Lost Ark Best Gunlancer Build Guide: Skills,Tripods,Engravings&Stats,Tips

3/26/2022 3:47:31 PM

Gunlancers are one of the advanced classes that fall under the warrior they wield a gun lance and shield which are not only used to deal damage up close but also stun stagger and disable enemies. With your massive HP and commendable armor rating, you survive longer in combat compared to more DPS-focused classes.


In this Lost Art Gunslinger guide, we will show you the best skills and tripods as well as the best Losk Ark gold for Gunlancers and the gameplay styles available to them, if you are looking for a melee DPS build with the ability to taunt enemies and utilize crowds for control then this Gunlancer guide is for you.



Gunlancer Best Skills and Tripods


When your Gunlancer reaches level 60, you'll have unlocked a total of 17 skills comprised of lance normal and awakening skills. In total, you only need eight skills per character with a select number of tripods. In this section, we'll cover the essential ants and normal skills and tripods you should allocate points into regardless of the playstyle, you end up choosing lance skills and tripods.




7 skill 

1. Sharp Gunlance


Stabs multiple enemies while momentarily staggering them in the process to make Sharp Gunlancers stronger you'll need the giant wheel wound and pummel tripods, this combination changes the skill such that you'll now be attacking in a circular motion above your head to affect poor enemies, you'll also be able to inflict damage over time with bleed as well as an extra attack for boosted damage.


2. Dash Upper Fire


Dash Upper Fire thrust forward and shoot a shell right after to deal damage twice make sure that the gap between you and the enemy isn't too large, otherwise, you might not strike them with your weapon thereby wasting damage.


The best Dash Upper Fire tripod to consider prepares attacks and weak points, detects to enhance your attack power on the first hit and improves damage on pushing immune or stronger targets with extra shells, you can fire another shell and harm them even more because of the weight of the Gunlance, you are pushed backward after the shot, creating a good space between you and your enemy.


3. Rising Gunlance


4. Fire Bullet


5. Surge Cannon


6. Leap Attack


7. Hook Chain


8. Shield Charge


9. Charged Stinger


Charged Stinger allows you to rush towards your foes to shoot them with massive firepower.


10. Counter Gunlance


Counter Gunlance is a great defensive skill to help block incoming damage as you gain shields to make things better and you will be able to automatically shoot enemies in front of you after successfully countering an attack.


Bombardment spear which rewards the counter-attacks you perform with increased damage the other tripods to obtain are sturdy armor and weak point detection to reduce the damage you take while counter-gun lance is active and inflicts more harm against tougher enemies.


11. Gunlance Shot


Gunlance Shot is a straightforward version of Dash Upper Fire that lets you thrust your weapon into a target and then shoot them immediately.


Afterward, the Gunlance shot tripods you should take are similar to Counter Gunlance specifically sturdy armor and weak point detection, but the third upgrade you'll want to take is the exploding spear which acts as a gap closer allowing it to dart forward to cause explosive damage.


12. Shield Bash


You can swing Shield Bash twice to deal damage and effectively stagger enemies.


The best Shield Bash tripods are Armor Destruction and Shield Enhancement to reduce the target's physical and magical defenses and accumulate more shield energy for a third upgrade when you successfully attack them, respectively, and you can choose between additional strikes for greater damage or Blinding Electroshock to temporarily stun the enemy.


13. Guardian's Thunderbolt


Guardian's Thunderbolt is an effective skill that you can start within combat as it allows you to summon lightning to deal great damage

while stunning nearby enemies.


The best Guardian's Thunderbolt tripods to choose are damage, luck, wide, hit and electrocution, this combination allows you to conjure another thunderbolt for added damage widens the AOE, and lengthens the stun duration against targets.


14. Shout of Hatred


Shout of Hatred performs a massive war cry to not only deal damage but also to taunt enemies what makes a shot of hatred very effective are ready defense and shield to reduce incoming damage.


To temporarily boost HP, the third upgrade you should take is open weakness which enhances everyone in the party's frontal and back attacks together with the damage, they deal additionally the shield energy you gain is increased.


15. Nellasia's Energy


The Nellasia's Energy roars outdoors to mitigate the damage done to you and your allies.


The best tripods together quick prep effectiveness and survival, this combination lowers the skills cooldown period, further reduces the amount of incoming damage, and provides shields to momentarily increase everyone's HP, you can decide to equip either of the following skills if you chose the combat readiness engraving or play style to significantly improve your crowd control capabilities.


16. Bash


It not only deals with damage but also inflicts stun similar to shield bash.


17. Shield Shock


Shield Shock strikes the ground with your gun lance to inflict some damage into temporary slow down enemy movement.


The best shield shock tripods to pick are quick, prep, wide, hit, and second turbulence, this combination decreases the skill's cooldown rate and broadens its AOE as well as enhances the damage you deal after attacking the target once more.



Gunlancer Engravings and Stats


In this section, we will discuss the Lost Art Gunlancer engravings, which determine the style of gameplay you wish to adopt for your character, as well as the specific class abilities and traits you can acquire as you reach higher levels, the two class engravings available to the Gunlancer are Lone Knight and Combat Readiness.  


Lone Knight


Lone Knight is focused on maximizing burst damage with land skills by boosting their corresponding crit rate and crit damage.


Lone Knight Stats


  • Crit: 1700

  • Specialization: 0

  • Domination: 0

  • Swiftness: 700

  • Endurance: 0

  • Expertise: 0


Combat Readiness

 en setting

When gearing up this setup significantly enhances crit rate while improving your attack and movement speed it also decreases the cooldown period of your skills.


Combat Readiness Stats


  • Crit: 500

  • Specialization: 1500

  • Domination: 0

  • Swiftness: 400

  • Endurance: 0

  • Expertise: 0


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Final Tips


1. Gunlancers excel at effectively controlling the battlefield by interrupting enemies while inflicting high damage up close in PVP they're difficult to go against due to their super armors counters and staggers in combination with damage combos however their low mobility makes them vulnerable to ranged DPS classes like the Gunslinger and Sharpshooter.


2. Gunlancers won't be able to activate both shield skills at the same time instead you can switch from defensive stance to battlefield shield but not the other way around since only the former ability can be toggled.


3. Remember to activate Defensive Stance often, especially if you're about to safely overcharge with skills like Charge Stinger and Surge Cannon to deal more damage.


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