ACNH May Update 2022 Guide: Events, Seasonal Items, DIYs, Critters In Animal Crossing New Horizons

4/3/2022 8:03:03 PM

May arrives on Animal Crossing New Horizons islands, let's check out the new events, seasonal items, scenery, and critters (bugs, fishes, sea creatures) that will arrive in the last month of Spring or Autumn.


Animal Crossing New Horizons May Update 2022 Guide (Events, Seasonal Items, DIYs, Critters)

In May, we enter the last month of this season, Spring is wrapping up in Northern Hemisphere, while Fall is ending in Southern Hemisphere. Even new players know by now new months bring a bunch of new content and activities to keep us occupied. Now as always there’s quite a lot to get through including minor changes to seasonal events, new DIY recipes, island natural scenery, as well as new bugs, fishes, and sea creatures returning to our island. If you want to know more details about the new content, follow us to dive into each part.

ACNH Island Scenery Changes in May

As with every new month, we start to see changes to be aesthetics of the ACNH island, especially as we’re approaching the start of a new season. At the end of May, players in the Northern Hemisphere will say goodbye to the Bamboo season, the greenery of the leaves and grass will become lusher, and the weather will become more cloudless. While in Southern Hemisphere, as players progress into the last month of Fall and the winter season draws near, your tree will gradually change from orange to red until it turns dark brown.

ACNH May Events 2022

Thanks to the most recent content update, ACNH has even more seasonal celebrations and items in 2022 than last year. While in May, it seems we will only see the returning of some original events. But Nintendo will make some minor changes such as adding new exclusive items to each event to refresh the events. Here we sort out the schedule of all events that will happen in May and the related items expected to get:

Nature Day (April 23rd to May 4th)

Items To Get: Nook Miles currency, Hedge Fence (Bush)

Nature Day is also known as Earth Day, is an event that starts in April for demonstrating support for environmental protection, but runs for two weeks until May 4th. During the period of the event, we will have Nature Day Nook Miles+ activities and by completing the missions we will have the opportunity to generously increase our Nook Miles currency and receive a Hedge Fence DIY Crafting recipe.

Boy's Day (April 28 to May 5)

Items To Get: Carp Banner, Newsprint helmet

May 5 is Japanese Boy's Day (children's day) and we will also be able to celebrate it in Animal Crossing: New Horizons thanks to the addition of two new seasonal items that reproduce the typical decorations of this event. 

May Day (April 29 to May 7)

Items To Get: Rover’s Briefcase, Rover’s Photo, Bell Vouchers

To commemorate the Worker’s Day, the tour event May Day will be held on the Mystery Island again by Rover to marks the starting of May. To complete the spectacular May Day maze on Mystery island, you will receive some a bonus set of Bell Vouchers and other rewards. 

Mother’s Day (May 1 to May 31)

Items To Get: Carnations, Thank-You Mom Mug 

During the month of May, Animal Crossing: New Horizons also celebrates Mother's Day: throughout the month you will be able to obtain an exclusive item linked to this anniversary not available in the rest of the year!

International Museum Day (May 18 to May 31)

Items To Get: Art Plaque, Fish plaque, Bug plaque, Fossil plaque

International Museum Day is an stamp race event held during the second half of May: as the name suggests, the event focuses on the museum of our island and brings with it many exclusive prizes, obtainable only in this period. The various activities planned are to be carried out inside the museum of our island: inside the various exhibition rooms, in fact, there will be stamp points, useful for filling our card: in this guide, in fact, it will be possible to find the list of all the points and directions on where to find them, as well as the prizes that can be obtained from the event.

ACNH May DIY Recipes 2022

Now May is the final month of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and the end of Fall in the Southern Hemisphere, so seems to transition into a new season which, means the Spring and Fall seasonal materials will be instead of all-new seasonal crafting materials very soon, so if you don’t want to miss the time to make some certain items, don’t forget to collect the below DIY recipes and materials which are only available in May:

Young Spring Bamboo DIY Recipes & Items (February 25 to May 31, Northern Hemisphere)

In Northern Hemisphere, this is the last month of 2022 you are able to collect the Spring Bamboo in Animal Crossing New Horizons unless you do time travel. So if you want to craft some Bamboo Set furniture by yourself, don’t miss a great time. 

Mushroom DIY Recipes & Items (May 1 to May 31, Southern Hemisphere)

As the southern hemisphere enters late autumn, all kinds of Mushrooms emerge from the soil under the trees, and those mushroom series items that stand out in fairy design are made of them. Even if you don't want to make the furniture, it's a good idea to gather some to taste.

Maple Leaf Season (May 16 to May 25, Southern Hemisphere)

Still in the southern hemisphere, don’t forget to capture some flying Maple Leaves in the wonderful Autumn, which can be used to craft some charming Maple themed items.

ACNH May New Critters (Bugs, Fishes, Sea Creatures)

Finally, the most obvious change we can expect to see during May is of course some new critters including bugs, fish, deep-sea creatures across both hemispheres. 

ACNH May New Bugs

List of new bugs arriving in Animal Crossing: New Horizons in May:

Northern Hemisphere

Animal Crossing BugsLocationBug PriceMonths availableTimes available
Banded DragonflyFlying around4500May to October8am to 5pm
Diving BettleOn ponds and rivers800May to September8am to 7pm
Great Purple EmperorFlying around3000May to August4am to 7pm
PondskaterOn ponds and rivers130May to September8am to 7pm
Queen Alexandra's BirdwingFlying around4000May to September8am to 4pm
Rosalia Batesi BeetleAppears on a tree stump3000May to SeptemberAll day
ScorpionOn the ground8000May to October7pm to 4am
Violin BeetleAppears on tree stumps450

May to June
September to November
All day

Southern Hemisphere

Animal Crossing BugsLocationBug PriceMonths availableTimes available
DamselflyFlying around500May to AugustAll day
Mole cricketUnderground500May to NovemberAll day
TarantulaOn the ground8000May to October7pm to 4am

ACNH May New Fishes

List of new fish arriving in Animal Crossing: New Horizons in May:

Northern Hemisphere

Animal Crossing FishLocationFish PriceMonths availableTimes available
AngelfishRiver900May to September4pm to 9am
BettaRiver2500May to November9am to 4pm
CatfishPond800May to October4pm to 9am
FrogPond120May to August24 hours
Giant TrevallyPier4500May to October24 hours
Mahi-MahiPier6000May to October24 hours
Nibble FishRiver1500May to September9am to 4pm

May to November9am to 4pm

Southern Hemisphere

Animal Crossing FishLocationFish PriceMonths availableTimes available
BitterlingRiver900May to SeptemberAll day


5000May to August9am to 4pm
TunaPier7000May to OctoberAll day
Blue marlinPier10000May to October, January to MarchAll day
Football fishSea2500May through September4pm - 9am

ACNH May New Sea Creatures

List of new deep sea creatures arriving in Animal Crossing: New Horizons in May:

Northern Hemisphere

Animal Crossing Sea CreaturesSell PriceMonths availableTimes available
Sea Urchin1700May to September24 hours
Slate Pencil Urchin2000May to September4pm to 9am
Gigas Giant Clam15000May to September24 hours
Vampire Squid10000May to August4pm to 9am
Spotted Garden Eel1100May to October4am to 9pm

Southern Hemisphere

Animal Crossing Sea CreaturesSell PriceMonths availableTimes available
Sea cucumber500May to OctoberAll day
Sea pig10000May to August4pm to 9am
Dungeness crab1900May to OctoberAll day
Snow crab6000May to AugustAll day
Red king crab8000May to OctoberAll day

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