WoW Dragonflight Best Melee DPS - Dragonflight Mythic+ Melee DPS Tier List & Rankings

11/17/2022 5:47:17 PM

What is the best DPS melee class most excites you in World of Warcraft Dragonflight? Today, we are looking at the best WoW Dragonflight melee Mythic+ tier list and it's only for the melee classes, and it's only in PVE Mythic plus content.


Dragonflight Best Melee DPS Classes & Specs - WoW Dragonflight Melee DPS Tier List M+

In this Dragonflight melee tier list, we are covering the best melee DPS Mythic+ class and spec to main. Leading up into Dragonflight to start, getting our characters ready to go max level, geared up, and getting on our way to 70 to see what's up with these classes. This Dragonflight Mytic+ melee DPS tier list is much more focused on damage, utility, and survivability.


S Tier On Dragonflight Melee DPS M+ Tier List

  • Windwalker Monk

  • Outlaw Rogue

Damage: These two specs are dominating currently on the beta, and they are doing so for a couple of reasons. Firstly, their tuning is quite high, and they have burst CDs for AoE and single targets, both of which are quite good. They are an energy class, so they don't have a lot of downtimes or need to ramp up their spells.

Utility: They've got great utility some unique utility across-the-board things like a ring of peace for Rogues, things like a consistent kidney shot, shrouding your group, blinds, and a lot of AD control.

Survivability: They also have amazing survivability not just for Rogues cheat death, vanish, cloak, Karma and we get right with Monks Transcendence to fuse Stampin harm.

All of these pretty premier levels on-use buttons that you can use to get out of trouble and probably the best thing for these two classes is just the current state of tuning they have been nerfed a couple of times, and they're still producing high amounts of damage. The combined elements of all of these together put these in S tier on this best Dragonflighnt melee M+ ranking.


A Tier On Dragonflight Melee Tier List

  • Havoc Demon Hunter

  • Feral Druid

  • Sub Rouge

Damage: These classes are pretty close to our s-tier classes there, and are overpowered melee dps classes and specs as well. Damage is quite solid they have good burst AoE, they also have solid sustained AoE, and their single target is good. However, Havoc is probably close to S tier melee DPS m+ in World of Warcraft Dragonflight as far as its single target, but maybe just a tiny bit behind. Sub Rogue here is the one problem with it is that you could be playing Outlaw and Subs rotation is very straightforward in AoE. So it's also just really quite good, but that's always going to be a problem for Rogues.


Utility: We know Rogue utility, but AoE silences and stuns from Demon Hunters. We have mained which are essentially kidney shots right we have roar, incap, shouts, darkness, you have a lot of this the cyclone stuff pushing and pulling mobs all of this is a really good utility that is available to Druids.


Survivability: Likewise is good. They are some cheap deaths there is another walk two deaths are some really strong personals like survival instincts and forensic regeneration. You get predatory swiftness for sustained regeneration and DHS getting blur to vanish, all pretty incredible. Their tuning is quite good.


These Dragonflight WOW melee DPS classes are excellent candidates for melee, though current tuning has these lower than S tier (combined ST/AoE metric).


B Tier On Dragonflight Melee DPS Tier Rankings

  • Enhancement Shaman

  • Ret Paladin

  • Unholy DK

Damage: Here we have specs that have essentially very good single target or AoE damage, but not always all of it at the same time. These are quite a strong burst AoE and sustained AoE, but there's some mixed bag between how much they can produce in a single target or two targets outside those situations. There are some resources that are required to ramp that Maelstrom weapon stacks for Enhancement Shaman obviously holy power and then runes and rune regeneration. They're still quite smooth as far as the specs go, but depending on. You might have more single targets out of these or fewer.


Utility: Their utility is pretty solid across the board, you got AoE stuns with cap totem, you get Bop and Sac which is quite unique, you have a good amount of off healing from two of these specs and AMZ and Grips are also quite unique as far as their utility for some affixes, you're going to want those little pieces to get mobs out of sanguine or to move mobs or to an isolated different ones. So these are all pretty premier pieces.


Survivability: Their survivability is probably a little bit less overall than the other two tiers. Even though we have a Ret Paladin with a bubble, the bubble is kind of good, but Ret is a kind of paper outside of that. There is another defensive. It doesn't provide a really strong Dr. It's just a little shield an Enhancement and um Unholy DK though they have things like Death Pack, IBF, AMS, and Astral Shift, it's a mixed bag whether they're that good. Probably, Unholy DK is a little better and though Enhancement has good off-healing, its defensive capabilities are not quite as good as some of the other specs. Like no immunity and your Astral Shifts one and a half minutes.


Generally well-tuned for excellent AoE damage, but slightly lackluster ST or talent-dependent, Survivability not quite as good as other classes.


C Tier On Dragonflight Melee DPS Mytic+ List

  • Fury Warrior

  • Frost Death Knight

  • Sub Rogue

Damage: These classes focus on AoE damage and have a history of doing that maybe through ramping our CDs, but maybe their single Target isn't quite as strong where you can't mix those together depending on the talents. And their survivability is perhaps a little bit worse. So one of the things that's interesting about this set of specs is you have good burst damage good, especially AoE burst damage through breath, through giant CDs from Fury Warrior. And the bombardiers for Survival Hunters, though there are other ways to play it too with the curve. Generally speaking, they're kind of proctependent.


Utility: Their utility is reasonable, you get traps blinding sleep-type things, Shockwave but you kind of have to choose talents to get there especially in the case of Fury Warrior picking and going down Shock Wave is going to take away other options for you in the class side and that's born in a little bit for the Frosty case. But there's nothing wrong with Riley and AMZ, they're all great but maybe not quite as good as your S or A tier.


Survivability: it's just okay, outside of Turtle Hunters are a little squishy. Warriors have to time their stuff very assiduously because they're low CDs like spell reflect which are quite good, but you have to be on it and die by the sword obviously doesn't last that long. Outside that, their positioning has to be very careful Rogues get movement speed, and they get a lot of range, especially outlaws. So they can be moving around a pack or, if you're playing Sub, you can just be fanning in an area to build calm points and then spin them.


If you have massive pulls, these specs can shine. Because these specs represent some of the highest AoE ceilings during CDs, but tuning at present sets theme average on ST, survivability somewhat lacking.


D Tier On WoW Dragonflight M+ Melee DPS Tier List

  • Assassination Rogue

  • Arms Warrior

Damage: These specs are kind of unique and this is why they're down here in D tier. Not because they don't do good damage, they just have to make a choice within their talents. Both Assassination and Arms trees hinder our ability effectively contribute both an ST and AoE profile without missing substantial pieces. The damage is quite good for either, but this choice is limiting. Here's a mix of problems for the talent selections in these two specs that really keep them back from being what you would normally think of as the top-tier Draogonflight melee Mythic Plus classes.


Utility: Mixed Bag. While Assassination has some of the best, Arms is mediocre (like Fury)


Survivability: Mixed Bag. Assassination is top tier, Arms are mediocre.