WotLK 3v3 Comp Tier List For Season 5 - Ranking Best 3v3 Arena Season 5 For WotLK Classic PvP

10/17/2022 7:31:36 PM

Today we will talk about the meta for Wrath of the Lich Classic season 5, we present a 3v3 tier list for all of you WotLK fans. Not every single possible comp will be included, instead, we selected the best comps for every spec and then ranked them into tiers from S, A, to mid & low.

WotLK 3v3 Comp Tier List For Season 5 - Best 3v3 Arena Ranked For Wrath Classic Season 5 PvP 

S Tier 3v3 Comps Season 5

This tier includes a short list of the absolute best comps in season 5 Wrath Classic. Being on the S tier means having really great consistent match-up spreads across the board with very few hard counters. Before you freak out, there are two comps in particular that you might think are missing from the S tier, but we will be including them in a list of honorable mentions.

best 3v3 comps for season 5 WotLK

  • RMP

No matter what expansion you play, it is almost guaranteed that this comp finds itself in the high tiers. In Wrath, rmp plays remarkably similar to its more modern expansion variants, setting up kills with cross CC, then stalling with peels while waiting for Drs to reset. In season 5, there are two reasons why rmp will be so dominant. The first is the fact that relative damage values are at their absolute highest due to lower resilience, stamina and armor across the board, all of which make Shadow dance damage disproportionately strong. 

In addition to this rmp does insanely well into any Resto Druid team, unlike priests and paladins, Druids don't have any passive stun reduction and their primary defensive cooldown isn't nearly enough to counter rmp burst especially since it cannot even be used while silenced. This gives rmp an insane matchup spread into an entire class of healer and although it may struggle with highly aggressive melee Cleaves, it will still have a place in the meta for season 5 where it will be at its absolute strongest.

  • Restoration Druids / Destro Lock / Ellie Shaman

As Resto Druids will have an S tier comp of their own LSD which is Destro Lock / Ellie Shaman for legal reasons. This comp works equally well with a Holy Paladin as well. Anyway, this comp has one of the most effective zoning tools in WoW history, damage, both destroy warlocks and elemental shamans are able to absolutely melt any target in the open which actually makes them really good into any melee cleave. That magic dispels in Wrath are quite sparse which makes things like an AOE earthbind root highly effective at denying double melee from ever staying connected onto a target. When someone tries to tell you that warlocks just die into Warriors, simply remind them that melee Cleaves just die into lock Shaman. This is especially true as the Holy Paladin variant of this comp which brings a wider array of anti-melee tech to the arena.

  • Ret Paladin / MM Hunter Disc / Priest

PHP is super well-rounded, Hunter and Paladin provide some great defensive coverage into melee clay thanks to their arsenal defensive cooldowns and ability to kite while disc briefs are one of the most efficient healers in the spell Cleaves due to double magic dispel and the efficiency of Prayer of mending. One key matchup for PHP is rmp where the combination of double defensive magic dispel is a massive execution test for rogue mage requiring them to play incredibly coordinated on goes. But even if a setup is successful, Roar of sacrifice perfectly trades one to one into Shadow dance which again is an easy punish for any rmp who can't cross CC perfectly. With that, we have our absolute best comps for season 5. All of these setups are incredibly consistent and rmp will actually be at its absolute peak in season 5 despite falling off slightly later in the expansion.

Note: Beast cleave is at its best in season 5, it does beat rmp, the main strength of the comp is how unrelenting it is into low armor targets. Anything wearing less than a plate armor will disintegrate into the Wolves lust BM combo. And damage will be at its relative highest in season 5 making this comp extra threatening in the early expansion. The biggest obstacle of beast cleave are other metacomps with paladins including PHP, phdk, turbo cleave, thunder cleave or even tsg. With multiple team-wide defensive cooldowns, Paladin teams can often trade into beast cleave and shut down its single win condition. 

