Diablo 2 Resurrected Items Guide - 6 Disappointing Drops Runes In Diablo 2

10/29/2022 11:40:03 AM

Everybody knows the kind of almost borderline gambling aspect of the RNG and Diablo 2 resurrected get out there, you're killing tons of monsters, every monster you kill, it's essentially a pull of the lever on the slot machine, now sometimes those numbers can come up big for you, and you're dropping tons of money at the bottom that's when you're hitting things like High runes, you're finding that Griffin's eye all different types of great things like that, but sometimes those numbers come up in a very unfortunate Manner. These are the most disappointing drops in all of Diablo 2 Resurrected.

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Diablo 2 Resurrected Items Guide - 6 Disappointing Drops Runes In Diablo 2 

1. Diablo 2 Resurrected Drop Runes 

Now first one up here, looking for that low rune.

  • Grief 

  • Fortitude

You get out there, and you're farming, you're slaying monsters in good areas to find High runes, you kill enough of them and boom, you finally see that low Rune plop off of a cow, you are so ecstatic, your heart jumps a little bit what does that low Rune end up being everyone has been there, it's the dreaded aisle, how did they do this? How did they name maroon IO with a capital?

Next to what would be a low Rune, they're almost identical, this has happened to literally everybody because everybody needs that fortitude for their act 2 mercenary any Melee character, you'll want to throw that grief on, because it's so incredibly powerful, so that's why this one is so disappointing when you make that little mistake and you mistake the Io for the low.

2. Diablo 2 Resurrected Drop Runes 

Next up is very similar, but not quite the same the Rune is not as valuable, but once again, they have two runes that have the same number of letters in them, they start with the same letter, so it kind of can confuse you and trick you catch you off guard when you see it out of the corner of your eye, you see that if Rune and you think it is an istron.

Now it is very easy to make this mistake, even blizzard did it when they were putting out their PTR when they gave you an enigma on the PTR, they gave you a JA IST Burr on accident because they're so close to somebody in the dev team made that mistake.

3. Diablo 2 Resurrected Drop Runes 

Now the next one up here is not necessarily confusing, it's just finding one of these Diablo 2 items is astronomically awesome, and the other item is worthless and they're both incredibly rare because they are the same base item.

  • Mavina's true sight 

  • Griffon's eye diadem

Now actually found several of these in the last month, and maybe find one or two, it's not that disappointing, but when you find one after another after another, and you want the other item, it is incredibly disappointing as that is when you're out there farming and you find this green diadem.

  • Mavina's True Sight

It is actually the Dynam for the movina set and the movina set is almost unused, so this item has essentially no value, no use, no purpose, but the unique version of this and you probably already guessed and already know about it that is Griffin's eye.

Hunting on single-player for a long time, actually on regular Diablo 2 resurrected not counting the mods, they are incredibly uncommon and difficult to find, now don't let it break your spirits. Though when you find several of these green items Griffin's eye is on the way for you.

4. Diablo 2 Resurrected Drop Runes 

The next one up is for you people out there doing your holy Grails, now this one is when you maybe don't want to just keep farming 85 areas over and over again, you're gonna switch it up and maybe go knock off a few lower Grailers on your list, so you're going to go out and run pindle now what you do is you're out there just slaying and slaying and he drops you a unique sacred armor.

  • Templar's might sacred armor 

  • Tyrael's might sacred armor 

There are two options, this could Templars might or Terials might, if you found it from a different location the thing is with pindle actually, he is not a high enough level based upon treasure class item level, he can only drop the Templars, now while that is incredibly rare, it's good to knock that one off your Holy Grail list, if you already found yourself a Templars and you're hunting for that cereal might that is just an incredibly disappointing drop.

5. Diablo 2 Resurrected Drop Runes 

Now whether you're a single player or at the beginning of Latter, a lot of people are hunting for a lot of the same items whether it's the Erectus mesh, the Shaco's things like that well, sometimes the game tries giving you these items and you don't even notice it, but if the monster you're killing and that item rolls to drop, but if it's not a high enough level doesn't have the right treasure class.  

To drop that item it turns into what is called a failed unique and when I pick these up and find these. It can be incredibly disappointing, so the most common one and one that has happened to me several times maybe it'll be running and Daryl at the beginning of a single player or the beginning of ladder and you see a rare spider web sash. 

  • Spiderweb Sash 

Now the reason that can be, so disappointing pick it up, and look at it now usually a spider web stash only has 12 durabilities, but if that rare sash has 36 durabilities, you just got hoe's son. 

Andaro tried to give you an erective mesh, but she's not high enough level to drop one, so if a unique fails and it cannot drop when it rolls it reverts to a rare that has triple durability, now, this can happen with a lot of different types of items as well. 

Had a crazy drop-off from Mephisto, it looked like magic, just a blue Shaco that dropped off a Mephisto and it had double durability, even though there is not an item, a set Shaco what it did is it rolled to be whatever the set Shaker would be, there isn't one if it does do that, what the game will do is make the item magic, and it will have double durability and also on the same drop crazy enough, double durability - Warhat in other words that Warhead tried to drop as the cow King's helmet, now that can only drop in the cow level, you can't drop that off from a Fisto.

So that is once again a failed set item, this can happen all the time with all different types of items, if it is triple durability rare, it tried to roll as a neat unique, but could not for one reason or another, and if it's double durability magic, it tried to roll as a set item, but it could not now while this can happen with almost any of the items in the game by far the most disappointing, is that failed Shaco and that failedirect are mesh.

6. Diablo 2 Resurrected Drop Runes 

Now you're out there right at the beginning of a ladder, your farming Mephisto over and over and Dario over, you need that Shaco interactive mesh, you know what it doesn't end up being a failed set item. It doesn't end up being a failed unique or something like that you find your Shaco, and you find your arachnid's mesh, now how is this an incredibly disappointing drop.

  • Arachnid Mesh Spiderweb Sash 

The problem is you pick it up you put in your inventory and it's ethereal, this is one of the most disappointing drops in the entire game. It just breaks, when people comment or post pictures of their ethereal Arachnidus mesh on day three of Latter.

Now while you can use it for a little while everybody knows that if you get hit and stuff eventually those ethereal items are gonna break obviously in ethereal Shaco you're not gonna waste Zod runes on that and an ethereal erect is messy you can't suck at it anyway.

  • Harlequin Crest Shako 

  • Arachnid Mesh Spiderweb Sash 

  • Cow King's Horns 

These Diablo 2 items are potentially temp uses until you get a hold of or find ones that are not ethrthereal, this has so far not ever happened where's camera's vibrating a little bit. 

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