Lost Ark Gunslinger Guide: How to Build a Gunslinger

4/16/2022 4:38:11 PM

In this Lost Ark Gunslinger Guide, we're going to show you what it means to play as a Gunslinger in terms of how well they perform in combat, the best Skills, and Tripods as well as Lost Ark gold to focus on, and the playstyles available to them. If you’re searching for a Gunner that provides you with excellent mobility while dealing massive damage at any range, then this Lost Ark Gunslinger Class Guide is for you!


Why do I choose Gunslinger?


Gunslingers are one of the Advanced Classes that fall under the Gunner Class, they wield 3 Weapons, which they can efficiently swap to without a cooldown, namely, the Dual Pistols, Shotgun, and Sniper Rifle to shoot enemies from any distance. What’s more, the user interface at the center of the screen clearly illustrates the number of Skills available, which look like shaded boxes. As such, you won’t have to cycle through all 3 Weapons just to check the abilities you can readily use. Gunslingers are considered one of the most difficult DPS Classes to master since you need to manage multiple weapons for different circumstances.


The advantage of Gunslinger

1.     High DPS

2.     3 Different Combat Modes for 3 Weapons

3.     Great Versatility

4.     Great Ranged Damage

5.     Good Mobility

6.     Gunslingers aren’t as vulnerable to taking damage up close and personal.


Gunslinger Best Skills and Tripods


By the time your Gunslinger reaches Level 60 in Lost Ark, you will have unlocked a total of 23 Skills. In this section, we’ll cover the essential Pistol, Shotgun, and Sniper Rifle Skills and tripods you should allocate points into regardless of the playstyle you end up choosing.



Best Pistol Skills and Tripods


Spiral Tracker - Unlocked at Combat Level 10. Throws a spinning handgun at the target location within 10 meters, inflicting up to 233 Damage over 15 hits.


Tripod 1: Weakness Exposure

Tripod 2: Quick Pace

Tripod 3: Whirlpool


Quick Step - Unlocked at Combat Level 10. Slide 6 meters forward and fire the weapon to inflict 159 Damage.


Tripod 1: Life Absorption

Tripod 2: Rapid Fire

Tripod 3: Vital Point Shot


Somersault Shot - Unlocked at Combat Level 10. Somersault to move 10 meters forward while firing your handgun to deal 156 Damage.


 Tripod 1: Ignore Collision

Tripod 2: Burn Effect

Tripod 3: Super Armor


Equilibrium - Unlocked at Combat Level 10. Fire your handgun across a broad area, inflicting up to 499.7 Damage.


Tripod 1: Weakness Exposure

Tripod 2: Enemy Raid

Tripod 3: Vital Point Shot


Dexterous Shot - Unlocked at Combat Level 10. Move 6 meters as you glide and fire your handgun 4 times to inflict 91 Damage to nearby foes. This skill can be used up to 2 times in a row.


Tripod 1: Weakness Exposure

Tripod 2: Master of Evasion

Tripod 3: Agile Shot


Bullet Rain - Unlocked at Combat Level 10.  It fires the weapon forward for 2s to inflict a total of 4527 Damage.


Tripod 1: Vital Point Shot

Tripod 2: Rapid Fire

Tripod 3: Flame Shot


Meteor Stream - Unlocked at Combat Level 10. Fire a volley of bullets into the air, then control them to crash into the target location, inflicting 1053 Damage and launching foes into the air.


Tripod 1: Weak Point Detection

Tripod 2: Wide Explosion

Tripod 3: Bombardment


Peacekeeper - Unlocked at Combat Level 10. Fires the handgun forward to inflict 62 Damage. Upon pressing the Combo key, the character fires the handgun in a burst to inflict 93 Damage. If an additional combo is input, the character kicks to inflict 31 Damage and then fires the handgun rapidly to inflict a total of 127.0 Damage. You can change the direction upon hitting the Combo key, and the first handgun hit allows the character to perform A Counter Attack.


Tripod 1: Excellent Mobility

Tripod 2: Cykin CQC

Tripod 3: Purification Ceremony


Best Shotgun Skills and Tripods


Shotgun Rapid Fire - Unlocked at Combat Level 10. Fire your shotgun 3 times, inflicting 1994, 1994, and 2662 Damage.


