D2R 2.5 Ladder Monster Immunities Break Guide: How To Fix Immunities in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

9/20/2022 11:27:05 AM

With the Sunder Charms introduced in the Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.5 patch, we get a new method to break the monster immunities in the Ladder Season 2, especially for farming the new Terror Zones. In this guide, let's break down how to fix immunities in D2R 2.5 Ladder Season 2!

D2R 2.5 Immunities Break

Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.5 Monster Immunities Break Methods in Ladder Season 2

It's not power creeping, it's more like power leaping. With the introduction of Terror zones to help things become more accessible while adding a Twist we ran into an immunity problem for people that have less time in the day, an example of this is you're playing a fire build that you really like and every single time, you come home from work the terror zone is on a rotation where the monsters are always fired immune, making it so you really can't experience the new content. In this guide, we talk about how to implement fixes for enemy immunities while making it more accessible to more players (all these tips are summed up from BTNeanderthal's video).

1. 1.07 Method

The first solution for the immunity problem is back in 1.07 or the same thing pretty much happened that Diablo 2 resurrected launch. Immunity was affected by things like cold Mastery, so if a monster was immune, your cold Mastery was actually able to kill the monsters because it didn't care that the monster was immune, it still pierced the resistances. So if you had Pierce on your build or on your gear, with this 1.07 type of Change is that the Pierce is effective even if a monster is immune, this essentially makes it so not only things like Infinity and Lore all that stuff can break, but things like Pierce can also break immunities.

2. Equal Resistances

Another one is equal resistances for all monsters over 100, so we don't really change a whole lot here, but say for example, we make all the monsters equally resistant over a hundred, so that way when you put on an Infinity, you can actually deal damage to every single type of monster. This is a solution to be able to do characters like fire builds, lightning builds, and stuff like that it kind of still gets some of the same results as the Sunder Charms, but without the super OP minus 80 resistance or whatever you might hit with some of these combinations and builds. 

3. 100% Efficiency

Currently, for those that don't actually know how the resistances kind of works is that when a monster is over a hundred percent immunity, the effects of lore resist and conviction or anything that can break that immunity Amplify and Decrepify, those are one-fifth efficient above 100% and then they continue even after the break to still be one-fifth efficient. Now if the monster is below 100 then the effect is 100% efficient. So another solution here would be to make it always 100% efficient even if the monster was immune. So over a hundred, this actually makes it a little bit easier to actually break some of those really high resistant monsters, and it kind of keeps the identity of that monster. As well as if you're super stacked Gear with a bunch of facets, you could probably take out the monsters pretty easily.

4. 99% Resistant

Another method is to make all the monsters that were immune 99%, maybe with the exception of elite packs or something like that to give some little extra spice, and then pair that with Infinity and Lore res or the things that appear, with a pretty significant reduced effect, say for example Infinity is only maybe minus 30. 

5. Resurgence Mod Fix

In Resurgence mod, they came up with an idea, so that the act 3 mercenary kind of runs a conviction Aura, but it's a special type of eviction. If you choose a fire mercenary you get a fire conviction, if you choose a light mercenary you get a light, and a cold gets a cold etc., pretty much what this does is it gives you the conviction and the Pierce for that element much earlier on. It might be a little bit weaker but it allows you to actually take out some of the immunities and it gives the axiory mercenary much more of a use. You can also do this with D2R items maybe give the items that type of like feel for different types of conviction auras building some diversity with the infinity Market as well, maybe making the Bur rune a little bit less sought after.

6. Consumable

Long term these Sunder Charms simply need to be something that's consumable, make them "spell ethereal". Good for X spell casts then they disappear. That's an interesting idea to make them consumable. You could go with the POE style and also just kind of do away with the immunities and Pierce idea, all together basically just making it so all the monsters just have a different value of HP. However, this kind of makes some of the monsters lose their identity if you're on a specific build for example a death Lord is scary for you on this build, but it's not on that build it adds some flavor to the characters.

7. Absorb

Then you could also go with another method that is done in the median XL mod. Essentially you deal with immunities where the monsters are no longer immune, but instead, they're absorbent, now if you wanted to kill a monster that's super absorbent, you just stack more and more Pierce against that type of Elemental resist.

8. Other Balance Suggestions

Regardless of what you do we kind of need to adjust cold Mastery if we're going to be moving around to resistances, just because blizzard sorceress already is a very strong choice in the early game, but if we start adjusting resistances to level the playing field a little bit more, cold Mastery is so far superior with the amount of Pierce that you can get compared to other builds so early on. So no matter what you do, you get touch cold Mastery. For melee going forward, we need to remove the level calculation in the attack rating, basically, if the monster is a higher level than you he's just going to be hard to hit no matter what you do. 

9. Sunder Charms

However, if we wanted to throw all that stuff out and just start bouncing around the Sunder charms. What we would recommend is for melee to actually remove the AR entirely and add melee splash. As it stands, these 6 charms can break monster immunities. This concerns physical resistance but also elemental resistances (fire, cold, lightning, poison, magic). This advantage is accompanied by a penalty, namely that your character receives a fairly strong debuff, such as reducing your resistance to cold by 75%.