WotLK Classic Hallow's End Event Guide: Loots, Rewards, Quests, Achievements & More

10/21/2022 6:03:36 PM

In WotLK Classic, the Hallow's End Event is now in full swing, here we're going to be talking about what can you get out of this event, Mounts, Epic Loot, Cosmetics, and how to get all of the achievements for your Hallowed title. 

WotLK Classic Hallw's End Event Guide

WoW WotLK Classic Hallow's End Quests & Activities

Get rewards by joining the activities and completing the Halloween-themed quests during the Hallow's End event:

Trick or Treating Quest

Quest: You can speak with any innkeeper once every hour to receive either candy or treats. 

Rewards To Get: Hallow's End wand costume, Treat Bag (including Assorted Hallow's End candy, Flimsy Masks, Hallowed Wands)

Candy Buckets Quest

Quest: Find Candy Buckets and loot bucket in most Inns across Azeroth and Outland

Rewards To Get: Handful of Candy

Apple Bobbing

Quest: Click the floating Apples in inns

Rewards To Get: 5x Bobbing Apple (restore health over 24 seconds and grant Stamina and Spirit equivalent to 25% of your level)

Putting Out Fires Quests

Quest: Fire Brigade Practice/ Fire Training

Start & End: Costumed Orphan Matron (Alliance) /Masked Orphan Matron (Hord)

Reward To Get:  Tricky Treat

Quest:  "Let the Fires Come!" (Alliance)  /  "Let the Fires Come!" (Hord)

Quest: Stop the Fires! (Hord) /  Stop the Fires! (Hord)

Start & End: Costumed Orphan Matron/Masked Orphan Matron

Rewards To Get:  Tricky Treat and  Weighted Jack-o'-Lantern, plus a chance to loot the Jack O'Lantern

Hallow's End Orphan Treats Quest

Quest: Get candy from innkeepers in major cities and send it to an orphan

Rewards To Get: 30x Hallow's End Pumpkin Treat, 250 Reputation to all of your faction's major cities

Wickerman Festival Quests

Quest: Crashing the Wickerman Festival (Horde)

For The Horde, you basically have to throw a load of rotten eggs over Southshore and then the alliance of a quest to basically clean up their mess, but hold also have a quest to plant Rotten Eggs on the barrels in the Southshore Inn be sure to tell them to follow up if you want to actually get the achievements.

Quest: Rotten Eggs and  Ruined Kegs (Alliance)

For the Alliance, you have to sabotage Wickerman festivities, it's pretty straightforward though, you just have to run close to the Wickerman Guardian and Bob's your uncle, where the Wickerman is just outside undercity, you can also get an experience buff.

So for The Horde you just have to loot an ember between 8 p.m and 6 a.m, it is very simple.  And in the Alliance, you can go over there any time to give expibom for just have to kill one of the Wickerman Guardians, it's a level 60 Elite though it's not very practical for a low level to do this and you'll need a high-level friend to do it for you.

Rewards To Get: Invocation of the Wickerman (XP Buff),  Hallow's End Pumpkin Treat, Reputation with the major Alliance/Horde cities

Hallow's End Headless Horseman Quest

With this event, we obviously also have the Headless Horseman boss, you don't need a quest to unlock him anymore and can just go straight to the instance. You can still get the quest to go and click the Pumpkin Shrine quest, but it only really rewards a bit of gold or experience points. 

Headless Horseman Loots

  • Ring of Ghoulish Glee (Ring)

  • The Horseman's Seal (Ring)

  • Wicked Witch's Band (Ring)

  • The Horseman's Horrific Helm (Helm)

  • The Horseman's Baleful Blade (Sword)

  • Hallowed Helm (Cosmetic)

  • Weighted Jack-o'-Lantern (Toy)

  • Tome of Thomas Thomson (Toy)

  • The Horseman's Reins (Permanent Mount)

  • Swift Flying Broom (Temporary Mount)

  • Flying Broom (Temporary Mount)

  • Swift Magic Broom (Temporary Mount)

  • Magic Broom (Temporary Mount)

  • Sinister Squashling (Companion Pet)

You will also get an achievement for killing the Hessian now, he drops some pretty good looply drops - Rings about a near best in slot loot, the weapon is also a very good previous option especially if you want to save money and not get your Titan Steel weapons, the helmet is also near Priebus not quite as good as the Titan steel option but again a really good option to save some gold. He also dropped brooms of varying quality from apprentice riding to Epic flying quality, these unfortunately only last while the event is up, so these will be gone on the 1st of November. 

Then we have the Headless Horseman mount a very low chance for this to drop but you do have 5 chances per day to get this Mount if you are going to make a group of five people because everyone can accept the quest and turn it in once per day. Technically you can continue to kill the horsemen without the quest, but obviously, make a group so that you can get the quest and everyone else has to do it for you.

