ACNH Halloween Items 2022 (New Spooky Items & Costumes, Jack Rewards) | Animal Crossing Halloween Event 2022 Guide

9/1/2022 7:04:59 AM

It's time to celebrate Halloween again! In this ACNH Halloween Event 2022 Guide, we'll take a look at everything to enjoy in Animal Crossing New Horizons during the spooky season, including new Halloween Items, costumes, and all of Jack's rewards!


ACNH Halloween Event 2022 Guide - Spooky Items, Halloween Costumes & Jack’s Rewards

Just in time for Halloween, our Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island is ready to party too! The Halloween Event will be held on October 31st, with Jack as a special guest. But in fact, from October 1st, we can start preparing for the spooky party in the whole month, such as buying Halloween Candy and spooky apparel from Nook's Cranny, planting pumpkins for preparation Following up craft spooky furniture, and even building up some spooky vibe on your island.

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ACNH Halloween Event Schedule 2022

  • Halloween preparation time: October 1st to October 30th, 2022

  • Halloween Event Start & End Time: October 31st 17:00 ~ 24:00, 2022

ACNH Halloween Changes 2022

Towards the end of October, between October 28th and October 31st on Halloween itself,  Special Characters can also be seen wearing their Halloween Costumes. 6 Special characters can be seen wearing spooky Clothing items, including Tom Nook, Isabelle, Timmy, Tommy, Mabel, and Orville. The cool thing is, not only can they be seen during their normal roles whilst wearing their Costumes, such as Isabelle inside Resident Services, but they also continue to wear their Spooky gear during the Group Stretching. So, in the final few days of October, if you head to the Resident Services and take part in Group Stretching, you’ll see some of the Special characters all dressed up. It’s pretty cute.

ACNH Event Process (How To Prepare For & Take Party in Halloween Event)

First, let's take a look at how the holiday is celebrated in ACNH so you can better understand how to get all the Halloween Items:

How To Prepare For Halloween Event?

  • 1. Start from October 1st, purchase candy (1 candy per day for 120 Bells) from Nook’s Cranny every day or get free candies from villagers until the Halloween event

  • 2. Start from October 1st, get DIY recipes for Spooky items by visiting villagers or popping Balloons floating around your island until the Halloween event

  • 3. Start from October 1st, buy Halloween costumes and spooky outfits from Able Sisters until the Halloween event

  • 4. Start from any time until the Halloween event, grow Pumpkins which you can then use as materials for crafting spooky furniture

  • 5. Start from any time until the Halloween event, redeem body paints and skin color with Nook Miles for the Halloween event

How To Join The Halloween Event & What To Do?

  • 1. At 17:00 on October 31st, find Jack on your island and talk with him to kick off the Halloween event, he will give you new reactions, and ask you to collect candies and lollipops for redeeming rewards

  • 2. On October 31st after talking with Jack, give candies to your villagers to get new reactions, lollipops, and spooky furniture, or take a Trick from them to receive a handful of paint on your face (a wooden table mirror will be given by the first village to trick you, which can be used to remove the paint from your face)

  • 3. Before October 31st, 24:00, give candies and lollipops you collected to Jack to get different rewards (including spooky items, DIY recipes, and other Halloween appeal)

Animal Crossing New Horizons Halloween Items 2022

Now that we know how the Halloween event is going on at ACNH, it's time to take a look at what items we'll be picking up at the event, the main motivation for our participation!

ACNH New Halloween Items 2022

As an event that returns to Animal Crossing New Horizons every year, what we're most looking forward to is, of course, that new Halloween items will be added to the game. The highlight of the 2021 Halloween event is that three brand-new spooky items are being rolled out over the festive period. If Nintendo continues this tradition and wants to surprise players, it's still possible that we'll get new spooky items, so we'll update this list.

