Lost Ark Road Of Lament Abyssal Dungeon Guide - How To Kill Nazan & Kyzra In Tier 2

4/14/2022 12:04:46 PM

Congratulations, you survived in Lost Ark Abyss Dungeons and you're finally here in Lost Ark Abyssal Dungeons Tier 2: Road of Lament. But are you ready for the next set of challenges that lie ahead? Today we're diving in and breaking down everything that you need to know about the Lost Ark Road of Lament Abyssal Dungeon. So that to get the Marvelous Earth Bow set from this dungeon, which contains Tier 2 accessories, ability stones, engraving books, cards, and crafting materials.



Lost Ark Abyssal Dungeon Guide Tier 2 - How To Survive In Road of Lament

Tier 2 Abyssal Dungeon, you must have at least 840 Item Level to access the Road of Lament.  When it comes to Lost Ark Road of Lament Abysaal Dungeon guides, we believe that in order for you to be successful, we need to keep things simple and straightforward. Roads up to each major fight will be talked about if there are particularly difficult mechanics. Otherwise, most of the focus will be simply on breaking down each boss's respective move set and core fight mechanics to help you be as successful as possible. Going into this Abyssal Dungeon, there is certainly a break from the difficulty of Hildebrandt Palace. But that doesn't mean it doesn't come with its own set of challenges, specifically a few cooperation-heavy mechanics as always. 


Lost Ark Abyssal Dungeon Nazan Guide

Nazan is the very first boss that you will encounter in Lost Ark Tier 2 Abyssal Dungeon. Unlike most bosses, there are very few high damage attacks in his arsenal. Now of course a few doesn't mean none and the one that does is directly related to a core fight mechanic.


Nazan Main Gimmick

The attack pattern we're talking about here is called carousel and it has two possible variants that can occur at 8 and 4 hp bars. In both instances, it will begin with Nazan running toward the center of the map and creating a safe zone in the arena. 


Variant 1: has the safe zone directly around him, covering the rest of the arena in pulsating blood that deals massive damage, almost always killing a player in seconds. Now when this mechanic happens, immediately move towards him and position yourself either directly in front or behind him. Once the mechanic begins, the boss will raise his hands and shoot lasers from them after a short delay. Here you will need to pay attention to what direction he rotates, either clockwise or counterclockwise. If you get hit by these lasers, they will deal high damage and push you out of the safe zone, leading to almost instant death every time.


Variant 2: has the area directly around the boss instead covered in that pulsating blood aoe. Now this time, the boss will mark players with a crosshair above their heads. When this happens, those players need to immediately run to separate corners of the arena. After a short delay, the boss will drop 2 separate aoe fields on each marked player, one after the other. Right after the first field drops, players should immediately move clockwise, so that the second aoe also drops on the outer edge of the arena close to the first one. The reason that you need to do this is after these two fields drop, the boss will once again raise his hands and fire those same lasers, rotating either clockwise or counterclockwise. If you do not place these fields on the outer edges, they will block your path resulting in you and very likely your team dying now. 


Be warned, during either of these rotations, the boss can abruptly stop mid-rotation and change directions. If you see him pause, immediately start going in the opposite direction


Nazan Basic Abilities

With that knowledge under your belt, all you need to do now is as a group stay calm watch for the spinning aoe mechanic, and be sure to all head in different corners if you get targets above your head. The rest of this fight should just fall into place.

- Blood clouds will probably be the most common attack that you'll see. Nazan will cast small blood aoes in random locations that stay around for a while before dissipating, dealing moderate damage to those caught inside.

- Red ability is a large frontal conal attack, he'll raise his sword up after a short delay, slamming it down in front of him and dealing moderate damage and knocking it up in a 160-degree aoe in front of it.

- Magnetic fields are the same aoes that Nazan will spawn on top of players during his carousel variant. This time however he will just spawn five of them randomly around the arena. These will stun and push players back upon running into them.

- Several narrow lines aoes converging directly towards either the boss or a player. After a really short delay, several orbs will fire energy waves directly toward that central target, knocking players hit into the air.

- The theme of line attacks, Nazan can also slam a sword into the ground, sending a wider rift towards players. After a short delay, additional line attacks will form parallel to the initial attack. Spreading outwards with each wave. These can also knock players into the air and deal moderate damage.

