Top 5 Best Meta PvP Specs In WotLK Classic Phase 1 - Unholy Death Knight, Frost Mage, Feral Druid & More

8/12/2022 5:51:12 PM

With the announcement of Wrath of the Lich King, youtubers and fans have been working really hard to do as much testing as possible to bring us all the most valuable information and with some personal primary focus being pvp and focusing on phase 1 pvp, there seem to be a few specializations that just dominate compared to the other classes. So today we are going to be sharing with you the strongest pvp specializations in phase 1 in Wrath of the Lich King Classic shared by The Comeback Kids. Note that this variable changes throughout the expansion as classes grow into their own with more gear.

Best Phase 1 Meta PvP Specs In Wrath of the Lich King - Top 5 Classes WotLK Classic

Best Meta PvP Spec 1 - Unholy Death Knight

By far, the strongest class in Wrath of the Lich King phase 1 is the unholy death knight. The unholy death knight is easily one of the strongest pvp classes throughout the expansion and is particularly strong in phase 1 due to them not being so gear reliant like most classes. They have great control with death grip desecration and chains of ice making it very difficult for range casters to escape, exceptional durability with bone shield and anti-magic zone as well as anti-magic shell and ice bound fortitude. They're loaded to the brim with survivability. On top of it all, the strongest thing about deathly is the sheer massive amount of damage they can deal in a short window.

In phase 1 pvp content, death knights are by far the scariest opponents we have to face, they deal massive amounts of cleave damage and with the healer they really seem unstoppable. Tons of times we would see an unholy death knight deal almost twice about his damage as us individually simply because he's leaving us both at the same time and dealing so much pressure. They have hard cc as well, from their pet stunt and their blanket silence ability strangulate. Usually death knight will use this ability when they think they can kill the target in a strangulate window, so they hit him with that 5 second silence, so they can't even cast anything to try and save themselves in this time. Most of the time you could pair with a healer like a holy paladin or a disciplined priest or grab another dps partner like a shadow priest and enhancement shaman. For the bloodlust on you and your pet to significantly increase the damage you and your gargoyle deal. The unholy death knight has an answer for almost every situation out there and they could potentially be every speck in the game if the player is skilled enough.

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Best Meta PvP Spec 2 - Enhancement Shaman 

We were absolutely shocked by the massive amount of burst and healing this class brings. With their new maelstrom weapon talent, they can get off very powerful instant cast seals that keep them up while going toe to toe with their enemies. Totems that bring endless utility like grounding and tremor totem and the defensive shamanistic rage that gives them a 30% damage reduction. One of the most powerful reasons shamans are so strong in arenas is because of their bloodlust ability. This is a massive buff booster to you and your allies, this instantly makes you valuable in a ton of comps and what makes you most desirable. The sheer size of utility this class brings in an arena is really close to being unmatched, purge, totems, off heels, bloodlust, hex, you name it, they got it. The shaman overall is such a complete class in the early phases and is definitely not someone to sleep on. The best way to bring out the speck's true power is to pair them with someone specific to create a crazy one-two punch combo. Classes like unholy death knight for some control and pets to buff with bloodlust arms warrior to just funnel them into becoming unstoppable killing machines and feral druid to give them even more bursts than they already have which means more off healing for both of you as well. The spec also brings more than enough pressure in the early phases also with their consistent melee dp essence with storm strike and lava lash and ghost wolf being out for a whopping 45 seconds, which can also be buffed by your bloodlust ability. All of this combined together will make you hit like an absolute mack truck while also allowing you to constantly purge buffs off of a healer making them shred like wet paper.

Best Meta PvP Spec 3 - Frost Mage

This is by far the coolest pvp class in Wrath of the Lich King. They may be super squishy in the early phases, but they definitely make up for it with the incredible amount of abilities they have in their toolkit. Wwhat makes frost mage so good is that it always deals great damage, even if they don't have that good of gear which makes them very strong in the beginning of the expansion. Their damage is great, but that definitely is not what makes them so strong. As a ranged dps, they also have an answer for every enemy class in the game, they bring by far the most crowd control in the game with endless roots, slows, stuns, polymorphs, as well as having great utility giving their teammates access to food which is mostly useful to their rogue counterpart and spellsteal to take away enemy buffs and put it onto themselves. 

In the game, if you run into loads of frost mage disciplined priest comps, it's very difficult to coordinate any kind of attack because of how much control the mage is doing to you overall. The mage could be slowing and rooting one of us while polymorphing the other leaving us with nothing but frustration and confusion. Don't forget their pesky water elemental pet either, not only does it have an ability to cast an aoe frost nova to give the mage an opportunity for shatter combos, it deals great damage with his basic attacks also. The mage is a nightmare particularly for melee opponents because they slow and root you endlessly with all their abilities and just when you think you finally got them, they can ice block to negate all the progress you just made. If you're going to play a mage, don't forget to look for that close buddy rogue of yours to truly excel in arena even more.

Best Meta PvP Spec 4 - Arms Warrior

The next super strong phase 1 class in WotLK Classic for pvp is the arms warrior. It's no shocker that arms is making this list, the arms warrior really is just s tier for pvp throughout the whole expansion. But in phase 1, it could be the strongest dude how squishy everyone else really is. Melee classes like rogues and shamans and casters like priest and mage are all great, but they are paper thin compared to the arms warrior attacks allowing you the opportunity to cut through them like butter completely on your own. The arms warrior's strongest asset is that it brings some of the highest consistent pressure in the game, as well as having incredible mortal wounds debuffs and the ability for it to reach up to 75% negated healing at times. Just having this will allow you to dominate healer comps and make their healing almost negligible, giving an arms warrior freedom just to dps is really where it's the strongest. Pairing this spec with a healer will boost them to give them enough power to crush anyone that's standing in front of them. With the solid rotation immortal strike, rend, overpower and heroic strike, they can deal crazy consistent dps, and don't forget about their incredible legendary ability bladestorm. The warrior will punish any players standing too close together by cleaving them down one swing of their axe at a time. We highly recommend playing arms warrior on a holy death knight if you're looking to climb with a class that's easy to pick up and learn. You take a holy paladin or a disciplined priest with you in 2v2s and you should have no problem achieving a high rating with the immense amount of force and pressure these two specs can deal.

Best Meta PvP Spec 5 - Feral Druid

The last super strong pvp spec in phase 1 Wrath of the Lich King is the very high skilled feral druid. It is not easy to play but has one of the highest skill ceilings in the entire game. If you have the time and patience to learn this class, you can outplay most opponents and even sometimes pull off a 1v2. The feral druid has a rotation that if completed properly can be just about unhealable. The feral druid just brings so much pressure, so fast for such a long duration. He brings a wide variety of tools in its kit with instant cyclones and healing due to predatory strikes, innervate for their healers if they get low mana and the highest mobility in the game to retreat and reset if need be. With their new offensive cooldown, berserk pharaoh has the window to deal significant damage to people without relying on big enormous ferocious bite crits to finish the targets off. With their abilities ravage and pounce. You have to remember that the druid is a swiss army knife of a class and has a ton of answers to most problems in Wow. Combining that with their massive damage and instant control earns them a spot on this list.

Note: This list changes as the phases go on throughout the expansion and every class is viable with at least one spec in pvp, but you got to remember some are way stronger than others at certain times in the expansion. 

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