D2R 2.4 Best Cow Build & Farmer - Javazon Cow Build in Diablo 2 Resurrected

8/2/2022 12:04:28 PM

What is the fastest cow farmer in Diablo 2 Resurrected? Javazon is one of the most used choices for Hell Cows farming. Today we are going to introduce a D2R 2.4 best Javazon cow build with gear, skills, mercenary, and stats.   

D2R 2.4 Best Cow Build & Farmer - Javazon Cow Build in Diablo 2 Resurrected

This D2R Javazon cow build by Hatrix11 is an Amazon build that can help you clear P8 cows easily and quickly. 

Gear & Equipment

First, let’s take a look at the gear for this Javazon Cow build in Diablo 2 Resurrected, The Cat’s Eye is used for faster run/walk and increased attack speed, Phoenix for the Redemption, and  Enigma mostly for the faster run/walk more than the teleport, War Traveler for the magic find and it also adds 15-25 damage, Razortail for the pierce that make things split off, Raven Frost for Cannot Be Frozen, Bone Clutches for increased attack speed, and lots of other D2 items. On swap, we have Call to Arms and Spirit Monarch. As far as the charms, these should be Javelin skillers but they are still kind of bow charms.

- Weapons: Titan’s Revenge (Matriarchal Javelin), Call to Arms (Crystal Sword)

- Shield: Phoenix (Monarch), Spirit (Monarch)

- Helm: Griffon's Eye (Diadem)

- Amulet: The Cat’s Eye

- Armor: Enigma (Mage Plate)

- Boots: War Traveler (Battle Boots)

- Rings: Order Coil, Raven Frost

- Belt: Razortail (Sharkskin Belt)

- Gloves: Bone Clutches (Vampirebone Gloves)

- Charms: Hellfire Torch, Annihilus, Sharp Grand Charm of Life, Sharp Grand Charm of Craftmanship, Sharp Grand Charm

D2R 2.4 Best Cow Build

Titan’s helps a lot with the physical damage portion of it to help with lightning immunes that can break with infinity, and another issue is you will run out of javelins even though they replenish their ability, they don't replenish fast enough, it may be worth keeping two sets on you if you're doing big clear runs, but if you get low, you can always just start one by one hitting them until they get back up.


For mercenary gear, Infinity, Fortitude, and Andariel’s Visage, this is specifically for doing Cow runs. 

- Level 83 Desert Mercenary

- Weapon: Infinity (Mancatcher)

- Helm: Andariel’s Visage (Demonhead)

- Body Armor: Fortitude (Kraken Shell)

Character Attributes

You should get enough strength to wear the gear, and literally, you could go max block, just to get more dexterity, which will give you damage and maximum block.

- Strength 165

- Dexterity 158

- Vitality 433

- Energy: 43


Then for the build skills, we use Charged Strike as our main boss killer skill, then Lightning Fury and all of its synergies. For Passive and Magic, put one into each, including Dodge, Avoid, Pierce, etc. 

- Javelin and Spear: Charged Strike 20, Lightning Fury 20, Power Strike 20, Lightning Bolt 20, Lightning Strike 5, Jab 1, Poison Javelin 1, Plague Javelin

- Passive and Magic: Pierce 1, Penetrate 1, Critical Strike 1, Evade 1, Avoid 1, Dodge 1