Lost Ark Forge Of Fallen Pride Abyssal Dungeon Guide (Tier 2) - Boss Abilities & Core Fight Mechanics

3/24/2022 11:05:44 AM

Today we're breaking down everything that you need to know about the forge of fallen pride, abyssal dungeon in Lost Ark. Going into this abyssal dungeon, you'll be happy to know that this one has absolutely zero team mechanics but that doesn't mean it doesn't come with its own set of challenges, specifically a few buffs, some stagger checks and a couple of dps races to avoid one-shot mechanics. Now, let’s get into this Lost Ark forge of fallen pride, tier 2 abyssal dungeon guide!

Lost Ark Abyssal Dungeon Guide (Tier 2)

Lost Ark Forge Of Fallen Pride Abyssal Dungeon Guide (Tier 2) - Boss Abilities & Core Fight Mechanics


The first boss Amaus is a pretty straightforward encounter that doesn't have a single one-shot mechanic. He does have a couple mechanics that once you know what they are become very easy to tackle even in pickup groups.

Main Gimmick #1 (Curse/Explosion)

At frequent intervals, the boss will apply a curse to a random player on your team. The player that is cursed will see a red ring appear around them as well as a red orb above their head. The orbs will increase in number and once they reach three charges the ring around the player turns into a high damage aoe explosion. This mechanic is easily avoided as long as the player who gets marked moves away from the group until the explosion goes off.

Main Gimmick #2 (Wyverns/Buff)

The second gimmick that you'll need to deal with occurs at hp bars eight and four. When the boss hits those thresholds, he will summon two wyverns, now these have their own moves that you'll need to avoid and can even apply a burn debuff. Your group should immediately shift their priorities to burning down these wyverns as quickly as possible. If left alive for too long, the boss will receive a buff that greatly increases his defense, movement speed and attack speed. For whatever reason the boss manages to get the buff before you kill the wyverns, once the wyverns are dead, prioritize using stagger-heavy attacks and combat items like whirlwind grenades to incapacitate the boss and remove his buff. 

Basic Abilities

  • A basic one that you'll see quite often is the boss will target a random player and slash at them four times with his sword. The first three hits of this move will stagger the player that is targeted, while the fourth has a larger aoe which can affect teammates and knock players into the air. If you're being targeted, try to move to rotate the boss away from the rest of your team.

  • Next, the boss can catapult himself into the air, completely removing himself from the battlefield before slamming back down to the ground. He will create a small aoe directly beneath him a thin safe zone ring outside that and a large damage ring just past that. When you see him leap, try to get into that thin safe zone ring or move as far away from the boss as possible.

  • One of the most annoying attacks that the boss can use here are his spinning flame blades. He will summon three of these directly in front of him before throwing them out in a fan shape, these will travel outward quickly and then return back to the boss passing through him. If you see this attack go out, generally don't stand behind him as you will get hit by all three on the way back in all of which apply a burn debuff. Now the boss can also leap towards a player, slamming his sword down and pushing players back. Additionally, the boss can throw a chain towards a player causing them to become imprisoned, if you're imprisoned, the player won't be able to move or use skills. Teammates simply need to auto-attack the player to remove the debuff.

  • The last attack that the boss can use and one that in a way challenges how players look at line attack indicators is reign of swords. The boss will cast three parallel red aoes across the ground followed by a reign of swords that move incredibly slow down their paths. It's an easy to dodge attack but it does considerable damage if you stand in the ring. Once you understand all of that, that's it for the first boss. Keep the exploding aoe away from teammates, burn down the wyvern summons and watch out for the strange aoe attack patterns. The rest of this fight should just fall into place.


Kaishur is the final boss in the forge of fallen pride, true to fashion is the one with both a white mechanic as well as a super high damage stagger check. These are not hard to notice but do require your team to immediately shift focus the moment it happens. Let's break down the gimmicks at both the 16th and 8th hp bar.

Main Gimmick #1 (Phantoms)

Kaishur will summon two phantoms of himself while channeling an attack that will wipe your team, one red phantom and one white panther. An orb will appear above the boss's head as he channels this ability that you guessed it will be either red or white. Now you locate the phantom that matches this orb and you burn it down as fast as possible. As these phantoms have complete move sets that can prevent you from killing them fast enough. Once you kill their respective phantom, it will drop an aoe of that color on the ground your team needs to stay inside this aoe to avoid the one shot wave that the boss emits out at the end of his channeling period. Don't worry about accidentally killing the other phantom either, you simply need to make sure that the correct colored ring ends up on the floor with your team inside. 

Main Gimmick #2 (Stagger Check)

The boss also has a stagger check mechanic that if not met does massive damage and can potentially wipe a low hp group. This attack is denoted by a channeling mass of blood that forms above the boss's head. In addition to the usual yellow bar, that denotes a stagger check. 

Main Gimmick #3 (Counter-Attack)

Kaishur also has a counter-attack, for once, you actually want to stop hitting the boss when this happens. As soon as you see a large red shield form around the boss, just stop attacking. If you keep attacking, the boss will turn around and basically backhand you into tomorrow.

Basic Abilities

This boss tosses out so many attacks in conjunction, this fight boils down to trying to find where you can actually stand and not be hit by something. Still, try to highlight these attacks as best as possible. 

  • First up, the boss or even two random phantoms that he can potentially summon can shoot two fairly large energy waves or target the player. These move decently fast and if hit, deal a decent amount of damage, so try to dodge these as best as possible.

  • Kaishur can also surround himself with aoes that call down lightning strikes dealing continuous damage, he can then follow that up with even more lightning strikes at random locations outside that initial ring. These deal quite a bit of damage and even becomes stronger, the lower the boss's hp gets. The boss also has a classic charge attack that knocks all players hit by it up into the air. When the boss's hp gets lower, this attack also gets upgraded to emit swords in a cone-shaped pattern in the direction he charges.

  • In line with that mobility mechanic, Kaishur can also leap backward. At the start, it's just the boss being evasive, but once again at low hp, the boss will also summon a phantom that throws a ton of aoe damage waves toward the boss's landing location. If he does this jump-back mechanic, just wait a second or two before re-engaging. Also, be sure to watch out for when the boss fires out 6 swords in a fan-shaped pattern, the initial attack isn't troublesome, but these swords do eventually return targeting one random player. If you're targeted and don't want to get hit, just keep moving.

  • Lastly, more phantoms. Now Kaishur can summon two phantoms once again that will toss line aoes in a whole host of possible directions. Avoid these as best as possible as they will quickly slash in that aoe and stagger any players that are hit. This fight should be doable as long as everyone knows to attack the phantom that matches the orb, how to break the stagger check and for the love of god, don't smack him when he has his red counter shield up. If you clear those gimmicks, then it's all about burning the boss down as fast as possible. This reduces the amount of time that you need to deal with most of his attacks being enhanced. 

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