Lost Ark Pet Ranch, Maharaka Festival, New Skins, New Guardian Event | August Patch For Lost Ark

8/25/2022 3:30:26 PM

The August update Lost Ark called Under the Arkesian Sun has been released, with bringing tons of new features, events, rewards and more. Check this guide and we are going to be taking a look at this new patch, including the pet ranch & how to get, new skins, cosmetics, new guardian event, maharaka festival blooming mokokos.

Lost Ark Pet Ranch Guide For August Patch

The first major part of this patch, the biggest thing coming in the August update for Lost Ark is the pet ranch. 

How To Unlock Pet Ranch?

What you're going to do is you're going to come into your hideout and you will notice Adeline, she's gonna have a quest called yay Pet Ranch, then follow this quest until a pet ranch randomly appears in your stronghold somewhere. (If you haven’t been working on leveling up your Stronghold to 15 lvl, now is the time - as, after all, the exclusive Achatemeow Hoodie is a wardrobe staple and the latest in Arkesian fashion).

How To Use Pet Ranch?

Once you unlock the pet ranch, you'll have the pet ranch npc and the cookie exchange merchant. So the pet ranch npc, you're gonna notice there are two options, you're gonna have the ranch and the cookie workshop. Then you're gonna go to some things that are actually locked and so you're gonna have no researchers, you're gonna have to do. You will initially unlock cookie party and fix the fence. Once you do fix the fence, you're gonna unlock a soundstone placement and Toy heaven to unlock the last parts of the ranch area. Then the cookie workshop is where you actually place your pets to start like running on the treadmills. 

The idea of the pet ranch is you send your pets off to work and they get cookies and then you level them up and they become legendary pets. Legendary pets are going to give you an extra bar of slots in your pet storage, but also give you a secondary buff and some of these are sweet. You can get some attack speed bonus, a move speed bonus, specialty meter gains. So there's some spicy nuggets in the pet ranch.

Pet Ranch Rewards & Items, Cosmetics

There's also going to be a vendor with a bunch of rewards. Jam cookies are what your pets are working to get, there's a bunch of things that like boost your pet get giving more energy you can re-customize their look once they're legendary get the extension slot. There's also a bunch of skins for your characters little fox, you put on your head, there's some ears, this is just a furry's dream. The one that is cute here, you can get a hoodie.

Pet Ranch Rewards

Also for the gamers core, absolutely just horrifically down, this is also a weekly source of Phoenix blooms because there's some people out there who have ran out of Phoenix blooms, so there's a way to grind them.

Free Gold Event & New Guardian Event In Lost Ark

The first is a return of the event Guardian raid, it's a quick summary of how this works, you're pretty much facing three Guardians at the same time and what you're gonna do is you'll notice there's always one Guardian named attacker or Invader. This Garden will spawn on you when you go to one of the other two monsters in the area and then you just break them, you have to do enough weapon damage to crack them and then you're gonna get a buff. Every time this attacker gets staggered in some way, they're gonna buff you and then you do like butt loads of damage like actual insane levels of damage. With this, you're gonna get some event Guardian raid tokens which you then can hand in to the new vendor.


The rewards from this are pretty sweet. We're gonna be getting some any card packs, these are on a weekly cooldown. Any card packs are sussy obviously because it's literally every single card pack. Powder of stage is pretty sweet because we haven’t a source of this from a weekly event. Then we have honing books which will help only just another source of like the legendary and the Epic honing books. 

There is going to be a return to getting Engravings class Engravings and regular Engravings which is pretty huge. If you plan on playing Reaper or scouter or artist, being able to replenish on this is huge because a lot of players do not naturally get uncommon in rare engraving books anymore. Second page is pretty standard stuff, we're going to be getting some honor shards, leapstones, destruction stones and Guardians. Having two events running at the same time is insanely Juiced, this is really good for players that are trying to catch up to get the clown by the end of September, or also for gamers like who are just trying to push a billion characters as hard as possible and just melting down their gold as fast as they can get it.

Maharaka Festival - Blooming Mokokos

We're also going to be receiving a second part to the event that's currently going on into the Maharaka Festival. We're going to be getting the blooming makokos, part of the Morocco Festival. What this is that every other hour there's going to be an event on your tracker thing called the blooming makokos. This is going to be awarding you gold, you can get up to like 10k gold from doing this event. So this is something you can only participate once per day per account and you want to make sure that you take part in it to the completion if you don't AFK in the middle of it. Because even if you begin to participate in it, but you do not complete it, that does take your participation token or takes your lockout away for that day.

New Skins - Wingsuit Armor and Neon Weapon Skins

We got the wingsuit neon skins, they look the same for all female classes and the sweet part about these skins is that you can dye these. You must have seen pictures of this on the internet, these look absolutely incredible and they also come with their set of weapons for every single class. Also for the gamers who've been excited for this, you can finally get the motorcycle mount in Lost Ark with the neon set.

We also got a second set of weapon skins, the spring dream weapon selection packs and obviously every class has some. These are so cool and they are dyeable.

The last thing from the shop is the little shiba pet, so you're gonna be able to buy the new shiba pet which is really cute, but there's also an option that comes with a little wallpaper. You get a wallpaper, you get the pet, you get some vitamins out to regenerate your characters or your pet's energy and some blue crystals which in this economy is spicy.

Power Pass

The last thing and the most important something that people have actually super excited for is the power passes. The paid power passes are finally returned with a 25% discount. So if you have some characters, you've been wanting to burn power pass or maybe punika power pass 

So that’s all about the Lost Ark August patch. What do you think of the August update? Are you happy with the events that we got? Are you happy with the pet ranch? 

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