Lost Ark Machinist (Scouter) Guide: Release Date, Engravings, Skills, Stats, Pros, DPS Rotation, Build Tips

8/3/2022 11:44:22 AM

Lost Ark Machinist aka Scouter - the new advanced gunner class will be introduced into the EU/US server with the September Update! Now with this Lost Ark Machinist Guide, let's dive into the new advanced scouter class by go over his release date, skills, engravings, pros and build styles!

Lost Ark Machinist (Scouter) Guide

Lost Ark Machinist Release Date

In the official annoucement of August/Spetember Roadmap, it was finally revealed that the Machinist release date for EU/US server has been set for September, 2022, and depending on if they set the patch for reset, we could see it on the Spetember 28th (Wensday), 2022. The free punika pass and hyper express end with maintenance on the 28th meaning that if you have not used it by 3am PST/7am UTC on September 28th it’s gone. Then when servers come back up scouter will be avilable to create.

Lost Ark Machinist (Scouter) Class Guide

Armed with a sack of sub-machine guns and heading into the battlefield with a one-body drone, the scout is an all-weather combatant with both maneuverability and destructiveness. While giving remote commands to drones to keep enemies in check, the sub-machine gun quickly cleans up the surrounding enemies and slickens the battlefield in a sleek manner as if they were to be caught.

1. Lost Ark Machinist Identity

Basically, the Scouter is a mix of Arcana and Demonic as it has a transformational identity for a Gidyl character. Fortunately, the strengths of these two are moderately reduced and mixed. The scout's characteristic is that it mixes the resource-consuming skill set with the resource-consuming skill to reduce the burden to some extent and the resource recovery tripod. that it is shortened.

Drone and Battery

Armed with Artetine's advanced technology, Scouts use drones to fight. Drones drain their batteries, enabling explosive combat and tactics. An attack that digs into the blind spot with sophisticated manipulation will annihilate the enemy in an instant.

Hyper Sync

When the core energy is full, the scout can transform his drone into a suit and equip it. Scouts who enter the hyper-sync state dramatically increase their mobility and firepower, enabling them to annihilate multiple enemies in an instant with lasers and beams.

2. Machinist Engravings

Whether it is a skill scout or a legacy scout, first of all the skills used as the main planes, the incapacitation is at least medium or higher, and at least 3 skills that enter the multi-hit [5] Since it can also write 'Order: Final Explosion', it can be said that it is a neutralizing DPS who mainly focuses on continuous damdages.

1) Artetine's Skill

Damage from drones and joint venture skills increases by 15/20/25%, and the maximum battery capacity increases by 10/15/20%. In addition, when the drone is attached to the scout, the speed of movement increases by 10%.

Occupational engraving that has the effect of increasing the amount of damage caused by drone-related technologies and increasing battery capacity. Wearing this engraving does not make it impossible to transform, but in general, the step damage is quite significant when transformed, so it is a form of occupational engraving that involves a continuation of the rotation of the basic skills without changing most of the time. However, since the 1st and 2nd seconds of the transformation are the immune verdict of the attack, they can survive the gimmick like a naxa once, and in addition to that, they are often used for survival at the moment when they feel that a big deal is inevitable. Virtually taking advantage of the only transformation of the skill scouter.

Artetine's Skill Machinist Pros

  • Advantages of using drone skills and shooting skills

  • Free deal positioning possible according to skill configuration

  • Excellent sustained mobility

  • Excellent hitting feel and attractive soldier concept

  • Powerful PVP Performance

Artetine's Skill Machinist Cons

  • Difficult operation difficulty

  • No mana support

  • Reliance on Dansim Rune, which is essential due to high resource consumption

  • Extremely low efficiency

  • Utilization of identity that is close to useless

  • Dealing without regret

2) Legacy of Evolution

The legacy of evolution is one of the occupational engravings of scouts. It is an engraving that stands at the crossroads with the Artetine's Skills, which does not use an identity, and is a professional engravings that actively utilizes the scout's identity 'hyper-sync'.

