Elden Ring 1.07 Best Build - Most OP Beast Mage Build In Elden Ring After Patch 1.07

10/14/2022 2:31:52 PM

Elden Ring patch 1.07 is now here, and with it comes a whole host of spicy changes. In this guide, we bring you the best Elden Ring 1.07 Beast Mage Maliketh’s Black Blade build at level 125. We will talk about the stats, gear, armors, talisman and spells you need to make the best Elden Ring build after patch 1.07.


Elden Ring 1.07 Best Beast Mage Build - Maliketh’s Black Blade Build Guide In Elden Ring After Patch 1.07

In Elden Ring patch 1.07 update, there are various PVP-exclusive balance adjustments across the board. This means that stamina attack power specifically in PvP, but all attacks against guarded foes have been increased except for long-ranged weapons. The same can be said for Poise damage as well and with a few exceptions, the power of Ashes of war in PvP has been lowered across the board. As we can see these balance changes are exclusively for PVP and do not change the weapons or the ashes of war in any way when used in PVE. This is absolutely amazing and finally and potentially most importantly certain incantations have been nerfed, it's basically all of the dragon incantations. Now, let's check the Elden Ring 1.07 best build.

Elden Ring 1.07 Beast Mage Build Stats

Vigor - 60

Mind - 10

Endurance - 28

Strength - 52

Dexterity - 13

Intelligence - 9

Faith - 30

Arcane - 7


Elden Ring 1.07 Beast Mage Build Gear

Right Hand Armament - Maliketh’s Black Blade

That is the focal point of the Elden Ring 1.07 best build.


Left Hand Armament - Beastclaw Greathammer

These offhand hammers are no joke that comes out super fast and now they got a nice buff to poise damage so that's really nice.


Elden Ring 1.07 Beast Mage Build Armors

Head - Sanguine Noble Hood

Chest - Maliketh’s Armor (Altered)

Arms - Radahn’s Gauntlets

Legs - Radahn’s Greaves

We got our fashion armor. This is not an optimized build, this is not a tryhard build, this is all about fun and fashion instead of trying hard and sweat.


Elden Ring 1.07 Beast Mage Build Talismans

1. Flock’s Canvas Talisman

2. Two Fingers Heirloom

3. Erdtree’s Favor

4. Great-Jar’s Arsenal

We're using the two fingers heirloom to give us the five bases, so we can cast black flame protection. Feel free to swap it out after you cast it to something else, maybe you want another flak talisman on or the radagon icon, fodfrey icon, or shard of Alexander. But keep in mind this will give us a nice boost to the damage on our weapons and incantation as well. Our new spell is here got a nice little buff. 


Elden Ring 1.07 Beast Mage Build Spells

Bestial Sling

Our spells here got a little buff. Bestial sling actually got a nerf rightfully so it was already super powerful with the poise damage that it did. It does less poise damage but it's still a very strong incantation and still one of the best.


Beast Claw

This is a very strong incantation. It got a nice little buff as it they increased the range on it. So nice to charge it up fully and just let it go quickly, mix them up, and throw your opponent's timings off.


Stone of Gurranq

 Stone of Grant got a buff, it now has reduced stamina when casting. It increases the attack rating against people who try to block it and it extends the impact. The best thing you can do with it is throwing it into the ground because people tend to roll towards you when you cast it, it's very difficult to hit this incantation sometimes. If they roll into the ground impact when you throw it into the ground while they're rolling towards you, the AOE will connect and it will do a lot of big Poise damage which will allow a follow-up R1 from the Maliketh’s black blade or potentially even maybe the destined death the ash of war. The destined death ash of war got a buff. 


Gurranq’s Beast Claw

This got a nice little buff as well. So they created a hitbox on the initial move. If you're right on top of your opponent that will stun and stagger them and then the follow-up will connect. That's a really nice change and it also got a buff to its damage when you fully charge it. Destined Death the ash of war on this weapon got a nice buff. It now comes out super fast and it is one of the most hyper armor ashes of war in the game.