D2R Drop Rates Explaind | How Does Diablo 2 Resurrected Magic Find Work on Item Drops

7/14/2022 5:25:41 PM

It is not always better to go with magic find in Diablo 2 Resurrected, actually, it does not matter in many cases. In this article, we’ll get into the D2R magic find and drop rates explained, and figure out how MF works and what affects the drop rates in the game. 

D2R drop rates & magic find

D2R Drop Rates Explaind | How Does Diablo 2 Resurrected Magic Find Work on Item Drops

How does magic find work in Diablo 2 Resurrected? Does magic find affect runes and other items in D2? Mount Arreat explained how MF works in terms of item drops and what changes the drop rates.

Magic Find and Drop Mechanic

Magic find does not influence the item types and quality in your drops, the generated drop is depending on monster type and level. When the item type is fixed, magic find will increase the chances for a better rarity. Magic find does not affect gambling, crafting, or other cube recipes, and rune drops are not affected by magic find. There are no better drop chances for specific types of Diablo 2 Resurrected items like runes, jewels, or charms.

There are different drop rates for all item types, higher treasure classes will only drop in Hell, boss packs and champions have better chances to drop nice loot, and super uniques also have their own drop rates. In most cases, they are better but sometimes they are kinda special. Which items a drop can't contain only depends on the monster itself, magic find only affects the colors of the drop, it also works for opening chests and the barbarian skill Find Item. Specters, souls, and cows have better chances of runes, charms, and jewels. 

There will be checks for every D2R item in the following order:

1. Kill the monster.

2. The game decides the amount and type of items to drop.

3. The game checks if it’s a unique item, if not, checks whether it is a set, rare or magic item. If yes, go to the last check. Every check contains a random role with the corresponding probability, which will be influenced by the magic find value.  

4. If all checks are the negative answer, the item is white or gray, and there will be more checks for the quality, whether the item gets sockets or not and how many.

5. Finally, there will be the last check for every D2 item, an independent role decides whether the item becomes ethereal or not, the chance is about 5%.  

6. There are also items that can’t be ethereal or others that always appear everywhere, in such cases, the value is automatically set to one or zero, set items can’t become ethereal just like phase blades, bows, and crossbows. 

Amount of Players

More characters in a game will raise the drop rate for several cases, but there are also many situations where it doesn’t matter. For example, Champions’ and random unique’s drop rates are always the same, monster type and players do not matter. 

More characters will be more effective in the following situations: 

- Increase drop rates for regular monsters and several super uniques/bosses.

- Increase the amount of spawning monsters.

- Increase monsters’ XP drops.

- Increase monsters’ life and damage. 

Party size

party size can also be configured in D2R drop calculator, but the effect is much less important than the amount of players, in most cases, partly size does not change anything, but for example rune drop chances from regular monsters will slightly increase. 

How to calculate the MF value

In D2R, the magic find value from the source of damage will be counted, which only in that moment when the monster dies. Overall, the following magic find values should be calculated.

Magic find will be counted at the moment when the monster dies, the MF value is taken from the source of deadly damage, and summons and traps get the character's MF value, whenever a mercenary kills a monster, the characters’ and merc's MF values will be summed up when multiple players fight the monster, the character who does the last hit on the monster will be counted.

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