WoW Dragonflight Season 1 Top 7 Solo Queue PVP Specs - Solo Q PVP Specs Tier List in Dragonflight

12/20/2022 10:38:00 AM

In this guide, we will be covering top seven solo Q PVP specs for Dragonflight season one, so let's get started with the top seven solo queue PVP specs.

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TOP 7 Solo Q PVP Spec: Balance Druid

The first one on the list might come as a bit of surprise, however, we do think that the Balance Druid, it is likely to be a powerful specialization in the solo queue environment, given the most recent change just to the survivability of a lot of melee DPS, we think that the damage profile of Balance Druid is going to become increasingly more valuable, it's something that is really well suited to the fast pace of dampening ramping up as fast as it does and it brings some of the best crowd control, not only offensively through instant solar beam silence routes on healers as well as Cyclone to keep your partners alive, if you are a talented balanced period, your damage will be desirable, and your crowd control will be vital for keeping your team alive and executing four kills, and this specialization is definitely going to be a strong performer, we saw it well represented as well in terms of a track record given the shadow Lance solo queue tournament  in the past, and it's got great synergies and viability and versatility with a lot of other classes that normally maybe it wouldn't succeed with well-coordinated compositions in 3v3, but in solo queue environment where you're just going to be making things up as you go, you're not going to be really super coordinated with three two one goes balance druid does synergize with a lot of classes, we think it's going to be very nasty.


TOP 6 Solo Q PVP Spec: Elemental Shaman

Moving into the number six position is the Elemental Shaman, similarly to the balance Druid, we think that its damage profile is a little bit more threatening, so you're going to be able to close out games a bit faster, but these are really close they could they could either be seven or six next to each other, we really want to wait and see both of them could struggle the main reason, we think Elemental Shaman will be a little bit better than balanced street is that it's going to have access to the dark iron dwarf racial, we think that this racial is going to be very important in season one here, any ability to remove bleed effects, any ability to remove damage over time effects is going to be really valuable, we think that Elemental Shaman similarly to Balance Druid can synergize with melee DPS, Caster DPS, it's got a lot of options on the table for itself and it's got a great damage profile which is very desirable in the fast-paced environment of dampening, Elemental Shaman struggles with those melee DPS that were very bulky and very difficult to take down, but a lot of those melee DPS have been nerfed now up to this point so Elemental Shaman is likely to have an opportunity to shine.


TOP 5 Solo Q PVP Spec: Preservation Evoker

Number five is still the Preservation Evoker, this healer is just doing way more Health per second than any other healer currently and brings a lot of vital mechanics to deal with bleed effects which we think are going to be very apparent early on in dragonflight season one unless we see more changes if we do, but preservation evokers throughput is just through the roof, it's going to synergize with basically anything, it offers valuable damage as a Healer that can execute for kills with a little bit of cheeky crowd control although on the crowd control front is where it is lacking in comparison to some other healers, but it more than makes up for that with the amount of throughput that it has in both healing and damage and the cauterizing flame is going to be very important to the success of this specialization or to your success on the latter.


TOP 4 Solo Q PVP Spec: Havoc Demon Hunter

In the number four position is going to be the Havoc Demon Hunter that may still come as a surprise, but the main reason that we think Havoc Demon Hunter is still going to be an important class is that it's very synergized specialization it can play with a lot of things, it'll have mortal wounds, it still has some of the most instant crowd control chains we've ever seen like, in the past when scatter shot and freezing trap didn't Dr Hunter was a very scary threat if you scatter into a freezing trap, Demon Hunter is going to stun you into an end cap into a fear, so single-handedly, you can take a Healer out of the game for pretty much the longest period of time without having to cast any crowd control which is going to be really scary really threatening for teams to deal with, we think you're still going to be very tanky and bulky in Metamorphosis when you have your leech active and likely with the short duration of these matches, you're going to be in metaform for a significant portion of your game, so you're still going to be very durable, High Mobility, High CC, mortal wounds, very good synergies even despite the nerves we think you're probably still going to come out ahead of all the classes that did get nerfed as significantly as they ,did, but perhaps not as powerful as you would have been in the past given the fact that you're fought of the flame heal has been nerfed significantly, but still really good synergies definitely a top performing specialization solo queue.


