D2R Unlimited FREE Socketing Trick - How To Socket Unlimited Items with Larzuk in Diablo 2 Resurrected

8/22/2022 6:39:58 PM

After completing the Larzuk quest in D2R, you will be able to socket one of your items from him, this is far from enough! Luckily, the glitch that allows you to get Unlimited FREE Socket Quests from Larzuk is discovered, with which you will feel free to socket as many D2R items as you want in Diablo 2 Resurrected, but only works for single-player!

D2R Unlimited FREE Socketing

Diablo 2 Resurrected Unlimited FREE Socket Methods

There are a lot of advantages to being on single player, you can have unlimited respects, obviously set the player's difficulty account, and get the same map every time, but did you know actually you can get unlimited rewards for the Larzuk socket quest, so you can socket as many items as you want to without having to play all the way through the game over and over and over again with different characters or trying to get one of your friends or buddies or trading to get someone to sock it for you like you have to do online. In this guide, we will show you how to do this little trick to get unlimited socket quest rewards.

We are going to show you two separate ways to get these unlimited socket quests on single-player:

Unlimited Item Socketing Method 1 (Have 1 Character with Open Socket Quest)

You need an available open socket quest on one of your characters, so you need to have already been through the game and beat it. Now follow the steps to get unlimited items socket in Diablo 2 Resurrected: 

  • Find where your saved games are at generally they're always in the same spot: This PC -> C: Device -> User -> Your (computer administrator name) Computer -> Saved Games -> Diablo II Resurrected

    D2R Unlimited FREE Socketing 1

  • Go down saved folders and find the files of the character that have open socket quest

  • Create a Folder named Socket Quest in another device 

  • Go select and copy everything of the character to another file named Socket Quest separate from the save game folder (the game will always look inside that saved games folder for the character files, so anything that is in here this character will stay exactly like this for eternity as long as you don't change or delete anything.)

    Note: Do not put this in your normal personal stash, make sure whatever item this is you stick it in your shared stash because when you save and exit the game, this will be saved exactly how it is, but we're actually going to end up deleting this character, so anything in the personal stash will be deleted if it is changed from what you did on the character before you saved the files into that other folder.

  • Go back to the saves folder and delete the character, make sure you double check do not delete the wrong folders because you're going to have a problem

  • Go over to socket quest, copy the character file you saved here before using the socket quest

  • Go to plaste the character files in the game folder

  • Go back to the Diablo II Resurrected, now you will still have the socket items and the socket quest is active again

Unlimited Item Socketing Method 2 (No Character with Open Socket Quest)

There's another way in order to do this let's say you've already used all your socket quests on single player, so you don't have an available one and you don't want to play all the way through, there is a way here that you can get an open side quest within just a couple of minutes. It does require you to have a copy of the old Diablo II (old-school regular Diablo II LoD with the expansion). 

Now if you don't have one available on a character, we are going to show you how to get one in just a couple of minutes and then do a similar thing with that character now:

  • Have the original Diablo 2 on your desktop, right-click on the icon, go down the Properties

  • In Target, there is "-w" is not required that makes it windowed mode but what we have here, when we move it over there's a space and then dash w that makes it windowed mode not required but we usually play with that. The important thing is to have a " -act5", because if you have that "-act5", your character when you create a new one will start off in act 5 at level 33, as you may know, the Larzuk socket quest is a reward for the very first quest in act 5.

    D2R Unlimited FREE Socketing 2

  • Double click original Diablo 2 and fire it up come into the game

  • Select the single player and create a sorceress character

  • Enter the game with the character and put some points into vitality so you don't die and then put a ton into energy because you're essentially just going to be teleporting out to shank and taking them out as for over. For the skill point, you need to get a bunch of points to teleport, and generally dump one point into warmth, blizzard, and cold mastery just to go ahead.

  • Teleport out there and take out Shenk essentially, it can take a little bit because like you don't have any gear or anything like that, but just go ahead and spend the minute or minute and a half it takes to take out Shenk and all of his minions.

  • Once the Shenk is taken out, just go ahead and save and exit, do not come up to the waypoint or anything like this, because once you click on this you will see you cannot come back to act 5, you didn't complete any of the quests and would have to go back to their own cabin. 

  • Now you have to go ahead and locate where your Diablo 2 saved files are, they're either in that same location or just go into your normal hard drive go to diablo 2 go to saves, and they will be there.

  • Copy the character file you just created in the old Diablo 2 Lod and paste them into the game file of Diablo II Resurrected

  • Login to your Diablo 2 Resurrected game, now you will see the character you created on the old Diablo 2 is available on your character list. 

  • Select the character and enter the game, you will be able to get the Larzuk quest and socket the items from your shared stash

  • Now you can follow method 1 to get the unlimited free socket quests

So now with this trick, you can get unlimited socketing from Larzuk in Diablo 2 Resurrected, without creating new characters and completing any game content!

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