Dragonflight Season 1 Halls of Valor Raid & M+ Guide | Preparation for Halls of Valor Mythic Dungeon in WoW Dragonflight

12/19/2022 10:57:16 AM

Dragonflight Season 1 Vault of the Incarnates Raid & Mythic+ are about to open. What should we do for Halls of Valor Raid & Mythic+? There is our preparation guide for this raid.

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The Halls of Valor Mythic Dungeon Guide

Color Coding Key

Interuptible ability

Stun / Knock

Cleave/frontal attack

Key Information

Dispel or Purge



Enemy Name


Player Action


Valarjar Champion

Rending Strike

Bleed on tank

Kite, stun, etc.

Valarjar Thundercaller

Thunderous Bolt



Move Away

AoE circle around one player.

Storm Drake

Lightning Breath


Valarjar Mystic

Holy Radiance


30% AoE heal

Rune of healing

interupt or move

Stormforged Sentinel

Inspiring Aura

Don't pull with casters.

Other mobs cannot be interupted with a sentinel   in the group.

Valarjar Marksman


Hard to move

Will disengage into other packs if poorly positioned.

Valarjar Shieldmaiden

Mortal Hew

Frontal cleave

Breach Armor

Micro Kite

Tank debuff, short range

Valarjar Purifier

Cleansing Flame


Channel on random player

Valarjar Runecarver



Shattered Rune


Emberclaw Worg

Pack buff

Don’t overpull

Worgs get a 20% stacking damage buff for each worg near   them.

Leap attack


Worgs will leap at a player, instant cast no warning   for heavy damage.

Tether with Ursol's Vortex or Spear of Bastion, else   range spread so worgs arent buffed when they leap.



Periodically 3 dragons will sweep the boss area with a   breath weapon that leaves a ground effect.

Dancing Blade

AoE ravager on a player, lasts about a minute

Horn of Valor

AoE damage followed by lane based AoE

Bloodletting Sweep

Frontal Cleave



Boss is preceded by 2 mini bosses that cast Sanctify or   Eye of the Storm boss mechanics.

Can pull both mini-bosses together, but you offset the   pull so their specials don’t go at same time.


Dodge orbs. One orb hit kills everyone on beta, hope   for tuning.

Eye of Storm

Stand in Shield



You fight Fenryr twice, first time is 100 to 60%   health, second time is 60% till 0.

Unnerving Howl

Stop Casting

AoE interupt. During second encounter this ability   summons 3 worgs.

Ravenous Leap

Spread out

Jumps to several players, deals damage on hit and   leaves a bleed.

Attacks furthest target first

Can Vanish or Feign Death while Fenryr is mid-leap to   cancel the ability (Like Kujo in Mechagon)

Savage Claws

Group up

Instant attack that splits damage between all nearby   targets

Party should be loosely stacked on Fenryr unless he is   casting Ravenous Leap

Uses claw attack 3 times between each leap

Scent of Blood

Run Away

Focuses one non-tank player and chases them. Can immune   with Iceblock, BoP, etc.


Need 84% before 4 Kings mini-boss encounter (before   crossing golden bridge)

Recommended order: Haldor, Ranulf, Bjorn and Tor. When   you kill a mini-boss the remaining kings gain their ability.


Unruly Yell

Interupt. Deals AoE damage and interupts player   casting.


Call Ancestor

Summons a slow moving add that heals the miniboss if it   reaches him.

Kite / cc the add


Dagger Toss

Single target damage



Stacking debuff on tank



Tank should pick up shield that Odyn throws down before   the fight starts and then pick it up again after each time the boss uses it.

Felblaze Rush


Charges a random player dealing aoe damage around the   target.


Use Extra Action

Stand behind the shield to prevent ragnarok damage

Savage Blade

Tank Hit



Stand behing the shield, kill adds

Pick up the aegis after Skovald uses it.



Fight ends when Odyn reaches 80% health.


Kick and kill

Spawns just before tempest, first kick is crucial

Radiant Tempest

Run Out

Big Circle around boss, deals fatal damage after a   delay.

Runic Brand

Move to your rune

Big damage buff, save cds for this.


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