D2R Endgame Gameplay Guide: How To Aviod Burn-Out in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

8/31/2022 7:02:02 PM

How do you avoid Burnout in Diablo 2 Resurrected? With this D2R guide, we will share you with some tips to keep you enjoying the game better when grinding. 

For those of you who don't exactly know what this term would mean. in regards to playing Diablo 2, everybody knows that there's an incredible grind whether you're doing your Ladder reset and you're playing through the game, trying to get all those high runes to make the gear you're really searching for. Sometimes you just grind and grind in order to get that gear. If you do this repetitiveness over and over again running the same areas doing the same thing, you'll get something called Burnout where the game just does not seem funny anymore.

How To Avoid Burn-Out in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

How to avoid this kind of burn-out in D2R farming? Here we will give you tips and tricks that you can try in order to keep that love of the game alive.

1. You Just Playing Way Too Much All At Once

Make sure you don't overdo it. Now we know you could feel pressured to get out there and grind and grind and grind too much, particularly at the beginning of a Ladder reset but don't fall into that trap. If you are playing the game when you don't really want to, just in order to try to keep up with everybody else, that's going to give you a big problem, that's when the game ends up turning into feeling like a job and most people already have full-time jobs they got tons of work they got to do around the house and kids and all that good stuff, so don't turn something you love to do into a second career that you don't actually get anything out of. And to kind of continue along with that don't be afraid to take a break. You don't have to completely give up the game forever but you can take a week or two or three breaks play a different game maybe not play games at all or do other things in your life other hobbies spend time with your family and friends.

2. Don't Do Lifereally The Exact Same Thing Every Day

Change up what you're doing, a lot of people can fall into the rhythm of making that hammerdin or making that fist of heavens paladin now, doing those sorceresses or something like that, heading out to Chaos Sanctuary doing Baal runs and they just repeat, or maybe one of those people that like to make that java design and just go cows trying to get those high runes. Now those are the best places to get a lot of the best stuff in the game, but just because it's the best place to get the best Diablo 2 items, doesn't mean it's the best thing for you to do every second of every day that you're playing Diablo 2 Resurrected. We highly recommend changing it up even if it's not the best build or it's not the best area, do something a little different and challenge yourself in a little bit of a different way.

There's actually an incredibly large amount of end game in Diablo 2, the one thing that people don't realize is it's just not a guided end game:

  • One of Every Fully Decked out character

  • Ladder 99 grind

  • The single-player holy grail

  • Speed running

  • PvP or Hardcore

  • Humorous difficult and insane challenges

There are so many different little end game-type things that you can do in Diablo 2, so maybe pick a different one besides just doing ladder reset over and over again, riding in the chaos sanctuary and Baal runs trying to make your enigma in affinity and hotel.

3. Pick Up A Second Monitor

It's probably the easiest simplest one to do that will help out literally everybody and it's one thing that makes the grind even better and the game even more enjoyable while you are playing. Just get yourself a second monitor at the resale shop, you can literally walk in get some 19-inch monitor for like 20 maybe even less, and hook that up to your computer then on your second monitor you can have music or video going, and you can even pop on a Netflix show and be half watching it while you're out there grinding. It will really add to the enjoyment because you're doing multiple things that you like at one time and it will keep you from getting bored if you are stuck in a pattern of grinding the same thing over and over again.