WotLK Classic Best Raid Classes & Specs - Top 3 Easiest Classes To Raid On In WoW Wrath of the Lich King

8/25/2022 9:38:16 AM

What the most in demand classes will be for raiding in WotLK? In Wrath of the Lich King, you have some classes that require complex weak auras or a whole array of add-ons buff tracking externals from other classes and a wide variety of intricacies to play, and then you have the specs that provide equal performance or close to equal performance whilst being much simpler to use. Today we're going to talk about top 3 easiest raid specs to play in Wrath of the Lich King pre-patch. We're talking about rotations being simple, general mechanics of the class being foolproof.


Top 3 Easiest Classes To Raid On In WotLK Classic Prepatch & Best Raid Comps

1. Easiest Class For Raiding In Wotlk - Elemental Sharman

Elemental is one of those specs that seems like it could be complicated totems dot tracking procs instead ellie sharman is one of the easiest and most relaxing classes to play in Wrath of the Lich King, it offers a simple rotation throughout most of the expansion, maintain flame shock keep lava burst and chain lightning on cooldown and fill with lightning bolt. Mana issues may require the occasional thunderstorm and make sure you glyph it so you're not accidentally eating people off the map and you may even need to use the occasional mana potion, that is in essence the rotation of an elemental shaman. When it comes to aoe as an elemental shaman, it really is as simple as using chain lightning which offers huge cleave potential and then your aoe comes from the burstiness of fire nova, paired with magma totem. Both magma totem and fire nova on cooldown will offer consistent aoe damage. Throughout the expansion, elemental shaman follows a similar trend to what it did in TBC, they start incredibly strong going into knacks and really are a contender for number 1 dps spot despite the simple rotation. They however do fall off and they fall off pretty hard as they go through the expansion, being middle of the pack by the time you reach icc. There really are minimal changes to the rotation as the expansion progresses through the phases and the tier sets typically just enhance the general feel of the spells. 

So why play an elemental shaman? They are to feel comfortable on positioning and your cast as abc's which means always be cast in will increase your uptime and dps significantly. Reincarnation allows you the very unique ability to rewind a fatal mistake and come back to life, bloodlust or heroism depending on whether your hoarder alliance is a staple in groups and resistance and cleansing totems bring huge utility to your raid. All in all, the class phil is the elementalist wielding both flame and lightning to strike foes and aesthetic alone will get people playing this class.

2. Most Desired Class for Raids in WotLK Rep Paladin 

Rep has various levels of skill to it at a simple level rep follows a priority system of abilities, in short judgment of light, your highest priority skill and therefore as soon as it comes off cooldown, it becomes your highest priority to use. Consecration is one of your lower priority skills, you still want to use it and you still want high up time but not at the risk of sacrificing judgments. This means whilst it doesn't follow a traditional rotation, rep doesn't have a complex rotation by any means, it does have the potential for some fanciness in terms of min maxing dps, correct seal choice for the fight can influence dps quite heavily and keeping up that seal of vengeance on multiple targets if it's a two to three target fight can be very rewarding. Things like positioning so you're hitting as many targets as possible with divine storm. Using a vengeance raft just before a judgement to ensure maximum usages. But they're all small things that will make a difference to your dps but not massively to the point where you need to be able to do all of these things exactly right or you're going to be useless. Reps are not only one of the easiest specs but specifically easiest melee is where better positioning can quickly see your dps being punished. Spells like hammer of wrath judgment and exorcism having a higher than melee range means maintaining up time isn't hard. Lay on hands and bubbles allow rhett to either ignore mechanics entirely or recover from a near-fatal mistake. Rep skill in raids is not typically shown on a dps meter of which they will feel pretty lackluster until around toc or icc phases. But by the utility, they bring to the raid and how well they use it, maximizing all of the utility rats have is what gives some degree of difficulty to the paladin spec. 

So in terms of being that really extra useful paladin who's using all of his abilities, there can be some complexity. But in terms of just playing the basics of the class to do dps in a raid, they are one of the easier dps specs to play.

3. Best Raiding Class WoW Classic - Assassination Rogue

The assassination rogue on a simple level has a very basic rotation, maximizing up time on buses to maintain poison, then two buffs to maintain in the form of hunger for blood and slice and dice which is easily maintained through combo point spending and then keeping him venom buff active for as long as possible. In aoe, assassination rogue is easy as well on five targets a simple fan of knives spam to get poisons on everything allows for great success. On less targets rotate through and keep poisons on as many as possible maintaining the single target rotation. Assassination rogues are a steadily high dps spec that has top-of-the-chart peaks in dps, being exceptionally good in tier 7, the complexity of assassination road comes in two forms, utilizing rogue's endless cooldown arsenal to maintain as close to 100% uptime on bosses as possible.

Secondly, knowing and understanding the concept of energy pulling. This is when you allow energy to recharge outside of an in venom in the effort to quickly reapply another application of the buff to make sure you've got enough energy to use multiple mutilates. And maintaining up time on the invent and buff is extremely important. But overall, rotation wise you're only pressing two or three buttons and literally staring at an energy bar, there isn't that much involved in fact when people ask me on stream what is the easiest class to play. Assassination rogue is one that i very often reply with, the thing is with the assassination rogue even if you're playing it badly, your damage is still gonna be very good. A bad assassination rogue will be able to out dps most other classes and specs that are actually being played fairly well. 

So why play an assassination rogue aside from its simplicity to perform well, rogue has the true bag of tricks to deal with most scenarios, the boss moves quickly sprint to the boss, the boss casts a spell you need to avoid, you've got cloaker shadows, the group wipes and you want to avoid the repair cost vanish. Rogues are literally the definition of versatility, you get everything we've mentioned before and the fact that you can maintain massive single target dps. Your only downfall will sometimes be smaller group aoe.

So these are the top 3 easiest raid specs to play in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. You may also want to check the Top 5 Best Meta PvP Specs In WotLK Classic Phase 1.

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