Elden Ring Best Faith Weapons Tier List 2023 & Best Faith Build Sacred Seals (Incantations) in 1.08

3/21/2023 7:30:07 PM

In this Elden Ring Faith Weapons Tier List, we just go over the top 10 best faith weapons and then wrap it up by covering the most powerful sacred seals as well because incantations are a huge part of any faith build.


Top 10 Elden Ring Faith Weapons Ranking 2023

Here we present the Top 10 best faith weapons. As with the Arcane weapons, there are so many powerful faith weapons in this game that it was very hard for us to rank them in any kind of order. 

1 - Blasphemous blade

The blasphemous blade is probably one of the most powerful weapons in the game and we are not just talking faith weapons, we are talking out of everything. It has an insanely strong Ash of War - Taker's Flames, the Blasphemous blade will heal you for 4% of your max HP plus a flat 40 Health, every time you kill an enemy whilst holding this sword. This doesn't even need to be the sword that killed them, it can even be in your off-hand on your back whilst, you're dual-wielding another weapon instead. Combine this with the Taker's Flames which on hit not just on the kill but on hit will restore another 10 of your health plus 150 HP on hit. You are instantly put back on full health again every single time you use this ability, the healing effect will also stack with the likes of Rycard's Great Rune and the Taker's Cameo, and it will even heal your mimic tear when wielded by the Mimic Tear Spirit Ash. This is such a powerful weapon and it can easily obliterate most minor enemies in one hit.

2 - Halo Scythe 

Halo Scythe is also one of the most powerful and slept-on weapons in the game, it is the only weapon in this list that you will need to grind if you do want to use it. The weapon skill Miquella's Ring of Light does absolutely insane amounts of damage and it absolutely even wrecks face if you are casting this at close range. The weapon itself will also deal additional damage as that connects with the Enemy. But the main reason this is so powerful though is that as long as you have enough stamina and FP. you can just Spam this again and again dealing thousands of damage in just a matter of seconds, whilst keeping you nice and far away from the enemies. Finally, as of patch 1.08 this has received a buff the speed of the attacks has been increased and the recovery time reduced.

3 - Vyke's War Spear

 Vyke's War Spear is a great Spear and because the weapon skill has such a long wind up, it's a very slow weapon and hard to pull off in many situations, but the sheer power of it and the fact that it does cause Madness buildup led us to include it in the final top 10 list. The weapon skill Frenzyflame Thrust is absolutely devastating and the trident-shaped Arc of Madness that it spews out on the floor in front of you just annihilating all your enemies truly is a sight to behold. When used in the right hands, this is an absolutely devastating weapon and well worth getting good with if spears are your thing.

4 - Inseparable Sword

Inseparable Sword isn't talked about enough for how good it is. Firstly it comes with the sacred blade skill which you can get by itself to apply on any weapon early on in the game, but the fact that it's inherent to this one is very cool because it's an amazing ability that both buffs your weapon with extra holy damage and also shoots out a bolt of holy energy, also the two-handed light attack move set is just so great. It shares this moveset with the Banished Knight's Greatsword and the Knight's Greatsword and it is drawn from the mirror great sword from Dark Souls 2. The move set makes you look and feel so stylish as you're using this weapon and this is the only greatsword that is placed on your hip when sheaved, it also deals 20 bonus damage to Undead-type enemies and prevents them from Reviving and will be talking more about those who live in death in just a second. Finally, to round off this awesome sword, it actually has the highest attack rating of all wholly damaged great swords in the game with just pure faith meaning above the base requirements you do not need to invest any more stat points into strength or dex, meaning you can have a big powerful greatsword while still going for a primarily pure Faith Build.

5 - Golden Epitaph

Golden Epitaph is the way forward because of its incredibly excellent Ash of War - Last Rites. This weapon is amazing for dealing with Undead enemies preventing them from reviving and dealing plus 30 damage. With the Last Rites Ash of War, this can be doing insane amounts of holy damage even very early game. On top of that the sword itself looks absolutely awesome and dual-wielding straight swords is one of the coolest power stance move sets in the game, so wielding something like the coded sword alongside it can make for some stylish-looking gameplay. It's absolutely amazing and definitely one you should grab and try out in your next playthrough.

6 - Coded Sword 

Coded Sword is god-tier for Faith builds for two very amazing reasons. Firstly the stat requirements are literally just 20 in faith, nothing else whatsoever, so this is a great weapon to min-max a low-level Faith character with. And secondly, because of its weapon skill the unblockable blade, it's not the only weapon in the game with the unblockable blade skill, however, it is the better of the two. Its weapon skill along with the fact that it is one of the very few weapons in the game that deals pure holy damage can make this fairly unassuming weapon an absolute Powerhouse in certain situations, most obviously fighting any enemies that use Shields, they become absolutely trivial. And because its damage is purely holy, it benefits greatly from the Talisman Sacred Scorpion Charm, so if you're going for a pure Holy Faith Build make sure you grab that as well.