You also need to loot the Sinister Squashling and the Hallowed Helm which are needed for the Sinister calling achievement, he also drops weighted jack-o-lanterns but you need them for completing the Check Your Head achievement. The last thing he drops is tricky treats, these increase movement speed which is very useful for corpse runs. 

Hallow's End Achievements

There are numerous achievements from Hallow's End that you can obtain in addition to those that are required to finish the overall achievements Hallowed Be Thy Name. The world achievement - What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been will require the Hallow's End meta-achievement and the title%s the Hallowed.

Sinister Calling

  • Item Required: Hallowed Helm, Sinister Squashling

  • Quest: Obtain a Sinister Squashling pet and Hallowed Helm

Check Your Head

  • Item Required: Weighted Jack-o'-Lanterns

  • Quest: Use Weighted Jack-o'-Lanterns to put pumpkin heads on each of the races: Undead, Trool, Tauren, Orc, Night Elf, Human, Draenei, Bood Elf, Gnome, Dwarf

The best way to complete this achievement is in Dalaran, you need to use the item on every single race. If you're on a realm that has like a 99-faction-dominated server in favor of lines of the horde, then that's going to be a bit more difficult. Let's say you're in a hoarder-dominated server, you can get one of your friends to log in to Alliance, go over to teldrassil and quickly use the item on him. Or you can very simply do it yourself by logging out the character that you want to use for jack-o-lantern, and then have a separate client open, so that you can use the item very quickly on your own character that you just logged out before he phases out properly.

Out With It

  • Item Required: Tricky Treats

  • Quest: East so many Tricky Treats that you get an upset tummy

And if you eat tricky treats free in a row, you will get an achievement called Out With It, because you will vomit from eating too many sweets.

Tricks and Treats of Azeroth

  • Quest: Complet the Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, and Outland Tricks and Treats achievements

  • Alliance: Tricks and Treats of Eastern Kingdoms, Tricks and Treats of Kalimdor, Tricks and Treats of Outland

  • Horde: Tricks and Treats of Eastern Kingdoms, Tricks and Treats of Kalimdor, Tricks and Treats of Outland

Now to complete your Tricks and Treats of Azeroth as a rough achievement, we would recommend getting handy notes NPCs, so you can very quickly see them on the map. Flight of the locations that actually have innkeepers with candy buckets and get it done. 

G.N.E.R.D Rage

  • Item Required: G.N.E.R.D.S. 

  • Quest: Earn 50 honorable kills while under the influence of the G.N.E.R.D. buff. It's a slap in the face!

Save the G.N.E.R.D.S. sweets for the achievement G.N.E.R.D rage, all you have to do is simply jump into a Battleground and get honorable kills with the buff active. 

A Mask for All Occasions

  • Quest: Collect the 20 unique Flimsy Masks from every single race and gender in the game

Remember to trick or treat the innkeepers every hour because they have a chance to give you a treat bag with masks and Wands in them which are needed for other achievements like A Mask for All Occasions which you need to get a mask for every single race and gender in the game.

The Masquerade

  • Quest: Get transformed by the Hallowed Wands

For The Masquerade achievement, you need to get transformed into every single form from the magic wands, now you can't transform yourself unfortunately but since when you have a wand you can offer that transformation to trade for a different transformation in the trade shop as some people do about all day.

The Savior of Hallow's End

  • Quest: Complete one of the quests to save a village from the Headless Horseman

The Savior of Hallow's End achievement is a fairly simple one, you just do the quests near your starter area ends. We'd recommend going to Goldshire or Karanos or Azure Watch on Alliance and Razor Hill or Brill, Falconwing Square on Hord. because these places are where most people are likely to go takes ages to do the stop the fires Quest solo, we also suggest doing it at peak times. You can do this daily and it'll reward the crudely wrapped gift which will drop items needed for achievements like tooth picks for The Sparkling Smile achievement and will also have a chance to drop ones and weighted jack-o-lanterns, so make sure to do that every day.

That Sparkling Smile

  • Item Required: Tooth Pick

  • Quest: Show off your sparkling smile by using a Tooth Pick

Simply use a Tooth Pick that can be obtained from The Savior of Hallow's End quest. These are plentiful throughout the remaining achievements, appearing in Handful of Candy, being dropped by the Headless Horseman, and numerous other locations. It'll be difficult not to obtain a Tooth Pick.

That's basically all you need to know to get all the achievements for this title, our advice is to obviously do trick-or-treat every single hour. Even if you like working for other day, just have a character logged in to like log in and do your trick-or-treat once per hour because obviously you need to get all those masks and those one Transformations.