Elden Ring Best 1.07 Faith Build - God Tier Golden Tempering Build In Elden Ring 1.07 Update

10/17/2022 3:10:17 PM

Lates Elden Ring 1.07 patch has finally made this weapon powerful. Are you excited about the best Elden Ring patch 1.07 build? In the Elden Ring 1.07 best faith build guide, we break down weapons, talismans, flasks, stats, and tips for this build. 


Elden Ring 1.07 Faith Build Guide - Best Patch 1.07 Golden Tempering Build In Elden Ring 

This Elden Ring best 1.07 build targets a particular weapon here and it's ash of war that you have seen literally zero times in PvP until today. Golden tempering is the weapon art associated with the very first boss you fight the Grafted Scion. Just like PVP this Elden Ring best build after patch 1.07 is very satisfying in PVE and might be one of the strongest burst options for PVE faith. Now, let's check the best Elden Ring golden tempering build 1.07.

Elden Ring 1.07 Faith Build Gear

1. Ornamental Straight Sword

2. Finger Seal

The weapons for this best Elden Ring 1.07 faith build are the ornamental straight swords which when buffed up give you this holy damage of a solid 100 before you buff up in other ways then you get this unique heavy attack where you chain out all these different stabs which are super deadly and very threatening. You can tap it for a quick Dash forward stab, you can hold it and then cancel out of it now or you can full channel it for the full deadly damage.


Elden Ring 1.07 Faith Build Ash of War

Golden Tempering

In Elden Ring 1.07 update, this ash of war was proved in a bunch of ways that cancel out was added so that you can roll out and not get stuck in for the full duration. The motion speed is way faster so much more deadly in all content. It also does way more Poise damage and stamina damage. So if you stagger someone, you're going to get the full combo off much more likely. Finally, if you use the skill, you can control your character again way faster after you use it which is very important in general. It was strong but hard to land now it's strong but much easier to land, therefore much more viable in all content. It leads to hilarious burst damage say in boss fights where you burst out health where it's nothing or in PvP where you can also chunk out their health bars. The move sets are versatile giving you lots of options based on what the enemy is doing and it all looks super cool on top.


When you've got it buffed up in all these different ways it does a lot of damage even with the basic attacks. When you have the golden tempering buff on, you've got an extra book of holy damage and everything you're doing. So even the basic attacks are going to absolutely clean out hell. If you can get off just a few hits and say a roll catch or trade, you'll just do a chunk of damage. For basic combos, you've got running attacks be they light or heavy and that really catches people in the trade or when they're rolling. The jumping attack is brilliant as well. You do like three different hits after jumping and even the basic attacks. People seem to think that there's good they're going to stop at some point because these are straight swords that light attack duo combo goes on forever. If you get hit by any of it, it's going to really hurt. Even using just the startup of the unique heavy attack works really. Because you dash forward with this double poke that deals very big damage. But then you have the full channel version of that special heavy which in trade is outrageous. If they manage to dodge it the combo continues, and it can retract really.



A really good combo then is combining the running heavy attack. You are going straight into the special heavy, kind of dash forward and do a stab, and then as the special heavy starts. It's another dash forward and stabs. So it's a huge gap closer with a massive dangerous combo behind it. As part of the buff in 1.07, we can cancel out the special heavy so we can cancel the combo a little bit early if we've missed it and we don't want to get punished for it. It's not exactly a faint but it means we can get out of the combo much quicker than where we would normally be stuck in it before. So the ash of war golden tempering is very strong and very versatile for these reasons.


Elden Ring 1.07 Faith Build Talismans

1. Axe Talisman

2. Rotten Winged Sword Insignia

3. Millicent’s Prosthesis

4. Sacred Scorpion Charm

Axe talisman, rotten winged sword insignia, millicent's prosthesis, and the sacred scorpion charm for PVE. In PvP, you can use erdtree's favor for the health stamina equip load as always it's a great pick. Do not use things that make you take more damage PVP. Rotten winged sword insignia and millicent's prosthesis two talismans are obvious because they improve your attack power with successive attacks. So as you attack more and more your AR goes up. With the long combo of how many times you're actually attacking super quick, your AR skyrockets. So the first one is going to do more like huge damage but if you can get a follow-up immediately, it is just outrageous. Axe talisman enhances charge attacks.


Elden Ring 1.07 Faith Build Flasks

1. Thorny Cracked Tear

2. Spiked Cracked Tear

For our flask, we have two options. For PVE we're using the thorny cracked tear and the spiked cracked tear that's going to boost your successive hits and also the charge attack itself. In PvP, take out the consecutive hit one and put in holy shrouding cracked tear. It's less likely you're going to get many consecutive hits in PvP, so simply enhancing all of the power of the charge attack and your holy damage, that's going to be a better way to go for that.


Elden Ring 1.07 Faith Build Incantations

1. Catch Flame

2. Honed Bolt

3. Flame Grant Me Strength

4. Golden Vow

To make the Elden Ring build 1.07 better in certain jewels where they want to play at range. That's why you need to put in the two meta incantations catch flame for its surprise blast and honed bolt for the long-range sniping. Both these are going to do good damage but in a combo that's where they're the best. By using chain casting, you jump and use catch flame while in the air then quickly honed bolts spam straight away getting into the fast cast and poking them at range. Or just use it when they try and go used an incantation buff to get some mana back. So with that, we can play it close and medium as well as long-range with no problem. Baseline then is just an effective and very fun build to play in PvP. We're using flame grant me strength through buffing our physical power and using golden vow to improve our power as well as giving us some defense. And golden tempering when we're fully buffed up with all of that we'll take our AR all the way up to 800 which is very deadly when you consider just how much you're attacking. With successive hits, the AR just goes up.


Elden Ring 1.07 Faith Build Stats

1. Vigor - 60

2. Mind - 20

3. Endurance 0 17

4. Strength - 16

5. Dexterity - 80

6. Intelligence - 9

7. Faith - 25

8. Arcane - 7

We got 75 dexterity but the prosthesis gives me five extra decks so we hit that soft cap nicely. 25 faith to use everything we've got there and then the rest is up to you for utility.


Elden Ring 1.07 Faith Build Tips For PVE & PVP

For the Elden Ring 1.07 faith PVE builds, we do make some slight changes. Essentially your entire goal is to get up in that boss's face and channel out the full special heavy attack as much as you can. The thing is while the full combo is going to be disgustingly strong. The practical side of this build does show as well when you don't necessarily have time for the full combo. You can still just use basic attacks which are going to chunk out health with the basic light attack combo. If you use the special heavy, you can just tap it and it'll do the dash forward and the double stab, a sort of a gap-closing burst of damage. In those small windows of opportunity where you can't do the full combo, you still get a lot of damage out which means this build will work long-term for a playthrough.


Best of all is the fact that you can get these weapons right at the beginning of your playthrough, there isn't really a faster weapon to locate and collect assuming you can beat the scion immediately first try with no heels but it is doable. In any case, you can clearly see the damage of these weapons is outrageous while in PvP, you need to be a bit smart about how you're going to land these attacks in the longer combos. In PVE it's a different story. The boss isn't really going to try to stop or evade attacks, you just need to time it well and go to town when you can do this much damage combo. Not only does it feel amazing but it's also a heavy attack. So it will stagger and lead to more burst windows or just go for the critical if you want.