Diablo 2 Resurrected Runewords Guide - The Most Rarely Runemaster Ever In Diablo 2

12/20/2022 4:22:40 PM

If you want to support the ice boy, here is a near-perfect rude master, however, this is not just any Rune Master, this is an ethereal remaster and it has five sockets at that damn near-perfect Rune Master at Max can roll up to 270 percent enhanced damage, and this one rolled 266 percent now.


Diablo 2 Resurrected Runewords Guide - The Most Rarely Runemaster Ever In Diablo 2 

Diablo 2 Resurrected Rune Master 

A perfect death cleaver one that is ethereal check it out, but the thing is death Cleaver has some very nice one.

Rune Master

Ettin Axe

One-Hand Damage: 179 To 362

Durability: 13 Of 13

Required Dexterity: 35

Required Strength: 135 

Required Level: 7 2

Axe Class - Normal At Tack Speed

+266% Enhanced Damage

+5% To maximum Cold Resist

Can not Be Frozen

Ethereal (cannot Be Repaired), Socketed [5])

Rune master does not have any of those qualities granted as cannot be frozen, because of Raven Frost, so that's fine, double up on that he's just looking to get knockout Frozen all right plus, there's the five percent to maximum cold res which is a pretty fine stat.

Death Cleaver 

Berserker Axe


One-Hand Damage: 136 To 402

Required Dexterity: 49

Required Strength: 128

Required Level: 70

Axe Class - Very Fast Attack Speed


+40% Increased Attack Speed

+280% Enhanced Damage

-33% Target Defense

+66% Deadly Strike

+9 Life After Each Kill 

Ethereal|(Cannot Be Repaired), Socketed [1] 

What's interesting is this actually has higher minimum damage than death Cleaver all right one thing that you get with an Etten Ax, however, it's pretty damn slow, but nonetheless.

Let's put a zar root in there hell, and put a low Rune in now, the Zod made it indestructible, of course, and the low gave it 20 chances of a deadly strike. Now here's really interesting in the Omron how much damage is it gonna add 180 to 362, what does it go to 203 to 411.

Probably should have added one more ohm, but that's fine instead of that just put two shells in there and call it good 40 is 316 enhanced damage 20 deadly strikes indestructible.

The Whirlwind damage with one hand which should be the Ethanax 3665 Max death Cleaver 3500 and 89 Max. How well it fares in The Frigid Highlands no, it wasn't that great was it,  but it actually killed him in one hit or two, actually benefiting greatly from the fact that put those two shell rooms in it.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Whirlwind

The Whirlwind is actually kind of difficult to decipher what you need for the IES breakpoints ever since the recent patch which was just a couple of months ago, they changed up Whirlwind.

Whirlwind Stats

Strength 145

  • Berserk Damage 1719-4843

  • Whirlwind Damage 1294-3630/1865-3707

  • Berserk Attack Rating 4218

Dexterity 99

  • Whirlwind Attacking Rating 4099

  • Defense 12113

Vitality 435

  • Stamina 1917/1917

  • Life 4426/4426

Energy 50

  • Mana 327/327

Fire Resistance 75%

Cold Resistance 79%

Lightning Resistance 80%

Poison Resistance 75%

This character has 95 increased attack speed. If you have any idea, but to kill pretty damn well, 109 129 chance of a deadly strike 50 chance of crushing blue ten percent chance of open wounds, negative 33 chance or Target defense and that's only on the death Cleaver, unfortunately.

This is actually pretty good, one of the best combos in the Research Institution. You have the unique Anton ax Elite ethereal, level 70 requirement, level 72 requirement.

You're finding Berserker axes before you find it in Axis or after you find an axis, but whatever could be wrong, just recall back in the day, the war Ax you'd like to start finding in act three whereas what's it called the double ax, you can find that in like act one or something later on act two at the latest all right.

Show you gear similar gear setup laying of hands. Although change one thing laying of hands for nice damage to Demons increased attack speed Fire Res, and res are on point maxed out, so the roads are the quite well string of ears mattled heel, the only source of Mana leech Raven Frost doubling up on that cannot be frozen hell go Rider, Lord's Wrath fortitude 2500 3700, a significant increase in damage and g-face and took out the Estrone.

Diablo 2 Resurrected IES Jewel

An IES Jewel that has plus eight to minimum damage all right, maxed out whirlwind, maxed out ax mastery, maxed out by battle orders. Actually, with BK Seth bull Catho set, this is destroying, what's extra nice is how this doesn't break, because as many of you know and as how certainly found out throughout the research institution non-etherial items break pretty damn fast. Generally, get through one Chaos run before starts breaking all right that's a big problem holy.

Let's see how well it deals with this stuff. 

High Lords is freaking essential, all the deadly strikes jeez holy, this is amazing. Maybe this is crazy, this would be doing more damage because botd doesn't have any deadly strikes on it, all the deadly strikes are holy how much is that any good 129. 

Even though in action, it should count what's in both hands, it alternates, so that with one tick, you'll have a deadly strike more than your other take, if it even matters for that matter, try a frenzy pretty fast, he's pretty quick not that Whirlwind is just too good, to try this with enigma, of course, you're running faster with Enigma, it's going to be to his detriment in terms of DPS, here are some demons.

Even though the attack rating, he desperately needs an attack rating pretty damn pathetic how, even if you don't need the CBF from raven frost, you pretty much still need the damn ring, because of the Epic boost, you get dexterity and attack rating plus you get Mana plus you get cold absorbed, just crazy even some cold damage.

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