- Spin charge is a move that is quite annoying to keep up with. He will target a random player and dash around them while spinning. On the path behind him, he will spawn multiple orbs in a line that then shoot lasers out perpendicular to the direction that he traveled. If you're hit by a spin, you will get staggered and the falling or blazers will then knock you into the air.

- Slow traveling orb that gets sent out in a random direction. As it's traveling, it will spew out additional orbs in random directions all of which can stagger and deal damage. When aoes and other attacks are on the field, this one can be slightly annoying to deal with.


Lost Ark Abyssal Dungeon Kyzra Guide

The final boss in this dungeon is Kyzra. Unlike the first boss, she has three core mechanics but only a few basic attack patterns. 


No.1 Kyzra Main Mimic (Orbs)

Core mechanics of Kyzra can directly cause a team life. Once the boss teleports to the center of the arena and begins sending out small shock waves, you'll know the white mechanic has begun. Each player needs to take 3, 6, 9, and 12 o'clock positions around the map. This should be directly communicated in chat before this fight begins. The reason for this is that each player will need to grab specific orbs that grant you a buff. If you are stacked up in an area, there will not be enough orbs and you will wipe. After a short delay of shock waves, Kyzra will begin emitting red and golden orbs. 


The red orbs travel quickly, while the golden orbs travel slowly. Every player needs to get hit by 3 of these golden orbs to receive the buff that's denoted by a golden glowing circle of light around them. If at any point you get hit by a red orb that means you will need an additional golden orb to receive this buff. Every player must get these 3 stacks quickly before the boss stops emitting these orbs. Once the orbs stop flying large, red orbs will begin spawning all across the map, slowly moving towards the boss. These can only be destroyed by the light circle that is around each player. Each player needs to keep to their section of the map and clear every red orb that shows up to prevent them from reaching the boss. 


For whatever reason one player does not secure this buff, you can still complete this mechanic. But the three players with the buff, now need to cover one-third of the arena instead of one quarter. The player who misses their buff should immediately ping to let the others know that they missed it. If any more than one player fails to obtain this buff, your group will not be able to clear this mechanic.


No.2 Kyzra Main Mimic (Stagger)

Kyzra also has a stagger check. This one generally won't outright wipe the party but will deal extremely high damage if failure. The boss will begin to swing her sword and send shock waves in cone-shaped areas that take up one quarter of the map each. After each shock wave, she will rotate before sending out the next one. Your goal is to interrupt this mechanic before she finishes her fourth shock wave. Since this will release a massive shockwave in all directions that deals high damage and knocks all players up into the air.


No.3 Kyzra Main Mimic (Teleport/Stab)

Her last major mechanic is a teleport followed by a backstab and this one if anyone messes it up will make dpsing for your melee party members more difficult. The boss will vanish summoning random lightning strikes around the arena. After a short duration, she will reappear directly behind a random player and immediately try to backstab them. Have your dodges or mobility skills off cooldown to avoid this. If the boss backstabs someone successfully, she will surround herself with a red aura and become protected by a shield. The inside of the aura will now deal continuous high damage to everyone inside of it. 


Kyzra Basic Abilities

This fight should be doable as long as your party is clear about the golden orb mechanic. If you pass that cooperation check, then the rest is just about good positioning and pumping that damage. You will just have to deal with 4 basic attacks.

- At any time, the boss will toss out her spinning sword which will travel outwards just a bit before returning to the boss. Just before it returns additional spinning aoes will travel outward. These will deal moderate damage but also stagger anyone hit by them continuously.

- Kyzra can also perform a quick sweeping attack with her sword that spawns 5 blood flares that travel back towards the boss. Each of these flares deals with damage and stagger. A player can be hit by all of these consecutively if too close to the boss when this attack goes out. 

- The boss can also point her sword toward a target and follow up quickly with a laser beam that can knock up and deal moderate damage to anyone in the path

- Two-hit combo attack. She will initially spin in a moderate aoe that pushes anyone close to her away from her. Immediately after, she will plunge her sword into the ground and summon spikes starting where the edge of her spin attack first occupied. You should either super armor through the pushback or immediately dodge away from her as soon as she hits you with her spin attack.


Finishing this fight will grant you access to the next Abyssal Dungeon: the Forge of Fallen Pride. If you need to buy cheap Lost Ark gold, mtmmo.com is the most reliable shop online!

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