D2R 2.4 Hydra Sorceress Pros & Cons For Starting Ladder Season 1 | Best Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Build

4/24/2022 6:21:09 PM

With the skill changes brought by the Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 patch, Hydra Sorc has become one of the most popular builds in the game now. However, if it is good for starting ladder season 1? Here we will break down the pros and cons of the Hydra Sorceress. 

D2R 2.4 Hydra Sorceress Pros & Cons

D2R 2.4 Hydra Sorceress Pros & Cons: Should You Choose Hydra Sorc For Starting Ladder Season in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

The Hydra Sorceress is a "Sweet" Character Build to begin your Diablo 2 adventure. The Hydra Sorc can destroy Mephisto, Andariel, and the Stony Tombs with very minimal Diablo 2 Ladder item investment. You can go to these bosses in no time if you have a good Faster Cast Rate Breakpoint and utilize the Skill Teleport. In some stages, she might be tough to pilot due to her limited survivability, yet she is a good Ladder Starter. Static Field combined with your Mercenary is an effective technique to take out Fire Immunes and other challenging targets. If you're seeking a hybrid damage variant, look no further.

Here we sort out the advantages and disadvantages of the build to help you make the right option according to your playstyle when you are building up your ladder start build. 

D2R 2.4 Hydra Sorceress Pros

1. No Need To Respec Ever

For this build, you don't have to necessarily use a respec a lot of people if you're going into blizzard, they'll go into fire at first, or maybe, they'll go into lighting skills and using a bunch of charge bolt and max that out. When they get to a point where it gets too hard, they'll go ahead and respec into the build they want to do it used to always be blizzard, but perhaps now it would be the hydra build. 

2. Strong In Normal

If you're going with any of these builds on the fireside, you don't have to waste respect, just halfway through the game going back down into the build that you actually want to play, because fire bolt and fire ball are both synergies for hydra, you can go straight down these at the very beginning, those points are not ended up wasted into those skills, they will be perfect for once you get down to hydra to use that to synergize to increase that damage even more. So it's doing pretty good in Normal mode, you could easily get through the game all by yourself with these skills no problem at all and actually showing off the power of that fire skill.

3. Attack Without The Monster Being Able To See You

Add some stat points over to simulate going up against some levels, such as roughly around 40-45 so kind of towards the end of nightmare, and put base points into fireball and fire mastery to really get that fire damage up, so now the hydras are roughly simulated to where they would be in nightmare. But first off right here, we're going to go ahead and jump to the frigid highlands a very quick and easy place to kind of show you how the build can work but we're going to start off with these monsters just going ahead and taking us on right at the beginning here. But you got the hydra shooting and the fireballs at your disposal, you can cast these from a very long distance, just kind of sit back and let them do their thing. You can come up here and start blasting some fireballs to deal even more damage, and this is just players playing through the game by themselves obviously if you're online, not solo, you'll have more help, but it does definitely do work all by its own.

D2R 2.4 Hydra Sorceress Cons

1. Starts Being a Lot of Fire Immunes

These casters are not immune to fire, while these venom lords in Chaos Sanctuary absolutely are mega-powerful and they deal a ton of damage and obviously, fire ain't doing anything to them. So this build will absolutely struggle in the chaos sanctuary and by struggling the cast sanctuary. You almost literally cannot clear the Chaos sanctuary with this build by yourself, you're going to have to have somebody to help you out. Now if you're playing online in full parties that might not be a problem, but we just want to give you that knowledge that information any fire build entire game including this one when you get the chaos sanctuary, it's essentially a no-go.

2. Doesn't Work Well In Higher Players Counts

We'll go ahead and go to player 7 and we'll go ahead and jump to eldritch and shank with that same build, we're trying to farm better gear here in order to get our character better, maybe get some experience. So we'll go ahead and throw these hydras out here and let them castaway while we're not getting hit, they can cast continuously but not kill a single monster. So that is one thing to take into consideration, if you're going to be playing in games with other people even Eldridge's minions, this hydra build cannot do anything to him.

3. Very Limited Farming Locations

Here we are at more tricking Mephisto, it's one of the only things that this build can actually do, so we tried some areas including the new level 85 areas, and tested exactly how this worked there. Yes, with very minimal Diablo 2 item investment, the Hybra Sorc can run Mephisto, Andariel, and the Stony Tombs, but the farm speed is not ideal. One good thing about the build is that you can drop down the hydras from a distance away, then run and hide if you want to, which is a very useful trick for farming some specific areas.

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