TOP 3 Solo Q PVP Spec: Shadow Priest

Number three is going to be the Shadow Priest, we think that shadow priest is going to be bringing some of the best personal defensive cooldowns in comparison to the other options that we listed above, it's still going to have access to racials that can deal with a lot of the meta-specializations, it brings a lot of immediate emergency cooldowns like life swap for its allies, and it brings in the type of crowd control chain that Havoc Demon Hunter has with stun and silence, paired up with siphene and Mind Games, although now siphing is more easily killed, it can also now be shielded and healed by your allies, So for anybody that's playing with a shadow priest if you're a Healer, we've seen some very cheesy mechanics like ultimate sacrifice on holy paladins on a side fiend, so it's Immortal basically, it can't take damage, these types of mechanics, if you have a palette and tell them like hey if you sack our siphene that thing is going to sit full duration and we're probably going to kill something, but those types of healing reduction mechanics instant crowd control so you can get them without having to have too much help from your teammates, very important when you're not going to have communication, has a great damage profile, that's going to benefit from the dampening Pace, that's currently active in solo queue, so definitely a top performing spec.


TOP 2 Solo Q PVP Spec: Assassination Rouge

Moving into the number two position is going to be the Assassination Rouge, we think it's going to become very important to be running things that can deal with bleeds, can deal with poisons if you have talents or ratios that you can pick that are going to be able to counteract that, because this spec is going to be dominance with the fact that it has two charges of shiv it can now also get wound and deadly poison at the same time, so it's not sacrificing damage for that mortal wounds effect, it is going to be running people over, we think it's going to be easier to play than subtlety Rogue in a solo queue environment although we do think subtly Rogue could still do well, Outlaw Rogue can definitely be just as strong as assassination, the survivability is higher, but we think that assassination's pressure at the moment is kind of almost unparalleled, the only main problem with assassination Rogue would be its fragility, how easy is it to take down, you're going to need to be aware of that get ready defensively use your evasions at higher Health, your healers aren't panicking and overlapping with you a lot, but this spec was really underrated coming up through the ranks we feel like it was just underplayed and really wasn't fully explored, we think Rogue in general is going to become increasingly threatening with cooldown reduction and double vanished charges and the fact that shadow dance is available now, to all rogue specializations, we think you're going to start to see more and more Rogues despite how down talked they've been pretty much up to this point, but this has been very nasty specialization right now from war games that we've seen and from just personal observations, it's going to synergize really well with a lot of classes as well whether even just be other melee you just the fact that you can KO a Target, you bring blind the longest crowd control in the game with an instant duration, so really powerful class, but maybe you get the reason, we haven't put you on number one is because we think if people adapt to it and start picking up dark iron and dwarf and stuff like that and there's a lot of evokers, your bleeds might not be super effective.


TOP 1 Solo Q PVP Spec: Demonology Warlock

Moving into the number one position  is actually still currently Demonology Warlock even despite the absorbed nerfs, we think the fact that it has Mortal wounds, has stun, has coil, has spammable crowd control with fear, it'll put it in a position where it can set up kills by itself, it can save its allies by itself, it still has great personal defense Mobility to be able to move and escape from enemy attackers, it's threatening throughout the match, it synergizes with pretty much anything, it's a Caster class, it's a melee classic, it can do everything right, it's got physical damage as well as magical damage, so if Rogues are prevalent there's a current fell storm build for demonology, so your pet's doing a lot of physical damage, so Rogues might get caught off guard and die with cloak of Shadows up, because it's all physical damage, you just have the best profile you fit really well into dampening and just doing overall damage or setting up for burst damage really flexible and versatile class, even despite fight the nerves, we do think it's probably maybe a bit harder to play than other classes, and because of that you might get caught off guard a bit by it, but it's definitely one that is worth investing we think it's going to be really nasty in particular and that's why it's coming in the number one position.

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