※ Features:

  - 60% shield that returns for every Hypersync transformation cycle

  - Sync skill damage increase buff (up to 3 overlaps) that overlaps when the sync skill is hit

  - Sync skill cooldown time of 0.5 seconds less than the skill used when hitting the sync skill (quickly reduces efficiency)

  - 2% reimbursement of core energy per second of Hypersink hold time when hyper-sync transformation is turned off (40% refund for 20 seconds of total transformation)

  - Occupations that use skills constantly to quickly reduce the cooldown time of sync skills, so that they can be used relentlessly

  - Outstanding momentary helplessness of the human form, passable destruction but lack of transformation form momentary helplessness, destruction

Legacy Machinist Engraving Sequence

  • Before 1325 = Lv 3 Grudge

  • After 1340 = Grudge 3 lvl, Legacy of Evolution 1 lvl

  • After 1370 = Grudge 3 lvl, Barricade 3lvl, Adrenaline 3lvl, Legacy of Evolution 1lvl

  • After 1415 = Grudge 3lvl, Barricade 3lvl, Adrenaline 3lvl, Awakening 3lvl, Inheritance 1lvl

Legacy of Evolution Machinist Pros

  • High viability

  • Excellent sustained handling

  • Overwhelming Barrack Efficiency Derived from the Best Value for money

  • overwhelming convenience

  • Utility effect and party synergy acquired in the transformation state

  • Decent part destruction ability

  • Excellent instantaneous mobility

  • Outstanding performance in calibration content

  • High party preference in the low-level section

Legacy of Evolution Machinist Cons

  • State before transformation = Delos

  • High Abundance Rune Dependence

  • Slowed pre-transformation skills and resulting low PVP performance

  • Low highs due to the limitations of the job structure

3. Machinist Combat Stats

  • Main Stats: Specialization

  • Sub1 Attribute: Fatal

  • Sub2 Attribute: Fast (Workaround)

※ Specialized Stats of Machinist

  - Increased core energy recovery during hitting

  - Increased Sink Skill Damage

  - Increased amount of damage to the Awakening Skill

Basically, the Legacy of Evolution Machinist runs every cycle based on specialization stats. Of these, the effect of increasing core energy recovery and increasing sink skill damage are the most important characteristics of the figures applied to the identity 'Hyper Sync'.

In the case of fatality, we adopt it as the most basic trait for increasing the deal. While specialization is important, for low-investment barracks and newbies below the 1460 level, replacing expensive evolutionary heritage ornaments with fatality is also a good option.

※ Swiftness is an optional trait for low-investment barracks and newbies:

  • - Low-level erythematitis

  • - Insufficient capital

  • - Absence of a photobunker

In the above case, it is a stats that can be selected by replacing the fatality with the absence of the photobun with the cavity of the rapid ball and the absence of high-level erythema with the coolness of the speed. Additionally, when hiring quickly, precision is often employed instead of adrenaline for cost-effectiveness. (Not recommended.)

Recommended Combat Stats for Each Machinist Playstyle

1) Performance First

  • Necklace: Expertise (specialization first)

  • Earrings 1: Specialization

  • Earrings 2: Specialization

  • Ring 1: Specialization

  • Ring 2: Specialization

2) Low-level barracks, newbies, authors

  • Necklace: Expertise or Domination (Specialization first)

  • Earrings 1: Specialization

  • Earrings 2: Specialization

  • Ring 1: Specialization

  • Ring 2: Crit (Legacy of Evolution)

※ Frequency of use of drone skills for sink retransformation according to specialized figures (excluding bracelet Arden supply and demand effect)

- 2 Drones: Specialization 1771 and above (Legend Abundance, Hero Abundance)

- 3 Drones: Specialized 1092 or higher (based on Raid Missile (Legendary Abundance), Baby Drone (Hero Abundance), Flare Beam (Rare Abundance)) 

Thank you 'Mangano'

4. Machinist Skills and Tripods

Machinist Skill in utilizing the main weapon, the submachine gun. If it hits the enemy, the drone battery can be charged. Using some skills results in a 'reload' effect that increases attack speed and movement speed by 1% for 15 seconds, which can be nested up to 5 times. The tripod is based on 1 rep.