Tripod 1: In a Tight Spot

Tripod 2: Quick Prep

Tripod 3: Extended Shot


Last Request - Unlocked at Combat Level 10. It fires a powerful explosive bullet, inflicting 5678 Damage and launching foes into the air.


Tripod 1: Quick Prep

Tripod 2: Execution

Tripod 3: Volley


Sharpshooter- Unlocked at Combat Level 10. It fires the shotguns in each hand forward 7 times to inflict 10432 Damage. The skill can be canceled by switching stances.


Tripod 1: Special Bullet

Tripod 2: In a Tight Spot

Tripod 3: Frost Haven


Best Sniper Rifle Skills and Tripods


Spiral Flame - Unlocked at Combat Level 10. Fire a powerful flame bullet, launching foes into the air for 698 [Fire] Damage. Sets the ground ablaze, inflicting 58 [Fire] Damage every 0.8s for 2.4s.


Tripod 1: Ice Shot

Tripod 2: Kill Confirmation

Tripod 3: Rear Blast

Perfect Shot- Unlocked at Combat Level 10. Fire a high-speed large-caliber bullet that inflicts 281 Damage. Hit the Perfect Zone to inflict 1125 Damage and knock back foes.


Tripod 1: Bleed Effect

Tripod 2: Precision Shot

Tripod 3: Enhanced Shot


Target Down - Unlocked at Combat Level 10. Target Down makes you to aim your rifle up to 2.5s, allowing you to shoot 3 bullets dealing a total of 4781433 Damage. This Skill can be unlocked at level Lvl. 55. Skills allow players to inflict damage to enemies or strengthen allies when using them during combat.


Tripod 1: Quick Aim

Tripod 2: Explosive Steel Bullet

Tripod 3: Haven Calls



Gunslinger Best Engravings and Stats

In this section, I’m going to talk about the Lost Ark Gunslinger Class Engravings, which determine the playstyle you wish to adopt for your character and are class-specific abilities and traits. You gain access to this when you reach higher levels. Let’s first discuss the Time to Hunt Class Engraving or playstyle together with the Stats that go with it.


The 2 Class Engravings available to the Gunslinger are Time to Hunt and Peacemaker. Time to Hunt enhances your Pistol and Sniper Rifle’s crit rate at the cost of completely disabling your Shotgun Stance. This lessens the versatility of the Gunslinger but makes it easier to play since you only have 2 weapons to switch between. Reaching the Time to Hunt Engraving Level 1 is enough to make a good build.


Out of the numerous skills, you should slot the 3 Sniper Rifle Skills together with 8 Pistol Skills we’ve discussed to maximize the damage you deal. In terms of Time to Hunt’s Combat Stats, you’ll want to prioritize Crit followed by Specialization when gearing up. This setup maximizes your crit rate as well as the crit damage of your Pistol and overall damage of your Sniper Rifle.


Conversely, Peacemaker is the more popular playstyle between the two because it improves the specialties of every weapon. With the Pistol, attack speed is enhanced; with the Shotgun, it’s crit rate; and with the Sniper Rifle, it’s damage dealt. For the Peacemaker Engraving, reaching Level 1 is sufficient to make a competitive build. The skills you’ll want to utilize are spread out among the 3 weapons with the Pistol having the most number of skills at 6.

Tips for Gunslinger


The Somersault Shot Skill can be combined with the other Pistol Skills that make use of the Back Attack damage bonus like Quick-Step, Equilibrium, Dextrous Shot, and Bullet Rain. Be sure to initiate with Somersault Shot first before quickly activating either of these skills to precisely shoot enemies from behind. As a result, your overall damage will definitely be boosted, allowing you to efficiently eliminate enemies.


If you find yourself dying too often, you’ll want to invest some points into Swiftness for the Time to Hunt and Peacemaker playstyles, right after Specialization. Doing so will boost the attack and movement speed of your Lost Ark Gunslinger so you can cover more ground when evading incoming attacks.





















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