Lost Ark Relic Drops for 1445 Chaos Dungeon & Deskaluda: what you may get

5/11/2022 10:43:33 AM

In this guide, we want to show you the next group of chaos dungeons in Lost Ark that we are about to enter the patch. We want to show you what spoils as well as Lost Ark gold we have obtained, and show you what we may get.


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Chaos Dungeons

If you stop the Chaos Dungeon guard raid and fill your rest bonus, you'll have a better chance to get some good cultural relics accessories, so anyway, you can run this 1445 Chaos Dungeons. Artifacts are cultural relics, so we have two artifacts, which are legendary. We did get nine great lapstones, and then there are 208 weapons here.  Empty your bag, We did it again, 1445. We just finished our second run, we have two more runs here, we also have a spellbook, so there are no additional two stones. We have finished this time and got another cultural relic accessory. This time it's three, so we have two cultural relic accessories, In fact, there was no cultural relic equipment of tripod at all that time, which is legendary. Remember that this is also a rest reward, so ignore the super Church of this week and endurance here. We have the key, we have resentment and shield, and we have three stones. At that time, we also had 132 stone weapons there, we only have two great honor jump gemstones, and we have some more gemstones, although, Obviously, we got this book, so you can see that the decline rate of cultural relics accessories is very low, which may be the same in our version.


We just finished the raid. Let's see what we got. We got a rest bonus from that run. We have three relic accessories, 11 jumping stones there, nearly 100 jumping stones there, and a legend there, so this roadblock and shield penetrate good stability, panic, and poverty, but you can run another one, and we'll see what we get from it, we've just finished the second run. We've already had 12 and 4 dead in it. We've rested the bonus, Adrenaline, five main potentials, freedom, and critical strike. We ignite with MP, gladiator, and enhanced IFA. We got nearly 300 and nearly 100, and we got 11 such perfect ones, we made a chaotic underground city operation, we got a cultural relic accessory in the previous version, and a cultural relic accessory in the second version, We have it every time we go in. Obviously, we have rewards for them, we'll see if there are any changes in our version.


Bonus Tip

Another way is that if you have a role, although it is more than 1445 or higher, you can start to do real-time agriculture, and then buy a pile when it comes out, so you may be lucky on the first day, you can get some cultural relic accessories from your chaos dungeon.

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