WotLK Pre Patch Event - Event Date, Rewards & Tips In Wrath Of The Lich King Scourge Invasion

9/7/2022 5:10:40 PM

Wrath of the Lich King the Scourge Invasion event is perfect for catching up and levels and gear. From blissfully empty leveling zones to completely free epic gear, this is the perfect patch for getting ahead. Plus with all those zombies running around, there's no better time to hit the nerf raid for this gear. Today we talk about everything new in the WotLK Classic Pre Patch event and how you can benefit from all the chaos in the Wrath Scourge Invasion event.


WotLK Pre Patch Event - Scourge Invasion Date, Rewards & Tips In Wrath Of The Lich King

This is just the perfect time to level up new characters. Sure the zombie event is here and everyone in Azeroth will be zombifying populated areas. But this is actually the single best time to be far away from cities and level without competition. Every single class gets stronger in the Classic Wrath Pre Patch event, but the open-world mobs don't. Combined with all the new overpowered abilities and talents, leveling is an absolute breeze. XP from 60 to 70 has been reduced by 30%, this will save you over 2 million xp. Just make sure you don't go back to any major cities very often since griefers will try to infect you. 


WotLK Prepatch Event Date

The zombie invasion changes everything. From September 6 through September 13th, a 6 phase WOTLK Prepatch event will begin. Phase 1 through phase 3 bring the zombie plague to Azeroth, everyone will be running around and infecting each other, though you won't really gain any rewards just yet. Phase 4 brings the hot rewards, the quest, the free epic loot, and a surprise boss. Phase 4 should begin on approximately September 10th. By phase 5 cities become complete death traps so steer clear. Finally, in phase 6 on September 13th, the cleanup begins but the scourge invasion does continue through September 26th. 


WotLK Pre Patch Event Rewards (Epic Gear)

While leveling your alts, you can also get easy gear from the Scourge Invasion event. The WOW WOTLK Pre Patch event brings free item level 115 epic gear. That means it has similar stats to Karazhan gear. Just like in Classic, you fight undead mobs for their drops and their necrotic runes near the purple skulls on your map. If you see a giant flying necropolis, you're in the right place. There are free epic chess, pieces, legs, gloves, and even shoulders available.


How to get Pre Patch Event Rewards

The legs are dropped from rare spawns like the bone witch. While the epic chess comes from summoning a shadow of doom which costs 8 necrotic runes. Meanwhile, the gloves and the shoulders are viable for 15 necrotic runes each. You are able to easily get 45 necrotic runes per hour. This means your alts can have multiple pieces of cara level gear in under 1 hour. There are also all sorts of other limited-time rewards you can buy like the argent war horn and the argent tome. 


WotLK Pre Path Event Tips


While the Wotlk Scourge Invasion Pre Patch event is going on, don't forget that this is the best time to do raids. One of the few ways to be safe from the zombie plague is to lock yourself in raids. Raid boss health and damage have been nerfed by about 30%, you should run Zolomon, you should run Tempest Keep, and you should run Karazhan seriously. Get your characters into every possible raid.


Karazhan Boss

Speaking of Karazhan, don't forget Tenris Murkblood. The Wrath of the Lich King pre-patch update brings an awesome new boss to kara. You need to get his once-in-a-lifetime arcanite ripper. Though some people may even prefer his vampiric batling drop instead once merc blood drops his guitar axe, you can sneak away with all the rest of the epic gear. Don't forget to do the chamber of secrets quest for the monster slayer’s kit. it's a must-have for any Castlevania fan.


Death Knight Leveling

Another great way to be safe from the zombie invasion is to make a death knight. With the new change, you can make one level 50 death knight on any server without restrictions. This is the perfect time to get ahead on a death knight during the zombie chaos.  


So now you know how awesome the Wotlk Classic Pre Patch Scourge invasion event is for fun and for leveling.


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