Lost Ark Pet Ranch Guide: Rewards, Cookie Workshop & Upgrade Pets To Unlock Special Skills

7/30/2022 11:29:50 AM

A brand new pet system named Pet Ranch will drop into Lost Ark in August, 2022! Now follow us to get know what is Pet Ranch exactly, and how to play, grow, and earn valuable rewards with your pet.

LOST ARK Pet Ranch


Introduction of Pet Ranch in Lost Ark

  • - Unlocked from territory level 15

  • - Cookies can be produced using your pets at the pet ranch

  • - The 'motivation' gauge of the pet that produced the cookie decreases.

  • - Pets that have consumed motivation can recover the gauge at the 'Ranch'

  • - Cookies produced by pets can be used to 'promote' by raising the pet's proficiency.

  • - Cookies can be used to obtain weekly rewards and avatars

Pet ranch is content where lovely pets can freely run, grow, and acquire various items. You can get goods by sending your pets to the workshop, and you can use the goods to get various rewards like a token of the expedition's territory.

If you send your pets to the cookie farm, they can produce cookies, and you can 'promote' the pets with the farmed cookies to strengthen them. You can use Jelly Cookies, a dispatch reward, to promote rare and heroic pets to Heroes and Legends with Jelly Cookies, and you can acquire additional skills when upgrading to legends.

In addition, various rewards can be exchanged using Jelly Cookies, and the pets placed in the cookie workshop and pet ranch can communicate with the character of the adventurer. It is also possible to observe.


Simple Routine For Upgrading Pets in Pet Ranch

  • - After logging in, perform the Pet Ranch quest from Adelaine.

  • - Pet ranch slot open, cookie farm research in progress

  • - Place your pets as much as possible and start producing cookies

  • - Pets that have consumed motivation can be sent to the pet farm or recovered by using 'Vita Nyang'.

  • - Buy 'Pet Care Box (Pet Upgrade Material)' and 'Pet Proficiency Potion (Pet Proficiency Increase)' with cookies to upgrade your pet

  • - Acquire special skills after upgrading to legend

How To Unlock Pet Ranch in Lost Ark?

  • To open a pet ranch, you must have a pet, and you must achieve level 15 or higher of the expedition territory.

  • In the expedition territory, the quest 'Nyongnyong! Congrats on building the pet ranch!' will activate the pet ranch in the territory.

※ Quest ' Yay, Pet Ranch!' can be accepted through NPC 'Adeline Butler'.

※ Quest ' Yay, Pet Ranch!' can be accepted when farms and caves are open and you have pets.

Pet ranch can be unlocked from territory level 15. When you open the Pet Ranch, you can do four research. It is necessary for the Pet Ranch slot and the Cookie Farm, so it is better to conduct research first. Afterwards, when the 'Pet Ranch' opens, send all your pets and start making cookies.

There are cute helpers who will lead the adventurers' pet ranch together:

Toto Cookie: We are exchanging 'Jelly Cookies' obtained while running a pet ranch for various items.

Dispatched Chromarong: We are helping pets to be placed on the ranch or in the cookie workshop!

Pet Health Keeper Vibrant Minky: We are exchanging 'Vita Nyang' to boost the motivation of pets.

Working Akatenyang: You can meet 'Working Akatenyan' located in the big city at the pet ranch and manage the pet functions.

Pets have a 'motivation' gauge and can produce cookies by consuming their motivation gauge. The Cookie Workshop is conducted in 6-hour increments, and when the cookie production is finished, the pet loses motivation and regains motivation at the 'farm'. Or, if you give 'Bita Nyang', which can be obtained as a favorability item, your motivation will be restored.

Cookies produced by pets can be exchanged for 'Pet Proficiency Potion', which can increase a pet's proficiency, and 'Pet Care Box,' which contains materials necessary for pet advancement. Pets with the highest proficiency level can be upgraded by one level, such as Rare - Hero, Hero - Legend, etc.

The ultimate goal of the pet farm is to upgrade the pet you use as your mainstay to unlock special skills. In other words, the goal is to get as many cookies as possible. It is good to increase the number of pets that can be sent to the Cookie Workshop as much as possible, and to have an extra pet to enter the Cookie Workshop in exchange for a pet that has run out of motivation. In this way, you can send your pets every 6 hours to get cookies. Cookie Workshop slots start with 2 slots, and 1 can be opened through research, and 1 more can be opened with 'Ninav's Blessing'.


