Lost Ark Honing Materials Guide: How to gain Honing Matts weekly and daily

6/7/2022 11:44:08 AM

Here are some tips on how to stay efficient in trying to hone up your main, or any character, we know missed a few things like Argos and Valtan but those are more of the things we expect you to want to be doing anyway, so hopefully this was helpful and you learned of some new methods to gain honing matts.


New methods to gain honing matts

We'll talk to you about how to get your item level up on your main, so you can get prepared for all the stuff.


Method 1: Do Daily Chaos Dungeon x2

Run your two first dungeons on your main every single day, it's a good source of materials, and then you do have chances depending on which level you're at what item over that you will get different things.


Just run your cast dungeons every single day and always run the highest one you can do, so it might be a little bit faster to do the low one, but you do get quite a significant amount more materials by running the higher ones to try and do the higher ones that you can do, the highest ones you can do.


Method 2: Do Daily Guardian Raid x2

Your guardian rate as well is twice a day with a lot of materials not that many from your guardian rates, you wouldn't miss out on that much but then with the guardian race again, you do have a higher chance at accessories and relic stones, and you can also get some class engraving books, the legendary ones, and in the purple ones, and what we could suggest for you with your materials is don't actually hone all at once, save them up and then hone every couple of days.


Method 3: Do Weekly Challenge/Trial Guardian - once a week

Method 4: Do Daily Unas for Leapstones & Lost Ark Gold

Method 5: Join a Guild/Guild Vendor

We do have the pirate vendor as well, but let's speak about some more stuff that we are in the city, you want to make sure that you do join the guild, and then do your donations every day, donate silver, and then also aid them with research, so to bring up the guild press Alt & U go to guild donation, donate silver, and you see support research just report whatever research they have going, and then you will get these bloodstones.


Method 6: Do PVP Vendor Weekly

There are a lot of materials from there, we would suggest doing if you can just do your daily battlegrounds, get your rank up, and then get some PVP stuff.


Method 7: Do Pirate Merchant Weekly

Method 8: Importance of Alts

We would suggest having as many Alts as you will have the six-character slots to start with, after that, you have to buy character slots.

Method 9: Do Event Happening

Another way of resources we actually do have an event happening, we've got the wild wing island, you bring it up, it's right over there, just go sail up a bit from east to there, and that happens every hour, you can go and do that on all your characters if you do it on the same character over and over the event, there's no stack or limit to it, there is a quest on the island over there, the daily quest which is per character, but you can still do that and get about 200 tokens, and then from actually doing the event you get a thousand tokens, so you could get a thousand tokens every hour, you quite easily buy that shop has a lot of materials as well for tier 1, 2, 3.


Method 10: Adventure Islands

Method 11: Procyon's Compass

There's another one in the nighttime, but if you just go yet to the compass, you can see adventure islands, they don't give you the material, but they do give you pirate coins silver, they are the pirate coin selection chest, and sometimes they do have Lost Ark gold on them as well, so definitely worth doing them.

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