We have thunder cleave of every melee in the game, Warriors definitely scale the best with gear. In later Seasons once higher amounts of armor penetration and better itemized PVE gears available, Warriors become the most oppressive melee in the game and thunder cleave is arguably the epitome of Wrath of the Lich King in season 8. Throughout the entire expansion though, Warriors deal enormous amounts of pressure and are joined by the disruption and utility of an elemental shaman and the defensive efficiency of a Holy Paladin. All of which come together to form a massive brick wall for many compositions. This comp is super well-rounded and will eventually become a staple later into Wrath but will still be highly competitive in the early expansion.

A Tier Comps for 3v3 PvP Season 5

  • Death Knight Comps

DKs are quite flexible in 3v3 and can play super aggro compositions like tsg or even more setup based comps with elemental shamans. While they don't offer true Ms effect, dks can contribute massive amounts of damage in arena and summon gargoyle is a huge part of that. Playing with a Holy Paladin in 3v3 adds to the offensive toolkit of these comps as grip into stun and strangulate are a bread and butter combo for setting up kills. In any case, don't sleep on the massive amounts of damage these popular DK comps will be dishing out in season 5.

  • Feral Druids

Speaking of raw damage, feral druids will be a bit of a wild card in the early expansion. Feral has some of the highest sustained damage output in the game, but with one huge problem, it simply dies in cat form. Ferals are one of the squishiest specs in the game which is why they generally want partners who can support them with peels or who can get trained instead. This typically means playing with either a frost mage or Marx Hunter, both of these comps are setup based doing small bursts of damage combined with CC and then avoiding as much pressure as possible until it can be done again. 

  • Hunter Comps / Ret Paladin / PHDK / Prot Paladin / Marx Hunter / Resto Shaman

Beast cleave with a Ret Paladin is actually something you might encounter, it doesn't lose out on too much by swapping the Holy Paladin for ret and instead gains a ton of extra damage. Two other Hunter comps you should expect to see include phdk and even prot Paladin, Marx Hunter Resto Shaman. One unique feature of the survival Hunter variant of phdk is Evan plaguebringer which increases a huge chunk of damage dealt by the hunter since most their toolkit is Magic based. But no matter which one of these Hunter comps you run into, anticipate a whole lot of damage especially in the earlier stages of season 5 when resilience is at its lowest.

If you're looking for a blaster in the past, any of these comps should be highly competitive in season 5 and with that, we have our entire A tier for early Wrath Classic. Remember every comp on this list is highly competitive, even though these aren't S tier, they are still all fully capable of reaching rank 1 on the ladder and you can expect to see success grinding rating with any of these compositions. 

Mid & Low Tier Comps 3v3

Let's Venture down to the mid and low tiers with some off meta comps any of the mid-tier comps we will mention are still fairly competitive even though they might not be capable of pushing rank 1 on the latter they are perfectly suited for Ratings up to Gladiator and can even be quite fun if that's what you're into the mid tiers are where you will find both Arcane and Frost Mage comps

  • Arcane / Frost Mage

It is pretty accepted that Frost is the main PVP spec, but these off meta picks all offer some unique options. Arcane Mages do an insane amount of damage if left to free cast and can even slot into comps like rmp and Warrior priest. Fire on the other hand is more of an AOE damage focused spec and works well with warlocks or even Elemental shamans. One unique thing to note is that fire actually has a disarm effect with fiery payback which makes them a bit more durable into melee DPS. Both of these off-brand specs will be viable in season 5 though have weaker comp options overall compared to Frost.

  • Balance Druids / Boomkins

The B tier is where you will also find Balance Druids, Boomkins are one of the few specs that rely almost exclusively on one gimmicky spell to win the game which is Starfall. While its damage is insanely strong, it can simply be countered by ccing the boomkin or just line of sighting until the effect expires. In any case, boomkins might find the most success with a shadow priest for some extra offensive AOE pressure or even as triple DPS playing with a Mage and Rogue.

  • Warlock 

The mid tier is where you will also find some other old-timer comps, most notably Warrior Lock. The wld and wlp certainly had their time to shine in original Wrath Classic, they might be a bit too outdated for the modern meta. One extreme difficulty of wld in particular is the lack of a spammable magic to spell. While fell on vendors can dispel magic debuffs, there is simply too much disbel protection in the game for it to be reliable, meaning Warriors won't be able to do Warrior things while playing this setup.

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