ACNH Halloween Jack’s Rewards 2022

As a special guest at the Halloween event, you're sure to get limited-time rewards from Jack, but at the same time you'll have to pay for something:

Give Candy To Jack

  • Candy #1: Jack's Robe

  • Candy #2: Jack's Face

  • Candy #3+: Set of 5 Random Pumpkins

Give Lollipop To Jack

  • Lollipop #1: Spooky Carriage

  • Lollipop #2: Spooky Carriage Recipe

  • Lollipop #3: Spooky Wand Recipe

  • Lollipop #4+: Jack's Face or Jack's Robe

ACNH Spooky Set Items 2022

Throughout October until Halloween, you can get spooky items directly from Jack or craft spooky items using DIY recipes earned during this period (need a total of 88 orange pumpkins), here are the full list of all spooky items and how to get them:

  • Spooky Flooring (From Jack)

  • Spooky Garland + recipe (From Jack)

  • Spooky Rug (From Jack)

  • Spooky Table Setting + recipe (From Jack)

  • Spooky Treats Basket (Nook's Cranny/DIY)

  • Spooky Tree (Nook's Cranny/DIY)

  • Spooky Trick Lamp (Nook's Cranny/DIY)

  • Spooky Wall (From Jack)

  • Spooky Arch (DIY)

  • Spooky Candy Set (DIY)

  • Spooky Chair (DIY)

  • Spooky Lantern (DIY)

  • Spooky Lantern Set (DIY)

  • Spooky Scarecrow (DIY)

  • Spooky Standing Lamp (DIY)

  • Spooky Table (DIY)

  • Spooky Tower (DIY)

ACNH Halloween Cooking Recipes

Now, whilst on the subject of Spooky, thanks to the 2.0 update last year, which of course released shortly after the Halloween celebrations, a brand new Spooky Cookies cooking Recipe was added to the game, that you can get from either Balloons or any villagers who are either crafting the recipe during October.

  • Spooky Cookies (cooking with 1x Flour, 1x Orange Pumpkin, 1x Yellow Pumpkin, 1x White Pumpkin, and1x Green Pumpkin)

ACNH Halloween Costumes & Clothing 2022

During the whole month of October, you can able to buy Halloween clothing in 6 color variations on the Able Sisters and Kicks, also you can get free spooky apparel from Jack:

  • Jack's Robe (Free from Jack on October 31st)

  • Jack's Face (Free from Jack on October 31st)

  • Flashy Animal Costume (1700 bells on Able Sisters)

  • Mage's Dress (2040 bells on Able Sisters)

  • Magic-Academy Robe (2040 bells on Able Sisters)

  • Raggedy Outfit (1500 bells on Able Sisters)

  • Flashy Pointy-Ear Animal Hat (1120 bells on Able Sisters)

  • Flashy Round-Ear Animal Hat (1120 bells on Able Sisters)

  • Impish Horns (800 bells on Able Sisters)

  • Mage's Striped Hat (3440 bells on Able Sisters)

  • Magic-Academy Hood (1040 bells on Able Sisters)

  • Animal Nose (560 bells on Able Sisters)

  • Horizontal-Striped Tights (720 bells on Able Sisters)

  • Flashy Animal Boots (1260 bells on Able Sisters)

  • Mage's Boots (1800 bells on Able Sisters)

  • Impish Wings (1000 bells on Kicks)

ACNH Halloween Face Paints & Skin Colors

To make your Halloween evening part even better, new paints and skin colors are also available for purchase at Nook Stop with Nook Miles:

  • Body-Paint Costume Tips (2,400 Nook Miles)

  • Exploring New Eye Colors (2,400 Nook Miles)

ACNH Halloween New Reactions

New reactions can be unlocked by taking part in the Halloween event on October 31st, 

  • Haunt reaction (Give Candy to Jack)

  • Scare reaction (Give Candy to the Villager in spooky dress)

Once we have received all the possible prizes, we will begin to obtain duplicates such as patterns, items, and pumpkins from the inhabitants and tunics, heads and pumpkins from Jack. As midnight of November 1, the event ends: Jack disappears by reloading the map while the inhabitants will remain disguised but will no longer want to play trick or treat.

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