ACNH Tomato Festival Event 2022: Release Date, New Seasonal Event Items & How To Get Tomato Festival Tee

8/20/2022 11:45:10 AM

August 2022 introduces a brand new seasonal event & last seasonal event called the Tomato Festival. For many Animal Crossing players, this may be the final Seasonal Event before exclusive and limited-time items begin repeating. The Tomato Festival debuts on August 20th in Animal Crossing New Horizons and is the first time this real-world event has been celebrated within Animal Crossing. In honour of the real-world event, the Tomato Festival adds an exclusive limited-time item called the Tomato Festival Tee, which is a top item in ACNH introduced in the 2.0 free update. In today’s guide, we are going to be talking about Tomato Festival start & end date, new seasonal item Tomato Festival Tee & how to get, and what to do during Tomato Festival.


What Is Tomato Festival & How Does It Work - ACNH Tomato Festival Dates

The Tomato Festival is the last season event of the summer, also the last seasonal event that was added in the recent content update. It marks the real-world celebration that originated in Spain and is now celebrated in various places around the world, where people gather together for a splat-filled hour between 11 AM and noon, and throw tomatoes at each other.

What is the Tomato Festival start & end date? This seasonal event runs from August 20th through to August 31st, which also marks the last day of Summer. 

How To Get Tomato Festival Tee In ACNH & Tomato Festival Items 2022

From August 20 to August 31, 2022, players can purchase Tomato Festival Tee from the Nook Stop. In case you’re new, the Nook Stop is found at the Resident Services, or you can boot up the Nook Shopping App on the Nook Phone, if you’ve unlocked it. From here, simply scroll across to the Seasonal Tab and you’ll see the Tomato Festival Tee available for only 1000 Bells. As always, you can highlight the item and press X to get a little more information about the Seasonal Event if you want to. 

Now the Tomato Festival Tee was added in the 2.0 update, so you may have seen this item before, but if you don’t tour Islands, or time travel, this is probably a brand new Item from you. Shortly after the 2.0 update, the legacy update was released, removing all time-locks from Seasonal Items, so if you miss it, don’t worry you can always time travel back. Also, with it no-longer being time-locked, like many Event items were closer to the launch of the game, it also means this Animal Crossing item will continue to be available every year going forward. Or at least until 2060, which is the year New Horizons stops working. 

What To Do During Tomato Festival In Animal Crossing New Horizons

A couple of cool things to do around the Tomato Festival is to grab yourself an Orange Hat, which basically looks like a Tomato, so goes perfectly with your new tee, but we also recommend growing some Tomatoes and planting a bunch around your Island as a little extra something to do. Especially if this is something you always find yourself putting off. If you haven’t found any Tomatoes yet, you can head to Kapp’n and go on some Boat Tours until you come across some. It’s worth noting these Boat Tours can be soft-reset, so if you’re desperate for Tomatoes, it’s possible to keep resetting until you find some. Growing Tomatoes is completely optional and not even part of the festival, just something fun to do. 

Now even if for some reason you’re not a fan of the shirt, it’s worth picking up because it has 5 label themes, including Outdoorsy, Party, Sporty, Theatrical and Vacation, so it’s worth having in your storage for those who regularly take part in Labels Fashion Checks. But in all honesty, who doesn’t like this shirt. Anyway, if you’ve been playing since Launch, or even this time last year, the Tomato Festival is likely the final Seasonal Event you can experience before they start repeating again. Either way, it is pretty exciting to have something new to look forwards too, even if it’s just a tee, especially if you try not to time-travel. 

So what do you think about the Tomato Festival Tee? Are you looking forward to obtaining the Tomato Festival Tee in Animal Crossing New Horizons? And will you be celebrating the Tomato Festival in Animal Crossing New Horizons? If you could add more holidays to New Horizons, what would they be?

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