Pet Ranch - How To Place Pets in Pet Ranch & Manage Them?

  • Pets placed in the pet ranch can run around or rest in the ranch to recover their motivation.

  • Multiple pets can be placed on the ranch through NPC 'Sent Chroma Long' and management mode.

  • You can play/gift/take away pets placed in the ranch by Ctrl + right-clicking them.

  • Ranch slots can be additionally opened through expeditionary territory research.

Also, if you enter the pet ranch after 6 am every day, the randomly placed pets in the pet ranch will feel better. Feel Good lasts for 8 hours, and when you're in a good mood, Cookie Production increases when you place a Cookie Workshop.


Cookie Workshop – How To Place Pets in Cookie Workshop To Make Cookies?

  • If you place a pet in the Cookie Workshop, you can acquire the proficiency required to upgrade your pet along with producing Jelly Cookies.

  • You can produce Jelly Cookies by placing pets in the Cookie Workshop through the NPC 'Sent Chromarong'.

  • The number of jelly cookies produced varies depending on the pet's grade.

  • Pets placed in the Pet Ranch cannot be placed in the Cookie Workshop.

  • A certain amount of 'motivation' is consumed when producing cookies.

※ Pets with exhausted motivation can no longer produce Jelly Cookies.

Cookie Workshop slots can be additionally opened through Expeditionary Territory Research. Jelly cookies produced by pets can be exchanged for various items through the cookie exchange NPC 'Toto Cookie' located at the ranch.


Booster and Bitagnan – How To Increase The Cookie Productions?

  • You can apply boosters to the Cookie Workshop by using the 'Special Magic Battery'.

  • When the booster is applied, while the pet's motivation is consumed 14,400, 3 more jelly cookies are produced when producing jelly cookies.

  • You can also restore your pet's will through bitagnan.

  • Bitanyang can be exchanged for favorability items through the farm NPC 'Pet Health Keeper Vibrant Minky', and sometimes it can also be obtained through 'Pet Care Box'.


Pet Ranch Rewards – How To Get Rewards To Upgrade Your Pet and Unlock Special Skills?

  • You can get pet upgrade goods with jelly cookies.

  • You can also exchange avatars related to pets with the remaining jelly cookies.

A summary of the pet effects that can be obtained when upgrading to a legend

Skill Name

Skill Unique Effect

Skill Common Effect

Heart of the heart

Recover 8.0% of maximum life

Restores 3.096 bucks of maximum life.

Acquires a Beeho shield equal to 10.0% of   your maximum health for 5 seconds.

Pyeongmon's Garden

Reset mobile and wake-up standby time,   reduce mobile and wake-up standby time by 40.0% for 8 seconds

Heaven's Thing

Increases attack speed by 3.0% for 8   seconds


Increases movement speed by 5.0% for 8   seconds


Increases identity gauge acquisition by   10.0% for 8 seconds

The Garden of Silence

Recover 25.0% of maximum mana

 The goal is to upgrade your pet! Aim for skill addition through weekly rewards and promotions! The ultimate goal of the pet ranch is to upgrade your main pet to the legendary level. When upgrading to legend, pets can unlock special unique skills. The revealed open skill has various auxiliary effects, such as recovering maximum health, increasing attack speed, and increasing the amount of identity gauge acquired by 10%. You can get unique pet skills from the legendary level.

'Pet Proficiency Potion' and 'Certificate of Pet Growth' are required to upgrade a pet. Based on hero grade pets, the required proficiency is 100,000, and one pet proficiency potion is 1,000 experience. Pet proficiency can be obtained little by little at the Cookie Workshop, so the actual skill required is lower.

You need 30 tokens of pet growth, and you can get 1 to 30 at random from the Pet Care Box, which you can get with 500 Jelly Cookies. To farm more Jelly Cookies, you need multiple pets. If there are 6-8 pets that can be farmed in 2-3 shifts, the production efficiency will be higher.

With Jelly Cookie, you can get various avatars in addition to pet growth goods. You can use Jelly Cookies to get avatars related to popular pets, such as 'Yohoring's Mysterious Bead Box' and 'Shiba Inu Hat Box', and there is also an 'Acatenyan Hoodie Box' for hero level.

As a weekly expedition reward, you can get 14 Resurrection Feathers, 1 Legendary-Advanced Card Pack, and 7 Soul Leaves. Redeeming weekly rewards requires 10,500 Jelly Cookies per week.

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