Diablo 4 Best Barb, Rogue, Sorc, Druid & Necro Builds - Top 5 Most Op Builds In D4 Beta

3/27/2023 2:39:31 PM

The Diablo 4 beta testing weekends have been a blast so far and there were an amazing amount of classes and builds that truly shocked everybody. It's time to talk about the best Diablo IV builds for all 5 classes. When we call a build a winner, it means that there are D4 builds out there that you could for sure be paying attention to and keeping track of and potentially using to grind all the way to max level now. Being a loser doesn't mean the build is automatically awful, so just to help make these calls overall easier for you to determine.


Diablo IV Best Builds For Open Beta - D4 Barb, Rogue, Sorc, Druid & Necro Build Guide

In this Diablo 4 build guide, we have three different categories to judge these builds off of we have gameplay that is satisfying button pressing, fun ultimate, great class, fantasy theme, and overall general excitement for the build. Effectiveness which is how good a build will probably be at its job now obviously this one is going to be hard to judge but it's more like a chance on how good this class can be in the end game with everything attached to it into one. Lastly, group utility pretty much just means how much your build can bring to your group and party outside its conditional role like bringing buff, massive crowd control, setup potential, etc. Now, let’s take a look at the best D4 Barbarian, Rogue, Sorcerer, Druid and Necromancer Builds to play in the beta.


1. Best Diablo 4 Barbarian Builds

We 100% don't think the Barbarian is bad and it will not end up being bad, it's a bit under tuned to the player base's liking when it comes to when you're actually scaling through levels and you're being equal to your enemies. Now they did announce the Barbarian was a bit under tuned and they acknowledged that and they did say that they are going to be getting some sort of buffs. The biggest reason we strongly believe this class will be great in the end game is because of its amazing Shouts and Thorns build.


Barbarian Thorns & Shout Build

This isn't the most fun build in Diablo IV but is it effective if you get it down right. The build focuses on grabbing thorn's talents all over your talent tree and souping up the amount of reflected damage you deal to its absolute maximum while also grabbing all the utility abilities to empower yourself to be able to take those hits, and taunt enemies to attack you. The biggest benefit is that you'll be buffing all your teammates and being the ultimate support slash tank last. Now it is quite frustrating if you don't have aggro on enemies and boss fights you'll 100% lag behind on damage overall compared to nearly every other class. But the group support definitely makes it worth it.


Barbarian Hammer One Shot Build

The Hammer of the One Shot Barbarian will probably hold the record for the strongest One-Shot potential as of right now. We've seen numbers that are just absolute insanity, hitting for over 50 000 damage on a single swing. Playing this build is very simple it's multiple skills are used to generate fury with enhanced frenzy, tactical rally and cry, and power leap, then once your Fury is full, you dump it all into the Hammer of the angels to just do tremendous attacks. The whole basis of this build is built around furious hammer the ancients which deal 1% additional damage for each point of fury you currently have. You fill up your fury quickly with multiple sources, and dump it into hammer the ancients from acid blows. If they survive, you just simply death will spam to try to finish them off now. There could be some very slow DPS windows if your abilities are on cooldown, but generally, that's not going to be too big of a problem on boss fights since you have windows where you deal your burst damage. Other winners when you're running away just pretty much running for your life.

Barbarian Bleed Build

The biggest issue with this spec is that it takes a tremendous amount of time to come into its own due to rupture being its real core big damage dump. But once you get there, you have some great single-target DPS numbers for boss fights. Both play and rent are used to apply multiple stacks of bleed on enemies and then you use rupture to activate all that damage instantly in one swing. It's a really good hit and run build and is generally a perfect build for bosses and it's really good if it's not such a melee unfriendly fight, because you're going to be spending a lot of time stacking up that flay as well as ten bleed. Overall it's a mix-up between the other specs and could definitely be tested out, we just recommend leveling as other builds until you at least get to rupture.


2. Best Diablo 4 Rogue Builds

The Rogue on the other hand other than having immense damage and mobility, we presume would perform rather low. This class completely shocked everybody.


