WoW Dragonflight Pre-Patch Phase 2 (Nov 15) Guide: Pre-Patch Event, New Class, New Dungeon, Leveling Changes & More

11/15/2022 10:55:26 AM

The second phase of the Dragonflight pre-patch launches today - November 15th, bringing with a brand new content for everyone including the Evoker class, a brand new dungeon, a new quest and the pre-patch event. In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know for the WoW Dragonflight pre-patch phase 2.  


WoW Dragonflight Pre-Patch Phase 2 (Nov 15) Guide - Everything You Need To Know For Phase 2 Dragonflight Prepatch 

Here are all the features coming in the Dragonflight pre-patch on Nov 15(US)/16(EU)! A new quest, a new event, a new dungeon, and the introduction of a new class! This will be the second and final phase of the pre-patch before Dragonflight arrives.

New Class - Dracthyr Evoker

The first biggest piece of new content with Dragonflight pre-patch phase 2 is the release of the Evoker class and the Dracthyr race to WoW. There's a new concept for WoW as the new race can only be the new class, so Evokers can only be Dracthyr and Dracthyr can only be Evokers. Dracthyr are a race of draconic humanoids that can swap into and out of their draconic form and their visage form and are able to soar in any zone where you can fly, giving them the ability to pseudo dragon ride where most others can't well. This isn't a perfect form of dragon riding, it is pretty fun and allows you to do some crazy fun things like weird courses and everything. Evoker is a class as a male wearing intellect user that's built as a mid-range class meaning they have some capacity for range but not the full 40 plus yards other range specs do. Evoker comes up with two specs, the devastation spec which is a mid-range DPS that utilizes blue and red magic to deal damage. And the preservation a healer spec which uses bronze and green magic to heal their allies. So finally, we are getting a brand new healer spec.

Anyway, to create Dracthyr, you must have purchased Dragonflight as well as have a level 50 character already on the server you want to create your Dracthyr. You also can only have one Dracthyr per server. Dracthyr themselves are in a neutral race, so in order to get one of each faction you will need to have them on different servers. 

Forbidden Reach

Dracthyr starts as level 58 on their own starting zone the Forbidden Reach. The Zone is very gorgeous to fight an ancient enemy and it does set up some more for the first raid. When you venture through the zone you won't only get introduced to the new class, but you'll also get an early Taste of the Dragon Island zones once you are done. With the questline there, you can then head off to the shadowlands and get some decent gear to prepare for the Dragonflight. 

New Quests

Another thing you're going to notice as you zone in on the 15th is going to be a pop-up and a quest from either Abyssian if you're Horde or Wrath of the Alliance called the dragon Isles await. This is the pre-requested expansion and this need to be done to get the dragon Isles, so you might as well do it now. The quest itself is pretty simple, just the leaders asking you to meet them in the capital city for each faction. Abyssian is up near the chunk of Deathwing armor where the Cataclysm Portals are in Orgrimmar and Aratheon is outside the castle in Stormwind, standing overlooking some water. Talking to them gives you another quest which plays a shortcut swing which is disabled in the PCR. After this, you're given two more requests: fly around and talk to people.

Basically, you're going to be recruiting three faxes in each City to join on the Voyage to the Dragon Isles, and the other one it sends you to Tyne and talk to the track Theo racial leader for your faction. Upon completion of those quests, both of those will then send you towards the transport hub for your cities, being the zeppuntar outside Orgrimmar for Horde or the Stormwind Harbor for Alliance. Before finishing up the short introduction in questline, the real corner of the pre-patch starts has two more side quests are offered, one telling you to jump into the new dungeon Uldaman and then leading you to the pre-patch event.

Dragonflight Pre-Patch Event (Primal Storms)

In this pre-patch, we will get the Primal Storms event which brings the Primalist Invasions. We're tasked with going to four locations in the world and dealing with Primal Storms. During a primal storm, a group of primeless mobs will need an area, with early testing showing that each area has a static group of mobs that spawn. The four locations are Northern Barons with Earth Invasions, Tirisfal Glades with Fire Invasions Un’Goro Crater with Storm Invasions and the Badlands with Water Invasions. While the event is up, mobs the certain type will spawn in areas marked in the minimap, roughly every 30 minutes or so, a mini boss Elemental Lord will spawn with a big shield and imbue the surrounding models with the element. While imbued, these mobs will drop primeval essence which is the new currency for the pre-patch as well as item level 252 catch-up gear, defeating 100 of them also lowers the shield on the big Elemental Lord, allowing you to fight it and get even more premium lessons and more chances of gear. The gear itself is a blue recolor of the Dragonflight questing gear. Currency can be spent at vendors in the Zeppelin tower for horde or the Harbor for Alliance. These vendors offer the same gear that can be dropped by the mobs as well as a toy for 100 of the currency.

Heirloom Trinket

Aside from this, the event also offers a few to strength for defeating one of each type of Elemental Lord, as well as an heirloom trinket which is obtained by combining a rare drop from each of the four Elemental Lords.

New Toy, Xmogs

You can also purchase a critter vacuum toy for 100 primeval lessons and what it does, it actually succeed any creature you find along the way. So that's a fun toy to play around. For any transmog collectors out there, the Invasion gear will be a blue recolor appearance of the Dragonflight questing gear. 

Alt Leveling/Massive Exp Changes

The most interesting part during these events is that you can level up your alts by killing off the primalist mobs around the area. Currently on the PTR, they give a decent amount of XP. It takes around 30 minutes to level up from 53 to 57 with newbie mage, you will be able to have the one anniversary buff which is which gives 18 XP boost. On top of that, in one of the previous beta builds, we had seen some massive nerves on the amount of XP you need to reach level 60, resulting in an almost 60% reduction of total experience required from 1 to level 60 which will be implemented in live game when the phase 2 comes out. 

Chromie Time

We'll also see some changes coming on November 15. Basically, it will extend from level 50 to level 60. And Shadowlands will be available as an expansion leveling choice, so you can use whatever expansion you want from Classic Wow all the way to the Shadowlands to level up from 10 through 60 level Draenor might still be the quickest route for leveling, but it's completely up to you. Imagine how easy and fast will be the leveling process when you combine the chromate time along with the reduced amount of XP you need to level up. This seems to be a great time to level up someone else, they may have stayed behind during the expansion.

New Dungeon - Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr

The last big pieces of content during the second phase of Dragonflight pre-patch is going to be the dungeon. This dungeon is located right above the old Uldaman dungeon entrance out in the Badlands and features a revamped 5 boss dungeon which draws tons of inspiration and vibes from the original dungeon, but being brought up to modern game design. The dungeon is a linear underground dungeon, which sees you and your group adventuring into it to try and claim a bronze Titan Disc artifact in an attempt to help the Dragonflights regain their power. The Villain itself is pretty fun and has been scaled to drop eye level 278 gear which is an amazing catch up to those who haven't played in Shadowlands or who took some time off during it.