Top 5 Lightning Builds for PvE Elden Ring 1.08 - Best Lightning/Dex/Faith Builds in Elden Ring 2023

3/23/2023 11:29:27 AM

Top 5 PvE builds for patch 1.08 are continuing on, today we have the lightning based ones. Now lightning is a dexterity, faith based type of element. There are no faith-based lightning weapons in the entire game and there are no faith-based lightning infusions. As always, we focus on the stats, weapons, armors, talismans, items, and gameplay tips. Without further ado, let’s get into these top 5 Elden Ring lightning builds after 1.08.

Top 5 Lightning Dex/Faith Builds for PvE Elden Ring 1.08 - Best Lightning Builds & Weapons in Elden Ring 2023

There are various ways to incorporate lightning into a character build in Elden Ring. One potential option could be to focus on the lightning damage of weapons and spells. For example, players may be able to equip weapons that deal lightning damage or use spells that create lightning-based attacks. Additionally, players may be able to enhance their weapons with lightning-based infusions or buffs to further boost their lightning damage. Another option could be to focus on lightning-based miracles or abilities. Here are the best lightning/dex/faith builds in Elden Ring patch 1.08.

#5 Best Lightning Build in Elden Ring 1.08 - Dragon King’s Cragblade Build

This is a dexterity based heavy thrusting sword, and heavy thrusting swords have an amazing moveset especially with those heavy running attacks. But in particular with this weapon, Its ash of war is thundercloud form which for 28 FP does cool cloud lightning attack that can be fully charged to make it go pretty far distances, it is very powerful in terms of its damage and its posture damage potential as in the gameplay its stance breaks enemies very quickly. 

- Talismans: We have the Millicent Prosthesis. With successive attacks, it does give weapon more damage and with the charged version of the Ash of War, it actually does successive hits over time when you're in that cloud animation, so it actually helps proc the Millicent Prosthesis. You have Shard of Alexander to boost the damage, Godfrey Icon to boost the charge variant of the sky, much of that actually works exactly. If it doesn't work, then you could probably use something like Great-Jars Arsenal instead. 

- Seals: The seal of choice is the Gravel Stone seal which does boost dragon based for lightning-based incantations. 

- Incantations: Lightning Spear, Golden Vow

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#4 Best Lightning Build for PvE - Frozen Lightning Spear Build

We have a lightning frost build, this build is going to center around using the dragon scale blade which is a katana that does get a dexterity scaling, cannot be infused, not buffed and it does not get a passive effect until you use its ash of war which is ice lightning sword, which pretty much works the exact same way as lightning slash. It still gives you that 45 second buff after you use the attack and it gives you plus 120 lightning damage. But unlike lightning slash, also adds 80 Frost damage to your weapon which is obviously very handy because procking Frost means that you just do 20% more damage for a short period of time.

- Talismans: Millicent Prosthesis gives us +5 to dexterity and actually adds more damage with successful attacks. Shard of Alexander to boost ash of war damage, the Flock’s Canvas talisman to boost incantation damage, and we have the scorpion lightning charm to boost lightning damage, but it does decrease damage negation as well.

- Seal: We do have the Gravel Stone seal which boosts lightning incantations. 

- Incantations: We have lightning spear which is going to be a basic generic range option and we do have Frozen Lightning Spear, this one is going to be like some cool AOE attack that actually does proc Frost as well. 

#3 Best Lightning Build for PvE Elden Ring 1.08 

Then we have a pure caster build, with a pure caster build, you still want to have a weapon just in case you do run out of FP, the weapon choice is the coded sword, it’s a holy weapon. But unfortunately, there are no lightning based faith weapons in this entire game, so that's the reason why we have the coded sword.

- Seals: The Erdtree Seal is going to be the main option, it is going to be doing the best in can scaling at higher Faith levels. We can have the Dragon Cult seal in the offhand because even though we are not using it as long as we have it equipped, we do gain the benefit of having more lightning damage with incantations.

- Talismans: The Flock’s Canvas talisman to boost incantation damage, the Lightning Scorpion Charm to boost lightning damage, Radagon's Icon to boost the spell casting speed, and Godfrey's Icon to boost spell charge damage.

- Spells: Lightning Spear, Lightning Strike, Frozen Lightning Spear, Ancient Dragon’s Lightning Strike, Honed Bolt, Fortissax’s Lightning Spear

#2 Best Elden Ring Lightning Build 2023 - Lightning Ram Build

We have a Lightning Ram build. This is extremely powerful because it does a lot of damage for only 5 FP per cast and it staggers very nicely as well as we have a good hype armor, and being that it's like a cool rolling attack, a lot of attacks just go straight over your head which obviously is very handy. It does scale directly off your dexterity skirt, your weapon level as well as your dexterity scaling on your weapon. We do have the Lordsworn’s Straight Sword as the main option because it does type for the best option to have with the lightning ram, and power stance straight souls because they're extremely good power stance. In the offhand, we do have the longsword.

- Talismans: The Shard of Alexander to boost the ash of war damage, the Lightning Scorpion Charm to boost lightning damage, however it does decrease damage negation. Millicent Prosthesis was actually boost by damage over time and it does work with the lightning ram. The Bull-Goat’s Talisman to help with having more poise when using the ash of war itself.

- Spell: Electrify Armament

#1 Best Lightning Build & Weapon in Elden Ring 1.08 - Bolt of Gransax Build

This weapon is absolutely cracked, it just changes the entire game, its ash of war is borderline broken, we're going to use a couple of these because power stancing is incredible, you don't really need to have two because you're going to get one per play through, so just using any other speed with a dexterity or lightning infusion. Have a dagger in the offend just for Golden Vow.

- Talismans: Shard of Alexander, Lightning Scorpion Charm, Milicent’s Prosthesis, Godfrey Icon

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