Legacy of Evolution Scouter is a build that requires a warm-up process to supply a hyper-sink gauge and start dealing with it after the transformation. Set skills and tripods to help you warm up and increase your dealing with rapid transformations.

※ The tripods and skills will be expressed as follows:

Required SKills

It's a skill for the supply and demand of identity gauges, and for specialized characters with 2 drones, the flare beam can be lowered to a sub.

1) Command: Raid Missile

Recommended Tripods: Core Energy Charging / Organ Missiles / Capturing Weaknesses

Runes: Legend Abundance

2) Command: Baby Drone

Recommended Tripods: Rapid Attack / Core Energy Supply / Japanese Attack 

Runes: Hero Abundance

3) Command: Flare Beam

Recommended Tripods: Scars or Quick Preparation / Core Energy Charging or Frigging Beam(inside the prokel) / Laser cutting or laser show 

Runes: Abundance (2x required for drones)

Laser shows are favored by the possibility of further destruction and additional core energy supply. It helps to maintain hallucinations when hiring scars, and it is recommended to use it as a sub-Aden feeder due to drone beeps in 2-drone situations when hiring for quick preparation.

Optional Skills 

1) Maneuver Strike (Level 7 Rank 1, Level 10 Level 2)

Recommended Tripods: Stereoscopic maneuvers or quick preparation / Sleek / Additional maneuvers

Sleek is a very good buff skill that gives you extra ball/transfer speed if the light is not activated immediately after the hypersync transformation. It is also a skill that reduces the back delay of a rather long drone skill using maneuver strikes and is a subtle aid in maintaining hallucinatory buffs. In the case of the 1 tripod, unlike the technical scouts of Ardetine, which are often used as human forms, the number of uses itself is small, but they prefer three-dimensional maneuvering to compensate for the maneuverability of the human form.

2) Energy Buster

Recommended Tripods: Skilled Moves / Lightning Buster / Melt Downer

Runes: Legends Overwhelm (if needed)

For heritage scouts, it's not the main dealing, it's for incapacitation and identity sub-supply. We recommend hiring skilled moves for quick use. The increase in the number of attacks through the melt downer leads to an increase in incapacitation.

3) Avalanche (Level 4)

Recommended Tripod: Toughness

It has become a counter with the 2022.04.27 patch.

Toughness Tpo is recommended, and it is expected that you can hire a counter according to your taste.

4) Backflip Strike (Level 4, Level 7)

Recommended Tripods: Excellent mobility/toughness

For excellent mobility, investing a tripod does not increase the forward distance, only the distance to step back. 

5) Escape

Recommended Tripods: Excellent maneuverability / Long range flight or cooperative shooting / Emergency protection

Escape is used to compensate for maneuverability, human form viability, and viability during transformation.

Depending on the 2-gun selection, cooperative shooting is a tripod choice with a focus on maneuverability, and long-range flying is a tripod choice focused on viability. You can choose according to your preference.

It is not a required skill, and you can choose from the 4th rank skills according to your preference.

6) Command: Blockade

Recommended Tripods: Unicentric / Core Energy Charging / Full Containment

In fact, I used to use the anarchy mode before, but I have been hiring Abrelshud since the release of the 4th tube of incarceration. It's also a stinging auxiliary hypersink gauge supply and demand skill.

7) Pulse Fire

Recommended Tripods: Concussion / Battery Charging / Pulse Charge

It is used for incapacitation purposes and is employed for the Kukseyton Sole Force. It's a synergistic skill for a technical scout, but a heritage scouter has no reason to use it other than force as a synergy constant application in transform.

