Best ACNH River Mouths Design Ideas & Codes 2022 - 10 Ways To Decorate Around River Mouths In Your Island

5/20/2022 11:15:10 AM

Today we are going to share with you 10 ideas for decorating around your islands river mouths in Animal Crossing New Horizons, those can be really limiting areas because of the terraforming quirks, but the creators featured today have truly created something beautiful on each of their islands. We list each river mouth design code & address. 

Best ACNH River Mouths Design Ideas 2022 - 10 Ways To Decorate Around River Mouths In Animal Crossing

ACNH River Mouth Design  Address 1 - DA-0251-4871-5628

This is so gorgeous, the island is placed at night so we can really appreciate the illumination going on between the garlands and the balloons and even the mushroom lamp in the foreground of this image. Waterfalls are a popular theme in terms of how to decorate around your river mouth because you can use them to cut off the river mouth before it becomes a river winding through your island, you can just stop it and this one worked beautifully.

ACNH River Mouth Design Code 2 - DA-4394-3263-9372

This is a different waterfall, this was so creative, the creator took the new cave item and turned it so that it doesn't look like a cave that looks like boulders. This is giving like a waterfall in the mountains kind of vibe, it's narrow, it bottlenecks up to the waterfall between the river mouth and the waterfall, that's really creative. The suspension bridge at the very edge of the island is beautiful, the surrounding d├ęcor, this creator just did a beautiful job of filling the space. 

ACNH River Mouth Design 3 - DA-9414-2200-8120

This creator did waterfalls in a different way, the first two river mountains were both south facing whereas another one empties to the left of the island. This creator still managed to use waterfalls to make this overlook situation, this just beautiful view, this is a more tropical themed island and this really fits so beautifully, the tourist telescopes there you can see where the river mouth empties this was just beautifully executed.

ACNH River Mouth Design 4 - DA-5764-4307-4316

This another side facing river mouth instead of south facing. This is also beautiful, a different take on having little mini islands at your river mouth, it looks so natural here and this is so well done. The little duck area is amazing, this is just incredible waterscaping.

2022 ACNH River Mouth Design 5 - DA-3983-5800-9515

This is the side-facing river mouth, but this creator has done something so different and unique. So we've got on the side this bakery situation, they decided to kind of hide the river mouth because it can be a messy area maybe you do want to hide it and they did it so well. They created the flower shop in front of their right facing river mouth, it definitely disguises this area, you would not know if you are angled up and it worked out beautifully. 

2022 ACNH River Mouth Design 6 - DA-9912-8777-0114

This is the first time we've seen a villager house right up near the river mouth, but this creator has made the river immediately narrow into a little stream in front of the house and it's like irrigating this villagers crops, this is so creative and cute. It's a great way to stop the river mouth from becoming some huge thing like sometimes you just want it to be small, you don't want really wide, waterscaping on your island and this is a great example.

ACNH River Mouth Design 7 - DA-5741-4453-5123

This one is so unique, we've got a construction site at the river mouth. We've got this basic like beginning of the game bridge which definitely fits, this beach is beautiful. Winds off becomes an intersection, it goes all different ways through the island which is beautiful. We're letting it flow and that is another beautiful option for your island. This was really creative and cute.

ACNH River Mouth Design 8 - DA-9861-0937-5888

This creator has made the dock, we've got the bridge as close to the river mouth as it can go which is beautiful, the view here is amazing, we've got the yard right there, the little boat, we've got the azumaya gazebo and it's just like a little fishing dock that you can go and visit. This was another super unique way to handle the river mouth, creating a view right here obviously challenging given how close it is to the edge of the island. But it is executed perfectly, it looks amazing.

ACNH River Mouth Design 9 - DA-4889-0981-6403

This is just so beautiful, these builds really hit different, look at this river mouth we've got the river going both ways which we haven't seen yet in the terraforming, it's like the river just swoops by and it happens to be a river mouth there. The diagonal bridge here is beautiful, I love that we've got like a whole wheat field going on just lots of little wheat fields. The beach is beautiful and the colors here just incredible. It's a beautiful build, beautiful waterscaping.

ACNH River Mouth Design 10 - DA-9827-3305-9511

We've got a winding river cutting through at some cliffs, the colors here are everything I love all of the vines here, you can get a better view. There's like a waterfall in the distance but it's not at the river mouth itself, this is just incredibly made.