Melee Rogue Build

The melee Rogue in particular is an incredibly flashy class that just feels so satisfying whether you blow up the room with shadow imbuement or just rush elites and bosses with a flurry. There were some concerns overall about its survivability, but the 3% heal per critical strike pair with a flurry, dark shroud, and your natural dodge made you a lot tankier than anticipated. There are generally two routes you want to go with the melee Rogue. Either a high-mobility Rogue with great AOE damage with a twisting blade build or an absolute boss shredder with a flurry. Either way the raid at which this glass flies through dungeons is really just incomparable. It is a bit difficult to get used to with all the movement and setting up tactical gameplay, but overall it's incredibly rewarding. The big concern is their real lack of group utility though as a melee Rogue even compared to the ranger, it's quite a big difference which might cause issues in the end game. There is some great poison to death trap combos to help set up some big AOE burst windows for your team. But overall the group support is severely lacking other than the smoke bomb which would force your team into a melee cleave situation.


Range Rogue Build

The 21Range Rogue is really in a fantastic spot overall. It has that immense burst to just clear out a room in seconds with a barrage or pen shot paired with shadow imbuement. For more of those single target encounters, you have rapid fire and poison paired with your immense natural mobility making you a perfect ranged DPS for Boss encounters. Rather than the melee Rogue, the ranger typically has some great group utility with having two charges of caltrips to amplifier damage and chill your targets. Triple imbue at reign of arrows to literally wipe the screen clean if you need to and you could just pretty much add about anything the melee Rogue does, just a slight Step Ahead. Overall melee is going to struggle a lot in DPS on bosses compared to range in Diablo 4. Due to range having an easier time on prepping things and dodging mechanics a lot easier rather than melee being usually forced to get hit by something. The biggest issue with range Rogue is that it is quite a gear and level reliant to even start to feel powerful. It's very dependent on vulnerabilities attack speed and critical strikes which really aren't that easy to come by on a random account.


3. Best Diablo 4 Sorcerer Builds

This class really seems to be just light years ahead of most classes and almost anything. Defensive capability, strong consistent, burst damage, great crowd control and an amazing talent tree with incredible build variety. They really hold the case for being the strongest class in Diablo 4. It's going to be nearly impossible to balance this class properly due to its enchantment system. There's always going to be some overpowered build slipping through the cracks.


Summoner Sorcerer Build

Starting off with the Summoner Sorcerer, now this is a build and spec that particularly shines in solo play on its own due to it lacking control and focusing more on a selfish style of play, but it's a very effective class spec overall that really just never takes damage. Due to having two active shields up almost permanently with cooldown reduction and non-stop summoning of ice blades. It really just gets to the point where you summon hydras as well as ice blades After that, you focus on positioning and setting up your next abilities. You have great damage due to spamming your summoning creatures over and over. Increase benefits while you're healthy like summoning an additional hydra head and dealing 10 flat damage increase overall. As well as grab a glass cannon which is one of the strongest DPS increased build in Diablo IV. There are slight variations with the builds of course but the base core of it is very strong for solo leveling and dungeons and is a very safe choice to play while you're leveling.


Electricity Sorcerer Build

Electricity Sorcerer was really weak back in December and in the fall testing and a lot of the people were upset they removed arcane. Any of those things are not going to be an issue anymore. Chain lightning is going to be your main source of damage on this build with both mob density and single target boss fights and you'll be generating tons of mana through collecting crackling energy off the ground and using frost nova and frost bolt to be really used for mana regeneration. After that, you'll just dump all of it into chain lightning. This build does have one of the highest single targets burst windows paired with unstable currents and chain lightning spamming to just absolutely tear through bosses and the class feels incredibly engaging and fun to play overall. When it comes to group play they bring great damage sure but they don't really bring anything other than frost nova to the table which would force you to maybe take some other abilities near the end game.

For all sorcerer overall is in a very good spot and could end up being the number one D4 best sorcerer build for group play in the end game. Every class can deal some great damage, but the whole kit of this class slows and chills enemies constantly. Allowing your teammates room for kiting as well as setting up amazing combos. You run in there, your deep freeze, you ice shard everyone that's frozen and all of it just ricochets off of each other and it's really quite satisfying. Defensively, they are strong by bringing frost armor as well as deep freeze to make you immune. But the best part of deep freeze is that it pretty much just clears the board whenever you need to offensively. Its damage is very strong, it's definitely one of those sleeper builds, because it isn't as flashy but it proves to be very effective overall.