8) Anahilation Mode

Recommended Tripods: Battery Saving / Reorganization of Knitting / Whole Rain or Cross Saturation (Inside the Rocket)

It is a secondary hypersink gauge supply and demand skill, and I feel a little uncomfortable using it, so I don't currently employ it.

9) High voltage shot

Recommended Tripods: Quick Preparation / Strong Electric Shock

It is a skill for the inside of the prokel and is for electric shock abnormalities.

10) Command: Active Pulse

Recommended Tripods: Wide Attack or Precision Strike / Pulse Shield / Pulse Stack

Destruction Assist and Party Member Shield skills.

Sync Skill (Common/Hallucination/Salvation)

Q - Comet Strike

Runes: Legendary Light Mine or Legendary Shippuden

This is the skill on which the Machinist DPS rotation is based. After using the Comet Strike (W Slug Shot / E Laser Blade / R Excel Beam), linkage is possible, and when linked, W R is given the effect of reduced pre-delay and increased attack speed, and E is given the effect of additional batting attack (20% increase in total attack power). The skill and the W/E/R association are triggered equally through the Spacebar and the W/E/R linkage.

W - Slug Shot

Runes: Legendary Bleeding or Hero Luminescent or Purification 

It is the peeling machine of the Machinist damage rotation. The lack of cool time between the use of flagship skills can be compensated for by W+ Flatcan. DPS also has compliant performance.

E - Laser Blade

Runes: Hero Luminous or Hero Shippuden

It's a skill that subverts expectations and shows R-grade damage when linked to Q. Linking with Q is essential and has a compliant sense of hitting.

R - Excel Beam

Runes: Hero Shippuden

The legacy of evolution is a scouter's counter, and the only one-way machine. A rather long line delay requires a connection with Q, and the use of skills with Sync S (Crimson Breaker) is a top priority. While it has the advantage of being a distant counter, it is the only counter skill in the transformation state, and since it is the most powerful skill, it has the disadvantage of being somewhat difficult to cope with sudden counters.

A - Burst Blow

Runes: Hero Shippuden

Due to the somewhat unfortunate post-delay of the line, it is a skill that has always been the center of controversy.  It is a skill that is used frequently according to your recruitment deal.  Move and attack at the same time, use it a lot if necessary. In the retreat area, the utilization is somewhat lower, but the utilization is quite high when playing the actual raid.

S - Crimson Breaker

Runes: Legendary Shippuden

The legacy of evolution is the flower ironman of the Machinist. It's a rather long cast time, but with effects, hitting, and damage that surpass it, the use of skills with Sync R (Excel Beam) is at the forefront.

5. Machinist Damage (Skill) Rotation

The Legacy of Evolution Machinist is a character whose skill rotation order is very important. Depending on the rotation, the frequency and number of times the skill is used varies by a million degrees, which in turn leads to damage. In the case of the dilcycle, it was written on the basis of 10 erythematositis. If the erythema level is lowered, the hypersync transformation will be unleashed before using some of the skills later in the dilcycle, rather than pushing the skill itself.

1) DPS Rotation 1

Rotation 1 - QE S QR A W QE W QR W S QE A W QR W QE W S QR (8Q 6W 4E 4R 2A 3S)

Rotation 2 - QE W QR W S QE W A QR W QE W S QR W A QE W QR (8Q 7W 4E 4R 2A 2S)

Rotation 1 is used when the cool time is around for both S and R, and cycle 2 is used just before S and when R has a little bit of cool time left. It's hard to say, but the truth is a repetition of Rotation 1 - Rotation 2 - Rotation 1 - Rotation 2 ......

If the timing of using Q immediately after W is slightly lacking in Q cool-time, a flat can will compensate for the cool-time.

2) DPS Rotation 2

The recently discovered QRWAQE - S - QRWAQE - W - QRWAQE - S - QRWAQE dilcycle shows significantly higher damage compared to the very easy difficulty level.