D2R 2.5 Infinity Amazon Build: Skills Points, Gear, Stats, Mercenary, Gameplay Tips

10/24/2022 11:41:17 AM

Let's revisit the Lightning Amazon - both in javazon form, as well as in our preferred mode: The Infinity Amazon - which with sundering, terror zones, and changes to synergies, is actually feeling a lot better in a wider variety of areas, while the javazon itself still dominates cows in D2R.


Strength: Have just enough strength to be able to wear your gear.

Dexterity: Have just enough dexterity to be able to wear your gear.

Vitality: Put all the rest of your available points on it.

Energy: Don't put any points on it.

Skills Points

Javelin and Spear

If you went with Fury, your Lightning Fury and Charged Strike should be maxed, and from here, it's just going through lightning strike and bolt to max those out for more synergies than deciding whether you want a high level, Valkyrie which can be handy for progression or whether you want a higher damage Fury with the power strike Synergy which is a little slower for progression but better for cows.

Passive and Magic

You will need to also spend extra points to get Pierce, and hopefully get that up to about 50 or higher between the skill and gear, if you went with the lightning strike and charge strike though for a melee build, you have a little more wiggle rune since you've made charge strike much stronger faster with this setup, so you're a bit freer to invest in the synergies and still generally spend the last half of hell just investing in Valkyrie since you only have 4 skills to Max in the spear tree rather than five like Fury, either way, you will struggle with the lightning immunes if you didn't have gear waiting.

Gear of D2R 2.5 Infinity Amazon Build

For Budget gear, it's pretty much just sticking with a ton of plus-kills things.

  • Shield: Monarch

  • Shield Runeword: Spirit

  • Armor: Gothic Plate

  • Armor Runeword: Peace

  • Gloves: Chain Gloves

  • Gloves Runeword: Spirit Grasp

  • Amulet: Highlord's Wrath

  • Ring: Raven Frost/Doom Loop

  • Body Armor: Enigma in Cuirass

  • Belt: Thundergod's Vigor in War Belt

  • Diadem: Griffon's Eye

Spirit Shield will be very welcome and easy to get, it's just a matter of finding some budget runes and a monarch, the rest should be focused on resist and such though, the Amazon armor piece is relatively cheap as well, and can go with any three socket armor for quick plus skills, a random Valkyrie summon, and a few other nice mod for one of the easiest to make mid-tier runeward armors, but in the long run, the difference in gear is extraordinary, and there's pretty much three setups to look at, and they are the fury javazon the strike javazon and the infinity Spears on, with all of them you'll want to get a decent attack speed boost from your gloves which can be anything from laying of hands to proper rare or crafted plus skill increase attack speed gloves like we have here, you can also get a decent boost from The Amulet with the use of Highlord's Wrath which is pretty much going to be your go-to pick if you need the attack speed, since it also gives us lightning resist to help offset the Sunder penalty, the last important thing in terms of attack speed is actually going to be in our rings with Raven Frost for the cannot be frozen, since chill still does affect us pretty heavily regardless of which of these setups you use, boots can be whatever you want, resist will help though but usually people go magic find, the other ring is usually Mana leech if possible of some sort or plus skills from Stone of Jordan if you don't mind chugging Mana potions or keeping an Insight mercenary, armor is either Enigma if you want to teleport or chains of Honor, if you don't both are fine, if you're focusing on terror zones though, belt wise for melee, you'll use Thundergod's Vigor for its various nice perks for the build, and its plus skills to your crowd control abilities though if you're going Fury, you might consider swapping it out for razor tail for the Pierce boost to get yourself closer or even past the ever desirable 100 Piers for it to maximize the number of bolts you launch, the last piece of gear they all use besides of course the usual plus skill charms, torch analysis resist charms, Etc, it is going to be Griffons an extremely rare and desirable helmet usually socketed with a lightning rainbow facet, though we have seen some people putting resistance jewel of fervor in their helmets, usually scintillating though ambergris would help offset the Sunder charm a little bit as well, we still prefer the facet since it helps boost our damage a lot more than you would initially think.



Use Plague in Mythical Sword, and you can actually net a fairly dangerous setup that rips through even commonly lightning-immune areas, and all while we are a glass Cannon, unfortunately, most enemies will rarely survive long enough to care, even in areas where Fury traditionally does poorly.


Guess you ask