D2R 2.4 Druid Build Guide - Best Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Start Builds

5/23/2022 3:10:15 PM

In this guide, we'll be demonstrating how to get your Druid from normal in Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 Ladder. Leveling him all the way through hell efficiently without wasting all those precious respects from akara. We will detail the skills, attributes and gear you need to make the best D2R Ladder Druid build.


D2R 2.4 Druid Build Guide - Best Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Start Builds

As long as you follow this D2R 2.4 Ladder Druid guide, you won't break your character and you will be able to body minions all the way through hell. The Druid is straightforward and the elemental skill tree isn't confusing at all. You shouldn't be struggling with immunities in hell and that nato hurricane combo puts out some deeps.


D2R 2.4 Druid Build Skills

For skills, put five points in the firestorm. This will be the main skill you use until you hit level 12. When you're six, you can put one point into a molten boulder. Continue dumping points back into a firestorm. When you hit level 12 start maxing out a fissure, the fissure will replace a firestorm and will carry you all the way to nightmare act 4. After the fissure is maxed out, start pumping points back into a firestorm. Because it's one of the synergies for fissure. When you get into nightmare act 4, you should be around level 40 to 43 and your fire damage will start to fall off a bit. 


D2R 2.4 Druid Build 1stRespec

It's time to do your first and only respect of this playthrough. Follow the wind side of the elemental tree down to the tornado and max it. Put as many points as you can into a hurricane as well. Dump any remaining points that you have into cyclone armor because it's the synergy for tornado and hurricane. It's also used as a shield that absorbs elemental damage while it's active. As you continue to level, prioritize max now hurricane over cyclone armor. If you're getting lonely or having problems getting through the content, you could spend five points to unlock summon grizzly. This bear is strictly used as a meat shield. After tornado hurricane and cyclone armor are maxed out, just start maxing out the last synergy twister. Tornado and hurricane are now your two main skills. Just keep hurricane up while you nado down everything. You shouldn't be struggling with many immunities because your tornado does physical damage and your hurricane does cold damage. Don't forget to keep cyclone armor up to help mitigate elemental damage.


D2R 2.4 Druid Build Attributes

Strength - 35

Dexterity - 20

Vitality - 45

For attributes, you’d better get at least 35 strength. Because you're going to need it for your ancients’ pledge large shield later on. Remember it's never a bad idea to save 10 to 20 points just in case you find that sweet piece of gear that requires more strength to use. Dump everything else into vitality. 


D2R 2.4 Druid Build Gear

Getting yourself a leaf staff is a must. Making the rune word Stealth and armor is never a bad idea. This armor can last you all the way till the end game. Putting two Ral runes in a two-open socket helm works wonders. This fire res comes in the clutch while you're getting through act 3 and 4 in normal. You can find these runes from normal countess in act 1 during your playthrough. Be on the lookout for a 3-open socket large shield, you'll want to make Ancients’ Pledge later on after you save the guards in act 5. For all the other pieces focus on life, resistances, faster hit recovery, and make sure to get faster run-walk on boots. 

When you get into a nightmare, we'd recommend upgrading your current weapon into a Spirit sword. You can find a clean white-based broadsword or crystal sword in normal cows. Using your socket quest for merc 5 will guarantee 4 sockets if you find the space in cows. Get a Lore helm also. Making a Rhyme shield is never a bad idea either. You can find all these runes from Nightmare Countess. Start to prioritize plus skills faster cast rate and resistances on your gear. Just continue upgrading pieces of gear whenever you can.


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