Fire Hydra Sorcerer

Fire Hydra Sorcerer is kind of the opposite style of play rather than the frost. It's really going to be about using your burning mechanic and spamming Fireballs to just absolutely blow mobs up and make them explode. One of the strongest things about the Rogue is that it has shadow imbuement and this fire made spec pretty much has a permanent micro version of that passively. Using your enchantment slot on the fireball skill makes it to that enemies explode on death and pairing that with one or two fireballs itself should just about clear an entire room on its own. They also have hydra just for single target DPS on bosses and that even helps them kite and manage heavy mechanic heavy situations to keep them alive. It's a really simple rotation of applying burning with fire bolts and hydras and fireballs just to explode them all and it makes it incredibly satisfying to play.


4. Best Diablo 4 Druid Builds

This class is definitely on the list of the most slept-on classes over on the beta, but it's mostly due to the fact that they are missing a ton of key pieces for their builds like certain legendary aspects as well as their class spirit boons which massively increase their value overall. There's also a consistent pattern of a lack of single target DPS if you are in a Range Caster build. All in all, the variety of this class is just absolutely through the roof and incredibly fun to play no matter what spec you are.


Wearbear Druid

Starting things off with a very popular wearbear build, implementing the fluid shape-shifting really brings a build like this into its own. It's going to be all about building up these overpower while you are healthy as well as being in wearbear form as much as possible to just app absolutely demolish mobs and even bosses at a very quick rate as a tank. Now Thorne's reflective damage doesn't work as well on this build compared to a Barbarian, but it would have a vast majority of routes in this build with many iterations and combos you can actually go.  Combining debilitating Rouge with a constant amount of fortifies all throughout your talent tree and even earthen bulwark if you need it.  It really just allows you to stay healthy nearly all throughout the combat phase and being more healthy with more fortify allows you for bigger damage overpower pulverizes. It may not be the most engaging offensively but with a few legendary earth aspects for your pulverize, you'll be filling the screen with Earth's shadows that are just really satisfying overall to see. The strongest thing about this build is how much of a wide variety of other four skill slots can actually be because the basis of it overall is going to be you in bear form and you can just change the rest to really whatever legendaries you have available to you at that time. Really adding to the Druid's versatility.


Earth Bear Druid

This build did take some trial and error but after finally getting the hang of it, it was dealing absolutely insane damage in every scenario possible. The build's primary focus is grabbing two core skills, landslide and pulverize. Using pulverize to generate infinite stacks of terra modes. Now terra modes for your landslide give you a 100% crit chance every time you cast it when you have a terror mode available. To make things even crazier use other critical strike damage multipliers in your passives as well as petrify to allow this ability to nearly one-shot elite bosses. You simply alternate between overpowered pulverizes and automatic critical landslides on stunned enemies and you pretty much just steamroll through all content available the gameplay is incredibly satisfying and engaging as well. Taking debilitating Rogue as well as trample gives you a nice amount of mobility and defense to really make this build quite foolproof in solo play. This is all without their incredible capstones and spirit boons to amp them off even more which is going to be very terrifying for opponents in the end game.


5. Best Diablo 4 Necromancer Builds

Everybody knows that the Necromancer was going to be incredibly powerful. The army of pets the massive AOE damage with corpse explosions and blood surge, the tankiness, and just the raw power of the class were incredible to play and test out in very satisfying.


Bloody Mess Necromancer Build

This is a build that is going to get tuned up come launch day, but as of right now, it's going to be the most broken thing we've seen so far. This build is essential gameplay revolves around being in blood mist which is one of their defensive abilities that makes them completely immune to all damage. This build allows them to be in it almost permanently and to make things even worse, you cast corpse explosion while you're in it. The best thing is you get to keep all your pets out and active because it doesn't require much to run this build other than the corpse explosion legendary. After that, you could fill your class however you'd really like. Whether it be more curses, utility, damage, bone skills, or whatever. Either way, you'll be very very hard to take down due to all your pets being active and you being in blood missed nearly 100% of the time.