left that you don't really need anymore so that you can get those specialized ships and it's going to be more about efficiency at that point, so you'll be able to take those specialized ships and then run missions with them, that will benefit from those certain resistances, but you won't have to really suffer from the drawbacks. So starting off, Estoque is going to be your best ship, just go ahead and fully upgrade the Estoque, it’s relatively sturdy and has a lot of durabilities. In addition, Astray can also help you past everything. 

How to get Estoque in Lost Ark? To unlock Estoque, you need to do the quest Purple Quest Adventure Begins Again, after completing Blackfang’s story. Ship skins give you some bonus stats, you can assign certain resistances, but if you want to reset those resistances, you do have to pay crystals, so choose wisely the first time you don't want to just waste your crystals and upgrade your ship.

Eibern's Wound

The Eibern's Wound or Ghost Ship is also one of the best ships in Lost Ark, Cauttyh thinks it’s very durable and resistant to dead water, which means you are not going to get affected by sandstorms and you are going to be able to see where you are going, and your ship is not going to die every single time you are trying to wait for an island to pop up. 

How to get Eibern's Wound in Lost Ark? It is locked behind a special quest - Bleak Night Fog, this quest is obtainable daily but requires you to complete a ghost ship encounter, while ghost ship encounters is a weekly locked event, you can only do one each week whether you fail or succeed. The first thing you need to do is to make sure to take this daily on the day, you are going to do your ghost ship for the week after that, do the lowest level ghost ship you can for the highest chance of success. Once you complete it, you are going to get your credit for that day, with the Una’s Tasks Instant Completion Pass, you are able to take the daily each day and complete it using the completion pass, which will only work if you’ve done the daily normally at once. We need to have 16 total completion of this daily quest, you do get five for free from the login event, and you are going to receive an additional 10 through the cash shop, convert your Lost Ark gold into 250 blue gems and get this 10 pack, so regardless of how the week rolls over for you, you’ll get enough Una’s Tasks Instant Completion Pass.

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