D2R Terror Zone Tracker - Terror Zone Tracker Guide for Diablo 2 Resurrected

12/14/2022 5:36:34 PM

If you don’t want to miss out on Chaos Sanctuary, Worldstone Keep, and more amazing zones, you can use the D2R Terror Zone Tracker to keep track of the current terrorized areas. 

What Can You Get from the D2R Terror Zone Tracker 

The terror zone tracker on D2runewizard is a good tool in D2R, it allows you to keep track of the zone outside of the game and there are lots of other benefits and information provided. 

- Track the current terror zone. You're not always online and you can't always see what the current terror zone is, but a terror zone tracker for Diablo 2 Resurrected allows you to track the terror zones and know what the terror zone is when you're offline. You can click change zone and you can also update it yourself after you confirm the terror zone, but you need to log in or sign up first.  

- Monster immunities. Not only does it show you the terror zone, but it also shows you the immunities for the terror zone. For example, the Lost City, Valley of Snakes, and Claw Viper Temple are fire, cold, lightning, poison, and magic immunes.

- Super uniques. It also tells your what super uniques are currently inside the zone, so for the above area, you have Dark Elder and Fangskin, Dark Elder is always in Lost City, and Fangskin is always in level 2 of Claw Viper Temple. While the super unique in Moo Moo Farm is The Cow King. 

- Boss packs. In this area, the number of boss packs is about 21 to 28, and the reason is that it includes Lost City and temple levels one and two, it is a pretty large zone, including three different zones. But the Valley of Snakes doesn't really have a whole lot of monsters in it, it's practically nothing, so it's pretty much just the Lost City, Claw Viper Temple level one, and level two. The boss packs in Moo Moo Farm are 6 to 8. 

- You can also mark your favorite zones and get notified when it is get terrorized. 

You can even analyze the data from all the previous days and find how many times a specific zone has been and get an idea of when the next one is coming. What to note is that Terror zones are now only available on multiplayer on both Ladder and non-Ladder.

Click here to fast go to Diablo 2 Terror Zone Tracker. 

D2R Terror Zone Tracker

Which are the Best Terror Zones Should You Choose in D2R?

When it comes to more features, players can vote for their favorite terror zones, until now, the most popular zones are Chaos Sanctuary, Moo Moo Farm, Worldstone Keep, Throne of Destruction, and Worldstone Chamber. You can also vote for the tier of the current zone, ranking from S to F tier. Tal Rasha's Tombs and Tal Rasha's Chamber have 49 to 63 boss packs, every immunity is in here, they are nice and densely clustered and it really does make for a very nice zone. Arcane Sanctuary seems nice for solo farming, but it's terrible for group farming. Act II Sewers is a pretty amazing area you may miss.

The Sunder Charms are a type of D2R unique items only drop in the hell versions of the terror zones, from Champion, Unique and Superunique monsters or boss. Another really interesting thing is what immunities are in those particular areas, so Blood Moor is only fire and cold if you are lightning or others, there are pretty much no monsters in here that are going to challenge you, you get a better idea of kind of what's going on in those zones, whether there's a specific monster that you should be hunting down, how many boss packs are in those specific zones. Some areas have every immunity where are far easier. 

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