Lost Ark The Witcher Crossover Guide: Quests, Rewards, Witcher Skins, Items & Tips

1/12/2023 11:27:50 AM

Two fantasy realms meet: Lost Ark and The Witcher will come together in the Witcher Crossover Event (aka X Witcher) of the MMORPG. What exactly awaits you, the developers have now revealed. In the article you will find out what awaits you at the event, covering quests, activities, rewards (items, skins, and cosmetics), and tips. 

Lost Ark The Witcher Crossover Event Guide 2023

Lost Ark Witcher Crossover Event 2023: Date, Quests, Witcher Skins, Items, Rewards & Tips

For Lost Ark, the January update is in the starting blocks. One of the highlights of the new patch is an event with the Witcher: Geralt of Rivia stirs up Arkesia. In the limited-time Witcher Crossover event, players will also work with Geralt, Ciri, Dandelion, Yennefer, and Triss to unravel the mystery of the mysterious interdimensional vortex. As a reward, you can expect some exciting items that fit thematically to The Witcher.

Lost Ark Witcher Crossover Event Start & End Date:

  • Start Time: January 18th, 2023

  • End Time: February 22nd, 2023

The Lost Ark x Witcher event will start on January 18th and run until February 22nd in US/EU, will then span around a month of activities giving the player base plenty of time to experience everything the event has to offer. Until February 22, you can work with Geralt, Ciri, Yennefer, Triss, and Larkspur on the new island "Refuge of the White Wolf" to unravel the mystery surrounding a mysterious vortex. 

How To Start & Join the Witcher Crossover Event to Get Rewards?

  • In order to participate in the event at all, you must have previously completed the task "Set sail!" within the main storyline of Lost Ark, which unlocks the ability to sail around Arkesia.

  • Finally, you need a corresponding ship to reach The Witcher Island which is located in the east of the northern part of the sea Berung in Giena, and can be reached by sailing from northern Bern or from the continent of Pletche. 

  • In addition, you still need to talk to one of the Guild investigators in the major cities of Lost Ark to start the event quest line, by accepting the quest '[Event] Unidentified Vortex' and that if you accept the quest

  • Then you make your way to a new event island. If main quests and daily quests are to be completed, you can quickly reach the White Wolf Refuge Island by overseas steamer. 

  • Once on the island, you will not only experience a new story quest, but will also be able to complete a series of daily quests. 

Lost Ark Witcher Crossover Quests & Rewards

Here we break down all of the FREE Witcher rewards and the quests you need to complete for getting each of them in Lost Ark:

After the main quest on the island (about 30 minutes), visit the island every day to complete the quest. The island basically has about 30 minutes of breaking the main quest and visiting once a day to advance the story, and the task is done. There is a possibility that additional content will be released, but it seems that it can be done lightly during the event. In the Aryan Orb of Elgasia, [Event] finds a person's quest to proceed. Go on quests and descend to the continent of Papunika.

During the Witcher event, a number of daily quests and storyline quests will be available for you to get rewards on the White Wolf Refuge Island. You'll unlock some themed rewards, such as witcher potions, three jukebox songs, a new card set with five Witcher characters, a new title, and more. There are no combat and progression rewards on this island, but if you're a fan of The Witcher series, there's plenty to do.  

1 - Witcher Collaboration Card Set & Title

The core rewards are exclusive card sets and emoji packs. The Witcher Collaboration Card Set, consisting of 5 Witcher Characters, has a unique option to randomly obtain one of the following effects: an 8% increase in Ball/Velocity, a 6% increase in Damage, and an 8% Health shield in addition to the Basic Health Boost. 

Lost Ark The Witcher Card Set featuring 5 Witcher Characters

How To Get Witcher Card Set?

Seeing as you get one card for completing a Day 1 quest, it looks like you'll be able to get Geralt of Libya, Yennefer of Bengerberg, Cyrilla, Tris Marigold, and Dandelion cards for a total of 5 days.

Complete the Day 2 quest to earn a Dandelion card.

Complete the Day 3 quest to earn Cyrilla cards.

Complete the Day 4 quest to earn Bengerberg's Yennefer Card.

Complete the Day 5 quest to earn a Tris Marigold card and the title "Friend of the White Wolf".

2 - The Witcher Emoticons

It's a similar option to the "Circulation" bracelet, but it doesn't have an arousal effect, so it's hard to replace a major set like "Light That Saves the World." It's easy to think of it as an event collectible. The emoji pack consists of selfie poses and witcher emojis, which you can get right from Day 1. It seems that the emoji pack will be given as a quest at a later date.

