Top 10 Things (Quests & Dungeons) To Do At Level 80 in WotLK Classic

10/8/2022 6:33:05 PM

In WotLK Classic, what do you need to do first when you reach 80 levels or how can you better arm your main character? In this WotLK guide, we're going to be counting down the top 10 things that you should be doing when you hit Level 80 in Wrath of the Lich King Classic!

Top 1 - Do Quest in Icedrown and Storm Peaks

how do you get 147 Badges and 2 000 gold in a couple of days? To do this, you actually go out into the open world and do quests. Quests right now are giving badges especially requests in Storm Peaks and Icedrown actually worked out and get 147 badges from quests alone, but it does, however, include a couple of chains in Zul'Drak and Dragonblight. What you need to do is focus on completing all the quest lines in Icedrown and Storm Peaks, these quests are throwing you badges like it's going out of fashion. If you do have a badge quest, you get 1 500 WotLK gold in quest gold rewards at level 80, now that's not taking into consideration a vendor value of gear and also requests that don't give badges, so it's definitely going to be in the ballpark of 2000 to 3000 gold if not more. If you're really pumped, you can easily get both zones completed in a couple of days, but for most people probably take three to four days. Bearing in mind you can only farm 50 badges of heroism per day by doing heroics, it would take you 3 days to get the same amount of badges that you could get in 2 days, if not 1 day if you're an absolute, try hard with an extra 2000 to 3000 gold, so this is definitely worth doing.

Top 2 - Unlock Reps

Secondly, you want to be making sure that you're unlocking your reps, it's an absolute waste of time doing heroics without the tab ads you get previous gear from reps and your enchants which are going to be well relevant for the entire life of Wrath of the Lich King, so you definitely want this done. The current reputation is for caster, tanker, and the melee DPS, you want the Knights of the Ebon Blade but also includes hunters. You also want to do the Sons of Hodir questline for your shadow priest enchant just full of a chain quest in storm peaks. 

Top 3 - Do Daily Heroic

You also want to be making sure pretty much straight away at level 80, but you're always doing at least your daily heroic even if you are going down the quest route or farming badges because the daily heroic gives you an Emblem of Valor it the only way to get it in the game until the raids are released which is happening actually in a few hours. So definitely want to be doing this every day because Emblem of Valor will unlock best-in-slot gear for phase one.

Top 4 - Do Heroics with Group Finder

This one is fairly obvious, actually do heroics for the gear and the emblems and list yourself in the group finder rather than going on the LFG Group Bulletin Board, you can get groups even faster than you did with the dungeon finder. So it actually turns out that the LFG tool that Blizzard implemented is way better than the dungeon finder. The only problem if you're playing a fury warrior or a rep paladin in Wrath, you're going to be waiting hours for someone to finally be desperate enough to invite you to a group. 

Top 5 - Farm Off-Set

If you're a hybrid class, you can also perform the role of tanking or healing. There are a number of advantages to having an offset and an off spec. First of all you'll be able to farm heroics faster in the future if you need the emblems for gold or you need them for heirlooms, obviously, if you queue as a tank or a healer, you'll find groups much faster. If you are a death knight, in the future you will be farming dungeons or maybe raids for gold or for mounts and obviously having a tank set is going to be much better for farming.

Top 6 - Skip Titansteel Weapons

Something you shouldn't do is buy Titansteel weapons, unless you're in some Ultra sweater guild going for the round first clears, for Titansteel weapons are an absolute waste of gold. Naxxramas literally drops trash loot that's better than Titansteel weapons. Plus, because of how ruffalage King raiding works, you will be able to complete every single phase 1 raid on two difficulty modes - 10-man and 25-man, for a chance to get a loop. 

Top 7 - Do Wintergraps

We recommend doing wintergraps whenever it is up, it pops every three hours so that's going to be 12 a.m, 3 AM, 6 AM, 9 AM, 12 PM, 3 PM, 6 PM, 9 PM, 12 AM, basically whenever you see 3 6 9 or 12 on the clock that is when Wintergraps is popping. This is the best way to farm honor and it's the best bang for your book for time spent, so if you're farming PVP gear and are doing Arenas and Raph, you definitely be doing it basically whenever you can. The PVP gear is decent for PVE but because it has resilience on it, you are effectively wasting an entire potential secondary stats, so we would only recommend getting pieces here from PvP to fill out your previous settings if you've been really lucky getting certain pieces. You can also buy heirlooms with the stone keeper shards, they do have an XP boost but they cannot also are not as good as the other ones that you get from badges because you have PVP stats on them, but if you're going to take more chilled PVP leveling route, then they are really good. Stone keeper shards can also be converted into more honor points at the Wintergraps vendor, you just have to buy the token click it and it turns into 2000 honor. 

Top 8 - Professions

Get your professions grinded up for your bonuses for instance, you only need engineering at level 405 to get your glove to enchant and your Nitro boots. Don't need to grind all up to 450, because right now grinding professions all the way up is very expensive. If you don't intend on doing profession gold flips or other crazy stuff, then leveling your professions probably just isn't worth it until the prices go down. Some professions are pretty due to level up right now like tailoring due to the high volume of Frostweave Cloth on the auction house, because obviously lots of people in the open world leveling and they're acquiring Frostweave Cloth to put on the auction house, but at the end of the day it is up to you how much gold you want to spend on your profession, because obviously if it is other benefits to grinding your professions all the way up.

Top 9 - Do Profession Daily

One thing you should definitely do though is profession dailies, you will unlock new recipes which grant you better access to making more gold. It's special the case with your crafting because the more gems you have the more potential that you can make goals. Since if you've only got one recipe, you can't just like put 20 of the same gems of one certain gem cut, it's better to spread out different gem cuts across the auction house to make gold faster. The same goes for secondary professions like cooking and fishing, a fishing daily has a chance to reward a quest reward that will give you 5 cooking tokens, which is quite nice because when you can use that to buy recipes like the fish feast and all the buff food that you can make gold with.

Top 10 - Level Alts

The last tip is actually the most important, remember to chill and have fun, don't min-max the game into burnout, and make the game boring for yourself. Many people made this mistake in TBC, the population drop-off after the first few months was absolutely insane. All the classes are way more fun reflection classic, the class design in Wrath of the Lich King has a lot more depth, so if we get bored of a class we can just try out another. Leveling alt is much easier now with heirlooms and, there are so many great catch-up mechanics because of the improved badge system. We've also got heroic plus dungeons coming out soon with older which will drop raid loot, so it's even easier to get your alts geared up.

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