7 - Sacred Relic Sword

Sacred Relic Sword is famous for making the farming spot at the palace approach ledge Road Site of Grace, absolutely trivial. Just one use of its weapon skill the Wave of Gold wilts hair through every single Albion auric there and net you tens of thousands of souls. Now the Wave of Gold is pretty much the only good thing about this weapon, it is insanely slow and its base attack rating isn't all that great, but the Wave of Gold more than makes up for it, it is devastating for clearing entire areas in seconds and it can be power stance with the likes of the Blasphemous blade for Rapid healing or the Sword of Milos for Rapid FP regeneration. The power of the Wave of Gold truly cannot be understated though it travels forever growing progressively bigger as it travels annihilating every single thing that it touches, if you haven't had your fun with this weapon yet at the start of New Game Plus please go and do so it may make you feel so overpowered.

8 - Siluria's Tree

Siluria's Tree is a great spear dropped by defeating Crucible Knight Siluria in the deep root depths and it has a super powerful very unique Ash of War Siluria's Woe which in the correct hands is absolutely devastating but also has an amazing long wind up and can leave you very vulnerable. You can pair this with the likes of The Shard of Alexander and the Godfrey Icon to make the weapon skill super powerful. Though it can be a little bit finicky at times, we find if the enemy's too close or too far away, it tends to drop at their feet rather than actually hitting them, but it's a really powerful unique weapon and far too iconic to not be included in this list. This weapon does have the highest strength requirement of any weapon on the list, so if you are using this as one of your main weapons, it will need a strength of a hybrid to be most effective whereas most other weapons on this, will only really need Faith.

9 - Golden Order Greatsword

The main reason the Golden Order Greatsword beat out a few of the honorable mentions is that the follow-up attack of the Establish Order weapon skill is kind of like a mini version of the Sacred Relic sword, so it gives you a taste of that powerful awesome giant sweeping Arc before you get to the end of the game. It is a bit annoyingly placed, by the time you get this weapon most of the late-game enemies are quite resistant to Holy damage, so it is kind of redundant at the point in the game that you get it, but reviewing it objectively and considering you can then start to use it right at the start of your next playthrough fully upgraded, brings that utility back and makes it a really solid weapon choice for certain areas in the game. This will prevent skeletons from reviving, so it has great utility in certain areas. 

10 - Magma Wyrm's Scalesword

Magma Wyrm's Scalesword is the other weapon on the list that benefits just as much maybe even more with strength than it does with faith. If you do a really solid hybrid of like 60 Strength 40 Faith along with applying your Golden Vow and your Flame, Grant Me Strength buffs, you can get the weapon skill Magma Guillotine to do upwards of 3,000 damage per hit. If you tailor your build to this weapon, it is absolutely devastating truly, the weapon skill itself is almost impossible to interrupt and because you crouched down before you attack you can avoid so many attacks, especially when it's just complete lately on accident it makes you feel so great when you do so. The Magma Guillotine has to be one of the strongest weapon skills in the game and it also leaves a pool of lava that will continue to hurt enemies who are standing in it. The moveset especially the jumping attacks when you are two-handing are incredibly short range deceivingly, so until you get used to this weapon if you switch out to this from using another weapon for quite some time, you will miss so many of your jumping attacks until you get used to it.

Best Sacred Seals (Incantations) for Faith Builds in Elden Ring 1.08 Patch

Even more so than with staves, the passive effects of sacred seals are quite important depending on which incantations you are using, for example, if you're primarily using Dragon Cult incantations which are basically lightning spells there is no better seal for you than the Gravel Stone Seal. But let's assume you're using a variety of incantations throughout your playthrough and look at them all objectively. Here are the top 4 incantations for faith builds in Elden Ring now:

Finger Seal

Finger Seal will carry you through most of the game, at maximum faith and maximum upgrade level, it has the third-highest enchant scaling in the game and only just barely misses out on the second spot. It doesn't have any particular buffs or passive effects for any particular school of magic, but it is very strong and powerful.

Gravel Stone Seal

Indeed the next one you want to aim for we've already covered especially if you're using lightning incantations that is the Gravel Stone Seal. It has slightly lower income scaling and max level, but because of the boost, it gives to lightning spells this is very crucial if that's the build you're going for.

Erdtree Seal

However the top two beating out all others in terms of in-can scaling are the Godslayer's Seal and the Erdtree Seal, the Erdtree Seal does have the most incant scaling in the whole game and is the most powerful seal out of all of them when you have maxed it out and have maximum points in faith. 

Godslayer's Seal

But as with the finger seal, it doesn't give any passive effects to any particular incantations and that is why if you are planning on using any of the Godslayer incantations, the Godslayer's Seal is the one for you, it still has the second highest enchant scaling in the game so still holds up no matter what incantations you are using, but if you are using any Godslayer incantations which is anything that uses black flame, it will increase that damage by a further 10% which is absolutely significant when you're talking thousands of points worth of damage. 

All seals do hold their own for their respective groups of incantations, so if you're using mainly Giant's flaming incantations use the giant seal, if you're using mainly frenzied flame incantations use the frenzy flame seal, etc.  

That are the best weapons and incantations for Faith build in Elden Ring that you want to make sure you grab so that you can absolutely smash up the DLC exactly.