How to Get The Witcher Emoji Pack?

Day 3 Quest 'What is the doll's identity?' Upon completing the quest, you will receive the Emoticon Pack The Witcher. How about a round of Gwent as a reward for completing it?, The Witcher Mococo is all visible, ugh! What's this, Ghost Lick-mate, Take the whirlwind snow bomb!, You don't like Yennefer, is it me?, Tris's kiss, I'm Dandelion~, you're right You can get emoticons.

3 - The Witcher Selfie Stickers

What's more, The Witcher-themed Selfie Sticker Pack featuring 10 cute selfie stickers can be unlocked.

Lost Ark Witcher Crossover Event Rewards - The Witcher Selfie StickersHow to Get The Witcher Sticker Pack

The Witcher Emote Pack can be obtained by completing the Day 1 quest 'Festive Cooking Disturbance' on the island, which requires a total of 5 days of quests.

4 - 3 Witcher Jukebox Songs

In addition, 3 jukebox music sources will be added to the event and there will be related rewards.

How to get The Witcher Jukebox Music?

Complete the Day 2 quest 'Song of the Bards' to earn The Trail, Geralt of Rivia. In addition, you get The Witcher Battle Potion Box.

5 - The Witcher Potions

There are 3 types of The Witcher's battle potions (Thunderbolt, Swallow, and Thunder) that can be obtained by completing quests. 6 potions of each type, 20 minutes duration, stacked with other food. 

Witcher Potion Effect

Superior Swallow Potion Effect

  • Increases physical stat by 5,000 for 20 minutes / Recovers 300 HP every second

  • This is the first time food restores life like a healing potion.

  • Recovers during battle and works very well

Superior Thunder Potion Effect

  • Increases ball speed by 2% for 20 minutes / Increases ball speed and resource recovery speed intermittently during battle

  • Internal cooldown is estimated to be 3 minutes, and when activated, gains a buff that increases ball speed by 15% and combat resource recovery by 200% for 8 seconds

Superior Thunderbolt Potion Effect

  • Increases critical hit rate by 1% for 20 minutes / Increases attack power intermittently during battle

  • 20 sec internal cooldown, 3% attack power increase buff for 8 sec when activated

Lost Ark Witcher Crossover Event Rewards - Witcher Battle Potion Box

How To Get Witcher Battle Potion Box?

By completing the Day 2 quest 'Song of the Bards', you get The Witcher Battle Potion Box.

6 - The Witcher Twitch Drops - Mococo Skins in January

On the other hand, if you don't want to dig into your pockets, you will at least be able to get the witcher to look at Lost Ark in another way. Later in January, there will be a new Twitch drop, where you will receive Mococo skins inspired by The Witcher. When the Twitch Drops will start exactly, will be revealed only after the release of the update.

Lost Ark Witcher Crossover Event Rewards - Witcher Mokoko Skins

7 - Witcher Mokoko Avatar

To commemorate this collaboration, Smilegate RPG also provides a commemorative coupon to acquire a special 'The Witcher Mokoko Avatar' to all adventurers. During the event period (from Wednesday, January 18, 2023, to before regular maintenance on February 22, 2023), adventurers can visit the official website of Lost Ark and enter the coupon code ‘Mokoko, a friend of the white wolf’, to obtain an avatar.

Lost Ark The Witcher Items (Skins, Wallpapers, Hairstyles, Cosmetics)

On the other hand, if you want your character to look like Geralt or Ciri, you can take a look at the in-game shop of Lost Ark. In the period between January 18 and February 22, corresponding cosmetic sets will be offered there, which will let you slip into the armor of the well-known The Witcher characters.

Lost Ark The Witcher Class Skins

With this update, new Witcher skins for each class based on the concept of Geralt and Siri will be available on the in-game Shop, you can buy with Royal Crystals:

Lost Ark Witcher Crossover Event Items - The Witcher Skins for Female

Lost Ark Witcher Crossover Event Items - The Witcher Skins for Male

Lost Ark The Witcher Weapon Skins

During the event, the Witcher-style weapon skins for each class will also be released in the in-game store:

Lost Ark Witcher Crossover Event Items - The Witcher Weapon Skins

Lost Ark The Witcher Wallpaper

 In addition, ‘Wallpaper: Kaer Morhen’, a decoration item with the theme of the ‘Keer Morhen’ region appearing in The Witcher, will also be introduced.

Lost Ark Witcher Crossover Event Items - The Witcher Wallpaper

The big January update with The Witcher event will be released on January 18th. Once you've downloaded it and the maintenance is complete that day, you can jump right into the event right away.