Lost Ark Bracelet Tier List - Best Bracelet Effects & Stats in Lost Ark

1/11/2023 2:28:39 PM

Among all of the bracelet stats, which is the best one to choose? Here we have a Lost Ark bracelet tier list to give you an idea of what is worthwhile to get on a roll and what you can basically scrap.

Lost Ark Bracelet Tier List - Best Bracelet Effects & Stats in Lost Ark

Below is a full bracelet tier list by DEFENDOR, basically, S and A tiers are absolutely worth your time to hunt for double stat rolls, so if you get something like your main stat plus your main combat stat, maybe you're a specialization class gets spec and dexterity and then maybe you're going to get something like Ambush and Assault that is a phenomenal role and the odds of you hitting that role in the first place are very small. There are also the best Lost Ark bracelets for support. 

S Tier: Crit, Specialization, Swiftness, Spike, Hammer, Cycle, Ambush, Duel

- Crit, Specialization, and Swiftness are undoubtedly S-tier and you should be looking for these when you're looking for a drop, specifically looking for a drop with these rolls is preferable, because the perks when you're rolling are much bigger, and these can and roll on the drops whereas other stuff can't, so you need to find these as quick as possible on a bracelet.

- What Spike does is when you're attacking a monster, you get an effect called Spike, which lasts for eight seconds and it stacks up each time and becomes something stronger, this is an S tier for DPS, you need it on your DPS rolls.

- What Hammer does is when attacking a monster, you acquire the hammer effect for eight seconds, it increases your critical hit damage by six, eight, or ten percent, the best part about that is if you also have the Steel Spike effect active, which is when you have all the stacks, it doubles the effectiveness of hammer, if you have one of those rolls, you really want to have another one to go with it, because they're kind of they're a symbiotic pair that because they double the effectiveness of them. You need them as a DPS for a potentially best-in-slot role.

- Cycle is another fantastic one and you absolutely need this one when you're hunting a god roll.

- Ambush increases back attack damage by 2.5, 3, or 3.5 percent, no requirements to it whatsoever except that you do back attack damage and for most DPS, it is a guaranteed S tier for you.

- Duel is the same as the Ambush, but it's for front attackers, so if you're a front attacking class, it is an absolute S tier.

A Tier: Main Stat, Cold, Constant, Superiority, Assault, Jungle

- Main stat refers to your strength, dexterity, and intelligence, that's decent, it holds up in terms of like a budget or settles kind of role depending on the class, some classes make better use of it than others, but it's definitely not S tier.

- Cold is when attacking a monster while your HP is below 80, so anything from 0 to 80, you acquire a cold effect for three seconds, it increases the damage to a monster by 2.5, 3, or 3.5 percent, and there's nothing else to it. It's a really good value, but it's not great in some scenarios, especially in classes that are very squishy and have low effective HP.

- You acquire the Constant effect when attacking a monster while your HP is over 40 percent, it increases your damage to monsters by 2.5, 3, or 3.5, the same as cold, it's good for pretty much every class except maybe someone like Mayhem Berserker. The reason that both of them aren't in the S tier is that the effect from both of them increases when you pair them together by one percent, if you had both, it has the potential to be an S tier, but the problem is that to have both active at the same time, you would need to be a class that a sits over 40.

- Superiority has the potential to be A because there are no requirements around it at all.

- Assault increases your crit damage to monsters, so we have some other crit damage stuff like Hammer, which is incredibly valuable, this is like a weaker version of it with no incentive or opportunity to be doubled or increase its value.

- Jungle increases your crit hit chance to monsters by two, three, or four percent, this is really fantastic, but just a little bit low on the end of what it offers compared to some of the Synergy you can get from the best ones

B Tier: Quick Attack, Accumulate

- What quick attack does is it increases your weapon attack by a thousand, increases your attack speed by two percent, and your movement speed by two percent, so it's not bad, but it could have some potential.

- Accumulate is when you attack with a basic attack, you're clicking attacks, you acquire this accumulate effect for 60 seconds, and this effect stacks 10 times, and when it stacks 10 times, it acquires the expire effect for three seconds and what the expire effect does is increases your damage of skills except for the Awakening skill. This is like a C to B tier. 

C Tier: Vitality, Endurance, Investment, Elementary

- Vitality for either a support or a DPS, it's going to be C tier, you might have a function for support that uses it, but generally speaking, you don't really care about Vitality at all. 

- For endurance, support might have a role for it, but it's not useful.

- Investment increases weapon attack by a flat number, 1300 to 2200 for eight seconds when using a battle item, now the odds of you using a battle item, especially on cooldowns even if you're a support, you're not using them, now you have a limit on how many you can carry as well, investment here with battle items not that useful.

- When attacking a monster, there's a three percent chance to gain the effect of Elementary and what that does is it increases your weapon attack by 220 to 160, and that can stack 10 times, it doesn't say there's an internal cooldown, so you could pretty much keep it up, this is like a C or B tier on DPS side.

D Tier: Expertise, Domination, Max Mana, Physical, Magical Defense, Roly-Poly, Rush, Smash, Strike, Mana Recovery, Reverse, Counter, Star, Recover, Regeneration, Emergency Blood Transfusion, Emergency Measures, Encore, Reward

- For either Expertise or Domination, you shouldn't look for them with no real value.

- Get rid of physical and magical defense as well, they don't have any benefits

- Roly-Poly increases your endurance by anywhere between 100 and 160 for four seconds after using the space bar to get up, it's going to be so small and you probably never find a real valid use for it.

- Reward is when scoring a critical hit against a monster, you acquire the effect and when you acquire eight, seven, or six stacks of this depending on your role, we don't know what that damage number is for reward, so we can't actually put it in a high-value tier list.

Support S: Dagger, Vulnerability, Cheer

- Dagger is a one that's for support, when you attack the monster, you apply a dagger debuff to the enemy, and it reduces the target's defense by 1.5, 1.8, or 2.1 percent, so it's a defense down similar to like a Summoner or a Reaper or a Destroyer, if you had no support, the dagger is absolutely an S tier role but specifically for supports. 

- Cheer increases the damage that person does to monsters depending on your role, on top of everything else, that’s going to be S for support absolutely.

- Vulnerability decreases the target's crit resistance when a landing attack, it increases your crit chance against that target, this is something for a support that is absolutely S tier.

Support: Max Health, Enlightenment

- Max health is not useful at all.

- Enlightenment increases your identity gauge acquisition, this is up there for support, it's probably B-tier for DPS early on.

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