WotLK Classic Hallow End Meta Guide - 12 Achievements For The Hallow Be Thy Name Meta Achievement & How To Complete

10/25/2022 9:37:37 AM

In this WotLK Hallow’s End achievements guide, we will present all 12 WotLK Classic achievements for the Hallow Be Thy Name Meta achievement and explain how to complete them. 

WotLK Classic Hallow End Meta Guide - All Hallow’s End Achievements & How To Complete

This is our second step along the way to our Violet proto-drake, so it's not too late for you to start the What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been achievement. All you have to do is complete Brewfest next year. There are 11 achievements inside the Hallow’s end meta, so we better get started. Hallow's end starts on the 18th of October only two weeks after Brewfest ends and it finishes on the 1st of November and lines up with Halloween. 

1. Rotten hallow

There are two achievements that are different depending on which faction you are, they are rotten Hollow and Tricks and Treats of Azeroth. Rotten Hollow for both factions requires you to complete two quests but, the quests are different. 

2. Power of Pine / Stinking up Southshore

For the horde, you have stinking up Southshore and for the alliance you have the power of pine. The two quests complement each other, as The Horde will throw stink bombs around Southshore, the alliance will clean them up. If you are Alliance and you are the dominant faction, it is best not to dominate too hard because you need the horde to throw the stink bombs so that you can complete your quest.

3. Rotten eggs and Ruined kegs

The Horde whilst in Southshore will be trying to complete the quest rotten eggs and we'll be trying to click the kegs just near the stairs of the Southshore in. Just make sure that you hand in the follow-up quest ruined kegs to get the achievement.

4. Crashing the Wickerman festival

The alliance will be infiltrating the Wicker Man festival just by the road to the undercity from Silver Pine Forest. You should only need to get close to the Wicker man to complete the quest, so mount up and just charge through the NPCs.

5. Tricks and Treats of Azeroth 

The other difference is the Tricks and Treats of Azeroth. The achievement is for collecting candy from the Inns listed in the Tricks and Treats of Kalimdor, Eastern kingdoms and Outland. The Horde and the alliance have different Inns to trick or treat. So since he went out and trick-or-treated 47 different ends to get candy, you should also be talking to the innkeepers to trick or treat them for a chance to get a candy bag. If you didn’t do that, you can do this once an hour when the debuff wears off and they will decide whether to give you a bag or trick you. In the bag, you will have a chance of getting a mask a wand or a toothpick as well as more candy. 

6. G.N.E.R.D. Rage

You'll need to save the Nerds that you collected for PVP. The achievement nerd rage is forgetting 50 honorable kills while you have the nerd buff. You should be able to queue for a Battleground and pop a nerd whenever you go in for a fight. 

7. The Masquerade

There are also the hallowed wands, each applies a different costume to your target and these can only be used on party members. The achievement is the Masquerade but for this one, you need each costume to be applied to you. This one will be a headache as you trade one charges back and forth with random people inviting them to a party.

8. Out with it / That Sparking Smile

Out with it is the achievement for eating candy until you puke. If you been eating this whole time, you have something in your teeth, then we need a toothpick for an achievement - the sparkling smile.

9. The Savoir of Hallow's end

We need to save a village from the shade of the Headless Horseman. For the achievement, Savior of Hallow's end. Talk to the costumed orphan matron, in a town just outside any major city. Just to make things more complicated, the quest you want to complete is either let the fires come or stop the fires. They are the same quest, but one is for summoning The Headless Horseman and also putting out the fires and the other is just for people joining in the fire fighting. They both have the same reward and the same end result. When he is summoned, he will fly around and set fire to the town. You will put out the fire with your bucket of water and use the water barrel. Some locations are harder than others most people will be at either Tirisfal Glades or Goldshire and the event is easier the more people that are involved. So just go to those locations if you want the fastest result. At the end of the event, he will land and he is a level 11 non-elite, so he's going to go down quick. A Jack-o’-Lantern will spawn which will give you a crudely wrapped gift once per day. When you hand in your quest, you will also get some candy and some weighted Jack-o'-Lanterns. Inside the creepily wrapped gift, you will also get some more weighted jack-o-lanterns and you might also get a rickety broomstick which is a temporary mount and will disappear after Hollow's End.

10. Check your Head 

For the achievement, check your head, you'll need 10 weighted jack-o-lanterns and you will need to find a player of each race to put one on their head. The easiest way to do this is to travel to the opposite sides faction's most popular Headless Horseman event location, which would be either goldshire or Tirisfal Glades and you can find the race that you need. The cheesy way is to park your main character outside the starting zone of the race that you need and then create the one of the races that you need, then run to where your main is logged off. If you have a second instance of the game open, you can quickly log into that instance of the game and it will exit from that one and quickly log into your main character. Then your alt will still be there in the log off state and you can use the lantern on them.

11. Sinister Calling

Finally, we have our max level event for Hollow's End, the Headless Horseman, he will drop a bunch of cool stuff, we have the Epic Rings, a magic broom, the Horseman's Blade, the Horsemen's Helm, but the things we are really here for are the Sinister Squashling and the Hallowed Helm and the Horseman's Reigns. The first two are toys required for the achievement Sinister calling which will be difficult to get because of their moderately low drop chance, but even more difficult than them will be the Horsemen's Reigns which will allow you to travel around on your very own Headless Horseman.

12. Bring Me the Head of... Oh wait

You’ll get the Horsemen's Dreadsteed, it's a recolored fiery War Horse from a tune, it is a very similar model and they both bought the horse on the DLC. Just like car and diver, each player in your party will give you one attempt to kill the horsemen, if you wipe, you will lose that attempt. In order to fight the Headless Horseman, you need to travel to the graveyard wing of the Scarlet Monastery. If this is your first time, you should have the quest to kill him with the quest item. If it's your second time or anytime after that, you can just hand in the daily quest to summon him. After a very nostalgic introduction, he will run towards the player that summoned him. The tank should taunt and the fight will begin.

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